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  1. Kent Ashtabula ADN program

    I do believe that you do need to wait. I have a friend that applied and she will not know until May. I wish you all the best of luck! I know when I applied, the waiting was insane. Then the day that our letters were due to arrive, the sorting mac...
  2. Kent State

    Yes, I was accepted into the program at the Kent Ashtabula Campus. The call it the Integrated program there!
  3. Volunteering

    Hi Dianne, I did the same thing that you are thinking of. I am a BSN student and I am due to graduate in 2012. I contacted a hospice that is near me and requested to volunteer. They set me up with a training schedule that consists for 7 consecuti...
  4. Kent Ashtabula ADN program

    I am currently enrolled to start at the ashtabula campus On January 10th. I have also taken classes at the twinsburg and geauga campus. What can I help you with?
  5. How hard is chemistry as compared to anatomy class?

    No matter how you look at it, chem sucks! I found though, if you have a good teacher (ask around or check ratemyprofessors.com) life is so much easier. Fundamental chem is mostly all math. Organic chem is all memorization. I would not say it is ...