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Best car type for on the road home health visits.


Has anyone found that different types of automobiles are better for home health? I am going to get a new car soon and may be leaving my job at a nursing home to do home health. I was thinking a hybrid awd minivan would be a good choice. It would get better mileage than a suv and have more room, and I hope would ride smoother. With all the space you would have room left over for cooler and stuff. Any of you wish  you had bought something different from what you have now? 

vampiregirl, BSN, RN

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Hospice nurse here, but I've also worked home health...

I love, love, love my Honda CRV. Good fuel mileage, dependable, nice ride, electronics meet my needs (screen big enough for my GPS to be read easily), handles well in poor weather, enough room. 

Even after you find your perfect vehicle, be diligent about routine maintenance. Makes a huge difference. 

I met some nurses who bought "luxury statement" cars that did not look right parked in most of the neighborhoods where we worked.  I always thought that was asking for vandalism or leaving the home and finding the car gone.  A HHA had her car stolen, although I doubt it was a Land Rover.  She was without wheels to get to her job.


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My dusty used Dodge Caravan blended in well  with my inner city territory,.Decent gas mileage, maintenance not too bad-drove for 10 yrs,, liked the larger back area to house centrifuge,  lg clear tote with extra foleys, lab collection tubes, dressings etc along with folder with teaching material, plop down diaper bag too.  Could keep kids seats attached in second row.  

Honda CRV would be a good choice too now, note small back storage.