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  1. Medication Scanner

    The one I had used was with Cerner as well. I wonder if thats the only one that exists?
  2. Medication Scanner

    Does anyone who uses medication scanner use a handheld scanner that has a screen? I used one a while back that you could scan a patient and then the med and you could see mar on the screen of the scanner. If you use one like this, do you know the na...
  3. Pens or pencils?

    What type of writing utensil do you provide for your patients? Pens or pencils? Do you have any specific reasons for this decision?
  4. Contacts Isolation on Psych Unit

    I am curious what other facilities have for policy related to contact isolation/contact precautions. Specifically I am referred to patients with MRSA.
  5. ANCC Psych certification

    Can anyone offer me advice for taking the test? I am not a studier, how much studying did you do? Were you able to pass in one take?
  6. Free group resources?

    I am looking for free online resources for psych groups. Would especially love to find free videos, but any group info would be awesome. Any psych topic is great - depression, bipolar, addiction etc.
  7. Staffing

    Is there a system you use for staffing for acuity or do you just use general judgement?
  8. Staffing

    Does your psych unit staff for the number of patients or for the acuity of the patients?
  9. I'm just curious if there has ever been a situation where you have had to call the police on a patient? Due to violence or destruction in the inpatient setting.
  10. News in my neck of the woods

    Maybe that judge should spend a day with the violent mentally ill patient and attempt to get a hold of the supervisor before he can do anything about it. I agree there should be strict laws, but that is ridiculous! People get hurt!
  11. Falls in Psychiatry

    A lot of our falls are behavior. Either being careless or just silly and then also the "I need attention" falls.
  12. Forcing Meds

    Does anyone know where I would find the information for my state?
  13. Holiday Pay-- Anyone else heard of this??

    If it makes you feel better, we don't get Holiday pay. Only benefit to working the Holidays is sometimes they provide food. (Yep, hospital cafeteria food. Yum.)
  14. I'm almost positive my manager's badge says "unit manager" on it. All the managers do. I agree with OP. I would want recognized for my extra work!
  15. Seeing your patient in the news

    I would never comment or say anything. I should have clarified this. I was just venting my feelings, not meaning I was considering it.