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PASSED AANP Adult-Gero PC boards!


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Hi all!

So this past Saturday I took my boards through AANP. I took the AGNP exam. It honestly wasn't too bad. I had three hours of allotted time once the test began, but I finished in just under two hours. I flagged/marked about 23 questions in total to review before I submitted.


For review I started with Fitzgerald's online review, but only made it about half way through. It's a lot of videos to watch and she doesn't cover everything in them, and you have to watch them all in order - no skipping around to just your weak areas. Towards the end as my exam date approached, I just didn't have the time or patience to keep watching them, and felt a lot of her information was somewhat confusing. She does give good tips on how to pass the exam though, and reasons people fail.

Use Liek! Honestly I could have probably studied exclusively from Leik in hindsight. Everything that was on my exam, she talked about in her book and more. The book gets to the point and has great exam and clinical highlights that you need to know to pass. Read Leik twice cover to cover and you will be good. I took notes as I read through each section and did about half the questions from the book/app. I studied for about 2-4 hours/day for about 5 weeks. Some days I didn't study at all due to work/life.

Not going to lie, I didn't do as many practice questions as some others. I thought it more important to focus on the content than spend days doing thousands of questions. I did take the two PSI retired exams though and got 76% on the first one and 93% on the second one. I took these both two days before my exam.

I felt like most of my exam was assessment and geriatrics. Same diseases, just applied to the elderly. I don't think I had but one adolescent question. No pics or select all that apply. Those probably appear on the ANCC though.

About two weeks prior to my exam I signed up for board vitals and did some of their questions. They are much harder than the exam and wayyyy more detailed, long-winded. The exam is much more general. Board vitals has great rationales though.

I never took a break during the exam, I just went straight through. The beginning of the exam seemed slightly more difficult than the middle and end. Halfway through I just kind of knew I was going to pass.

There's a survery at the end before the computer shuts off. The proctor then prints you off a sheet that lets you know if you preliminary passed or not passed.

All in all, not too bad. Use LEIK. I'm glad to be done and can't wait to begin my job search!😀

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