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  1. "Just" a CNA?!

    I was "just a tech" in the ER while I was in nursing school (you know, like 2 months ago!!). I always thought it was interesting when fellow techs got upset when they were treated like "just a tech," but had no problem looking down other staff membe...
  2. I just did questions. In my program, we did an NCLEX prep class during the last semester, which included taking the Exit HESI twice. That helped give me a good idea of any areas I was weak in and focus on those. Since alternate format items are th...
  3. I took NCLEX-RN today for the first time...

    You're good! Just try to relax and think about other things while you wait for more definitive results. But I'd say you passed!
  4. Why do some choose to pursue BSN over ASN first?

    Nursing is my second bachelor's. Once in, the CC here is 4 semesters of part time study. The university is 5 semesters of full time study. Given that and the fact that I would need a BSN for the job I wanted, it was a no-brainer to just get anothe...
  5. Testing in less than 48 hours..

    Now is relax and take care of yourself time! You have the knowledge, now it's time to just believe in yourself! For test day, just remember that the rules are super strict. My whole mantra was "keep it simple." I left everything in my car except...
  6. Do grades really matter to future employers?

    My new grad residency program asked for GPA and transcripts. I don't know how much it played into hiring decisions.
  7. I worked as a tech during nursing school and found it beneficial for my own growth and understanding as well as useful in securing a job before I graduated. I worked in an ER that serves as the only trauma center for a large geographic area. I saw ...
  8. I'm done with NCLEX

    Congrats! I also used NCSBN as well as jotting down notes/rationales. Although I didn't spend any time really reviewing my notes, I felt like writing it down made it stick in my head better!
  9. Why do some choose to pursue BSN over ASN first?

    It may be worth checking with your facility's HR department to clarify that you would be eligible for hire with an associate's. The health system I worked for during school, in the ER, would not consider non-BSN prepared nurses as new hires. I work...
  10. MOTIVATE ME!!!!

    Motivation is highly individual but for me, I considered all that I had put into being a nurse. Semesters of pre-reqs and nursing school. Tuition, cost of books, cost of other supplies, the cost of the test. Early mornings, late nights. Time away...
  11. The candidate currently has test results on hold...

    I felt the same way! Even though everyone says that it feels awful when it is over, I was *certain* that I failed. It's easier said than done but try not to think about it too much! It's over now and you'll having your passing results soon!!
  12. The candidate currently has test results on hold...

    I took my NCLEX on 1/22. I did 75 questions in 45 minutes. My results were on hold when I tried the pop-up. According to the NCSBN website, "Exam results that exhibit unusual statistic patterns will be placed on hold for further investigation. Ex...
  13. Drug Names on NCLEX

    I took it Wednesday and was surprised that I didn't see both generic and trade since I was also under the impression that both would be given.
  14. All itt/breckinridge nursing student!!!!!

    Amen! I push myself hard to learn the material because when this is all said and done, peoples' health and well-being is going to be at the mercy of my knowledge and abilities. This is serious business and if anything, I would push to set the bar h...
  15. BSU Fall 2012 Hopefuls

    I applied this time last year and my acceptance letter came mid-April. It felt like an eternity! Good luck.