How did you cover your tuition costs?

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Hi everyone!!

Im beginning to get very stressed and I haven't even started NS yet. Im starting to think I might not even make it that far ::crying2:. Im enrolled in an accelerated BSN program at Chamberlain college of nursing, and im suppose to be starting in October. The tuition there is very pricey. I got some money for school through fafsa and I also recieved a few scholarships. But i still have quite a bit left to cover. How have you all paid for school? just loans? or what?

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As much as I dislike debt, I borrowed....

borrow conservatively, though, because you have to pay it back...

An alternative is to try to work while in NS, but that makes the commitment much more difficult to maintain... (NS has been exhausting for me and I'm not working...)

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I work f/t, got a workforce improvement grant, a couple of scholarships and :eek: student loans. I agree with the poster above....borrow conservatively! And pay interest while in school!

I'm not going to nursing school yet, my first choice option is that I will go to a state school part time while working. I'm also saving money right now to pay for the tuition as well as reduced work hours.

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I did some things Im not very proud of.....

Actually I have some parents that are providing me my tuition and I have to cover the rest on my own. That includes loans and scholarships mainly because I dont want to work.

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I applied for scholarships through the college, and got a student loan, but there are other places to look for scholarships, some hospitals will pay for your tuition in exchange for working for a certain period of time, if you work too, see if they have tuition reimbursment program.

My paycheck. I saved up enough to get all the way through before and while doing prereqs.

Federal Student Loans

a scholarship/loan (I have to work for a year in a certain area or pay them back, there are conditions but they forgive it all if I meet them)


tuition grant from my university


I have a consulting gig on the side, but don't do it very often

I had planned to sign a contract with the hospital here and do more of the "work in an underserved area and we'll give you money" things, but they all dried up about half-way through my first semester. Fun times.

Mostly loans and I receive a grant from my college. I also pay for supplies out of pocket.

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Loans and $ saved. Pay back what you can when you can, especially on unsubsidized will save you $$ later!

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The way I paid for NS is that I passed on the more expensive programs and went to the local CC for my degree. I paid it in full each semester so I had no debt when I graduated. I'm doing the same with the BSN--I'm working, so I'm only going part-time...but because it's part-time, every tuition bill gets paid in full.

If you really can avoid student loans, avoid them. Otherwise look for a loan that gives you a grace period after graduation before you pay it back (so you can look for that elusive GN job) and also borrow only what you need.

Also, look at getting textbooks from places other than the campus bookstore. You can save quite a bit ordering them from,, or

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For the pricey LVN program that I completed in 2005, I financed the entire tuition with a private student loan. This loan has since been repaid.

I attended an RN bridge program (associates degree) last year and, as unpopular as this seems, I worked full-time while attending school full-time. I paid the school $500 monthly in cash toward my tuition, which reduced the amount that I had to borrow. I financed the remainder with Stafford government student loans.

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