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vampiregirl has 12 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Hospice.

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  1. vampiregirl

    Is learning wound care hard?

    Yep. In fact the nurse that inspired me to become a wound care nurse is a LPN. I can't speak for the different credentialing agencies as to which ones accept LPNs to sit for their exams but I know LPNs can sit for the Alliance for Wound Care and...
  2. vampiregirl

    Is learning wound care hard?

    I had a great experience with the program. Completely asynchronous, no in-person attendance. I was able to make the assignments work with my schedule. I learned a lot, but I also put considerable effort into my learning experience. I would highly rec...
  3. vampiregirl

    Freezing At A Critical Time

    Responding to emergencies calmly and confidently takes time. Give yourself grace as you acquire this skill. Drills can be stressful but the true intention is to help facilitate learning and ensure processes/ policies/ procedures are effective/ approp...
  4. vampiregirl

    Nurse With Little Bit Of Scoliosis

    Sciolosis and heel pain are definitely doable as a CNA or nurse with proper self care, good quality shoes (appropriate for you!) and following recommendations from your medical providers. One of the cool things about nursing is that there are so...
  5. vampiregirl

    Fun Shoes (for a Boring Uniform)

    I also had issues with Danksos - not only the instability concerns but also with comfort/ support. I learned about Alegrias from a friend who manages a camp kitchen, so is literally on her feet all day and encounters slippery floors. Alegrias a...
  6. vampiregirl

    Home hospice CM questions

    Home hospice nursing is a really rewarding area of nursing. Finding a good agency makes a world of difference! CrochetNurse154 gave you fantastic recommendations. My day is typically similar to hers. If I have charting or phone calls to complete...
  7. vampiregirl

    Fun Shoes (for a Boring Uniform)

    I have flexibility where I work in regards to my uniform but on the days where I wear "boring" scrub shirts I always wear bright, colorful shoes! And usually my patient's or their caregivers notice and smile:) Merrell's are awesome - so comforta...
  8. vampiregirl

    My living situation while in Nursing school

    If your living situation is working for you, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it! Nursing school is tough. Living situations that are less than ideal can cause a lot of stress on top of stress related to nursing school. A safe, suppor...
  9. vampiregirl

    7 on - 7 off shift schedule

    Here's a potential schedule with a 4 day weekend: Su M Tu W Th F Sa Su M Tu W Th F Sa Nurse A X X X X X X X Nurse B ...
  10. vampiregirl

    7 on - 7 off shift schedule

    In regards to splitting a 14 day pay period, here are a potential option that includes a 3 day weekend every other weekend. I could also see a variation with a 4 day weekend every other weekend (and a four day weekend off on the alternate week): ...
  11. vampiregirl

    In-service ideas for IDD Program Nurse

    End of life planning/ care for the persons your agency cares for.
  12. vampiregirl

    Pediatric Nurse Competencies

    I took a staff development job in a SNF years ago and remember wondering where to start and where to locate resources... I started with areas of concern from our facilities most recent survey and sought feedback from nurses and managers on what ...
  13. vampiregirl

    Is learning wound care hard?

    Wound care experience is helpful in a variety of areas of nursing. I first became interested in wound care while working in a SNF and quickly made friends with the wound care nurse; I learned so much from her. My interest in wounds continue...
  14. vampiregirl

    In Hospice are RNCM's Ever Paid Hourly Instead of Salary?

    I work for an independent, local, non-profit and all of our RNCM's are hourly.
  15. vampiregirl

    (Truly) Informed Consent | Knowledge is Power

    I appreciate that you facilitated a conversation about patient goals during the informed consent process. Kudos to advocating for your patient!