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  1. Despareux

    RNs: How much vacation time do you get?

    I work part-time, 12 hour shifts. I never have to use PTO and each month, when I'm making my schedule, I always schedule myself to have 7-8 days off in a row without affecting my required hours. So I guess you could say I get at least 6-7 days off in a row each month.
  2. Despareux

    The 'De-Skilling' Of Nursing

    What I went to school for is different from how I get to actually practice at my work. I feel like I'm handing out meds and doing treatments more so than the things that would actually increase my patient's wellness. It is cost-effective to have 2 CNAs for 1 nurse, but it's not helping the patient gain much in the way of long-term wellness.
  3. Despareux

    Unwritten Social Contract: Your Needs Come First!

    Great article, and could not agree more!
  4. Despareux

    Yes, Bad Job References Are Legal!

    I'm currently waiting the results of a background check so that my application process can proceed to the next step. I have listed work history that is over 10 years old on my resume. How far back is the third-party background checking company going to research? I'm concerned because my old supervisors were near retirement when I left the company. I do have tax statements available if my work-date history is ever questioned.
  5. Despareux

    Tight Jean Syndrome

    Wow! People actually wear their jeans THAT tight?
  6. Despareux

    The Passive-Aggressive Coworker

    I dread working with people like this.
  7. Despareux

    Rehabilitation Nursing: A Specialty In Its Own Right

    Great article. Reading this makes me even more excited about starting my new position as a rehab nurse.
  8. There's no way I can go hours and hours without drinking water and I won't do it; same for using the restroom--if I have to go then I'm going. I refuse to sacrifice my health so that I can care for those who choose not to. Just because I'm a nurse doesn't automatically make me a martyr.
  9. Despareux

    Not sure about Nursing School acceptance?

    There's no guarantee for re-admittance if you were to not return after your first semester, nor is there a guarantee for entry should you decide to reapply. Since there is no guarantee either way, I think you should at least complete one semester. That way, you've already established your spot and your chances for re-admittance is probably better than taking your chances for re-applying.
  10. Despareux

    OB Rotations

    Was not thrilled about OB rotation. It was mostly observation and a lot of teaching. However, I did enjoy special care nursery. I hope you find some enjoyment out of this rotation.
  11. Despareux

    Do you think younger generations have a sense of entitlement?

    I do believe that a sense of entitlement is developmentally appropriate for adolescents and younger adults. I think the problem today is that it's taking a lot longer for the younger people to mature. Maybe it's due to not losing enough or not experiencing those heartaches of losing something meaningful to them--I dunno.
  12. Despareux

    Staying up to speed over summer break

    It's all about my husband, kids, and getting in shape this summer!!!
  13. Despareux

    Need Advice on Songs for Graduation~*~*~

    i gotta feelin' by the black eyed peas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usd4vsh1zda
  14. Despareux

    Please help with Postpartum assessment!

    No, it can dislodge a clot. I've done rotation at three different hospitals, and they no longer use this method. Our books state otherwise. Just check with your instructor or hospital policy.
  15. Despareux

    Is overkill possible for nursing student curriculum?

    Writing papers would not be so bad if some of the rubrics were clarified a little better. I don't like that some of the rubrics are open for interpretation--this tends to cause mass confusion, a disappointment in grades, and a strong dislike for writing. So there's my reason for my dislike of writing.