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Hi! I'm a Pre-nursing student, this fall 10 will be my first semester. I hope to get into the Nursing program by 2012 and be graduated by 2014. So wish me luck. :)

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  1. Heyy how is Maryville?

  2. I will be starting the post master's program in acute care at Maryville University in 08/19. Anyone else starting? I'd love to connect with other students.
  3. Just accepted to maryville university np program!

    Hi there. I was just accepted to Maryville University. I will be doing the post masters certificate in acute care. How are you liking it so far? I start in the fall of 2019. Any advice will be appreciated.
  4. Online vs Face to face programs

    Hello everyone! I want to apply to a NP program, but I'm not sure which route to go. I have friends who have told me that it is harder to get a job if you graduate from an online program. They say doctors and hospitals prefer to hire NPs that graduat...
  5. 75 questions, good pop-up, 23-25 SATA!

    I downloaded the NClEX 4000 form: *************** I was now looking the website for the 3500 but I cannot find it. It seems that they took it down.
  6. How long till you received results?

    Just go to the BON website & there you will se your license#. If you keep looking you can also find a PDF that has your info & a note saying that you should receive your license in the mail within 7-14 business days. ? good luck!!!!!
  7. How long till you received results?

    I took it yesterday & today I got my RN#.
  8. 75 questions, good pop-up, 23-25 SATA!

    The drag & drop questions I had were super easy. Not even close to what thought i would get. The options were simple & if you know the content I'm pretty sure you can get them all right. :)
  9. 75 questions, good pop-up, 23-25 SATA!

    Thanks!!! :) I did Hurst & Saunders, but if you cannot afford to do a review I think Saunders is the way to go. Also, the study guide that is around this website is pretty good. Not only it has mnemonics, but also the information is straight to...
  10. good pop up!!

    Congrats!!!!!!!! :)
  11. NCLEX tomorrow & feeling awful

    Guys I just wanted to update you! I passed!!!!!!!! I'm ecstatic, never been happier. Is an amazing feeling. I really wish you all the best of lucks on your exams. I can't believe I've made it this far. I remember not long ago how I used to read every...
  12. 75 questions, good pop-up, 23-25 SATA!

    OMG!! I took Nclex yesterday morning & I passed!!!!! I passed!!!!!!!!!!! I'm officially a Registered Nurse!!!!
  13. 75 questions, good pop-up, 23-25 SATA!

    Congrats!!!!! I took mine today in the morning. 75 questions, 12 SATA. Had the good pop up! It feels amazing!!!! We are RNs!!!!!!!!! :)
  14. NCLEX tomorrow & feeling awful

    OMG guys!!!! I want to thank you all for the support & the prayers. I took the test today, it shut off at 75 questions. Had 12 questions between SATA, strips, images, drag and drop. I did the PVT & I got the GOOD POP UP!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happ...
  15. NCLEX tomorrow & feeling awful

    It's almost 9 pm! I've been reading all my notes today. I know I should've tried to relax instead, but there are so many things I would like to review again. Hubby offered to give me a long massage so I can go to bed feeling great! I hope it helps w...