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QuarterLife88 has 8 years experience as a MSN, RN, NP and specializes in Neuroscience.

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  1. QuarterLife88

    PASSED AANP Adult-Gero PC boards!

    Hi all! So this past Saturday I took my boards through AANP. I took the AGNP exam. It honestly wasn't too bad. I had three hours of allotted time once the test began, but I finished in just under two hours. I flagged/marked about 23 questions in...
  2. QuarterLife88

    Staff Nurses Who Refuse To Precept Or Teach?

    I hate precepting and I refuse to do it anymore after having done it on a continuous loop. In fact, I flat out told management that. I do not feel it is my job to educate new nurses, and quite frankly, I do not care. I am there to take care of my pa...
  3. QuarterLife88

    Should I tell my manager I'm burned out?

    Yes, the pay is not enough to motivate me, it's one extra dollar for extra stress. It's not fair to me, or my orientee to have a preceptor whose head is not in the game at the moment. I am not a teacher by nature as it is, I'm also introverted, and I...
  4. QuarterLife88

    Should I tell my manager I'm burned out?

    I'm a nurse that works on a very busy and fast paced floor in a hospital. I'm a good employee, know my stuff and have been employed there for several years. This has caused management to give me more responsibility than some of my other co-workers su...
  5. QuarterLife88

    Charge Nurse

    On my unit it's usually around 6-8 months, mostly out of necessity, and this is an occurrence on night shift. Day shift is full of experienced nurses so who's ever in charge will have a couple of years under their belt already. I work in a hospital o...
  6. QuarterLife88

    Preceptor burnout

    Thank you for all of the feedback. I wanted to clarify that on my unit, only a small handful of us are "gifted" with tasks such as precepting and charge, and quite a few who have been there for years manage to skate by and not do their fair share ...
  7. QuarterLife88

    New Nurse Time Management

    The time management comes with experience. Are you going to nights after your orientation is over? The slow pace of nights might help to hone your time skills better. It's normal to be slower when you're new and learning. Cluster your care. Do your a...
  8. QuarterLife88

    I can't believe I actually *like* night shift!

    I'm really glad you like it. It does have its perks, such as less commotion, less meds to pass, less people around getting in the way, (usually) less family, and sometimes the patients even sleep! And of course the extra pay. However, after almost tw...
  9. QuarterLife88

    Do RNs get extra pay for working with students?

    My hospital does not offer extra pay when students are around. But it makes sense that they don't because clinical students are taught by their instructors, not the staff nurses. The students each have a patient or two that they learn off of, and ahe...
  10. QuarterLife88

    If you had a reset button, would you choose nursing again?

    No. I would have been a psychologist instead. That's what I really wanted to do. But I'm a nurse now, and while I do not hate it, I don't have a passion for it at all. At least not for floor nursing, so I've decided to go back to school with the ulti...
  11. QuarterLife88

    Nurse to Nurse Bullying

    So...how exactly is she bullying you?
  12. QuarterLife88

    RN vs BSN, is a BSN really worth it?

    To me it's worth it even without a potential pay increase. There's nothing wrong with having more education, and I say this as someone who has an ADN. I am going back to get my bachelors. I was raised to have more education, so not stopping at an ADN...
  13. QuarterLife88

    New Grad, work calling on days off

    Do you think THEY feel bad when they under staff you? No. So stop feeling guilty. You work what you signed on to work - 3 12's per week - and you don't owe anyone your time off. That's the hospital's problem, not yours. Don't ever feel guilty for cal...
  14. QuarterLife88

    Comparing myself/feeling inadequate

    Once you said you were introverted, that explained your problem right there. Sadly our society loves extroverts. Even the basic, mediocre ones will get more praise than an excellent introvert simply because they are the loudest. Keep doing you. I ...
  15. I've also been a nurse for about two years now. In the beginning it was very important to me that I was liked. So much so that it felt that part of the way I was acting was fake and sugary sweet. Even then I still would have a stray patient complain ...
  16. QuarterLife88

    Late arriving Nurses

    Chronically arriving late makes you an a-hole. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. You are saying that you don't give a damn about anyone else's time but yours. You are saying that you give no cares to your co-workers who have already been at work for 12...