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  1. imapsychrn

    How do you handle the smells?

    I start nursing school this summer and I'm so scared about the smells! I don't want to puke in a patients room! For those of you talking about peppermint oil -could I keep some in my pocket and dab under my nose when I have a smelly issue?
  2. imapsychrn

    What to do first if a choking child becomes unconscious

    Did you check the new CPR guidelines (The ones out this month I think?) I haven't seen them, but our instructor talked about it some. They focus more on compressions - so the answer may have changed from airway to compressions.
  3. imapsychrn

    For BSN Students - What is your time commitment?

    Thanks everyone for the responses!
  4. I'm curious how different programs are. How much class time and clinical time do you have? And how much outside studying do you do? (For regular programs, not accelerated)
  5. imapsychrn

    Surprised during my clinicals

    Like I said, I expected to see things done. But the girl I shadowed never wore gloves and only washed her hands twice during the entire day. Even after giving perinial care after a BM - no gloves, no hand hygiene.
  6. imapsychrn

    Surprised during my clinicals

    I did my first cna clinical today at a LTC facility. I expected to see some corners cut and things not done by the book as we learned it, but I was seriously surprised at some of the stuff. I don't think I saw one particular task done correctly! And the facility I am training at is the only state approved one for CNA training in the town I live. I would expect them to be training better!
  7. imapsychrn


    You should still be able to qualify for student loans even if you don't qualify for federal aid.
  8. imapsychrn

    Teas test location??

    It will depend on what school you apply to. You will want to ask the nursing adviser where you would take the test and at what point in the application process you should take it. You don't want to take it to early and have to take it again or take it too late and not be able to apply when you want.
  9. imapsychrn

    Help with Nursing School Application

    Thank you both for your advice!!
  10. Where it says: Interests, activities: ~ What should I include? Also, under volunteer work - I have not done any volunteer work. Should I just leave it blank or say why I wasn't able to do any volunteer work?
  11. imapsychrn

    How hard is chemistry as compared to anatomy class?

    I also think Chem was harder than A&P. But I had an awesome A&P teacher and a horrid chem teacher.
  12. imapsychrn

    Can I be a LPN with a RN license?

    I'm not a LPN or RN (in nursing school) but I am curious - couldn't they just hire you as an RN and and just pay you the same as a LPN? An RN can do anything a LPN can - correct?
  13. imapsychrn

    BSN Programs around Tulsa?

    Can anyone tell me what BSN programs are available in the Tulsa area? I found OU's and just curious if that is the only one. I'm also curious if it is very competitive or if there is a wait list? I meet all the minimum requirements - so is that going to make it pretty likely I would be accepted? Thanks!!