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  1. Saysfaa

    Curious Observations Regarding Job Postings

    If the article had stopped with the "light at the end of the tunnel" being "avoid these borderline ageist job postings altogether" I would totally agree with you. But it doesn't stop there... "some even hire a certain number of 'older' applicants on purpose". Isn't that saying they don't just do x the little way in the right direction, they even go the extra mile to do y too? And I've probably gotten a little too sensitive to this issue - I've been dealing with discrimination under the guise of diversity too much lately.
  2. Saysfaa

    Curious Observations Regarding Job Postings

    So blatent discrimination based on age is not just acceptable but commendable?
  3. Saysfaa

    Do you memorize definitions?

    Sometimes because sometimes, but only sometimes, it is worth the time/effort. Usually I can tell when it will be which. Unfortunately, I can't always tell so sometimes I waste the time/effort and sometimes I regret not investing the time/effort.
  4. Welcome to Allnurses Some people get through prereqs faster by taking college credits while they are in college, either through dual enrollment programs or Advanced Placement classes/tests. CLEP is a option at some schools. A few people count from when they decide to switch to nursing and they don't count credits they already had when they decided. Maybe some of the difference is nursing programs that run through the summer vs taking the summers off. There are also BS programs that are just designed to take five years. Experience matters at my school, sort of. It is not listed as mattering but it shows (helps) in how people answer questions in the interview. As far as I can tell age neither helps nor hurts. My school looks at gpa (in certain classes only), ACT scores, and the interview... I think it is 30/30/40 if you make it as far as the interview. It will probably be a different mix at your school.
  5. Saysfaa

    How to get a 4.0 GPA in my prerequisites?

    adding to boojums list: - The first day of class is the most important even though you probably won't cover much of the material - take careful notes on that day (that is when the prof tells you all the things that he likes and that bug him) - read the book, the rule of thumb is two hours study time for each hour in class and it is better to do that consistently from the beginning rather than megasessions later -do all the homework problems (multiple times if they don't come easily by the end of the assignment - and again as part of studying for the test), -take notes in class (the act of writing as you listen is actually more important than reading the notes later, for many people at least - except rereading the first day's notes is very important) About CLEPping: one of my schools has a list of which CLEPs they will accept (into psych, intro soc, and one other that I don't remember because I already had that), the other allows any of the CLEPs but only for gen ed (the "additional classes to make a total of x number of credits" - the prereqs specifically required by the program have to have letter grades. Another school I looked at allows any of the CLEPs but only up to a certain number of credits (9, I think). My daughter's school doesn't accept any CLEPs but did accept all the credits on her transcript from her previous school even though some of them were CLEP credits.
  6. Saysfaa

    Question for Career Changers

    I've been a full time mom for 20-something years. My kids are getting close to grown so being mom has become a part time job. I've been going to school part time for the past two years (doing all of the prereqs) and plan to go full time in another a year or two. I expect to graduate a year or two after my youngest graduates from high school.
  7. "Between feeding #1 and #2 (or whatever the timeline was) mother never noticed that it was a different baby?" The mother that fed two different babies very will might have noticed that the second time she fed a different baby than the first time but she is not suing anyone so we don't know what she noticed/knew/suspected/ever found out. Greenfile, why do you think this happens a lot?
  8. I agree with those who say she as every right to be upset but that it doesn't call for a lawsuit. However, maybe the mom didn't recognize that the baby wasn't hers because she hadn't had a good look at her baby before, or not when she was alert anyway. We don't know what happened during the delivery.
  9. Yep, it is both. Or either, since it is sometimes one without being the other.
  10. Saysfaa

    How do you use your flashcards?

    Actually talking to yourself is a good idea. :) Flash cards are good for "see x, think y" automatically - as a knee-jerk reaction. They are good for other things also - for example the process of making my own flashcards helps me almost as much as using them as flashcards. Anyway, back to using them as flash cards. This is how I use them.... I flash through them and my reaction to each card puts that card into one of three piles: duh!, ehm-er-I think..., and huh?what? The duh! are set aside, I'll use them later but they are just in the way at this point. The ehm-er-I-thinks, I go through again. Usually they sort into those I know now that I've reminded myself or one might be a duh that just caught me off guard the first time....and those I have on the tip of my tongue but can't quite get or tend to mix up with a similar one. These I go through a few times, giving a little time to think if needed, but not much, if I can't get it soon I look at the answer. If I consistantly get stuck everytime it comes up it goes in the Huh?what? pile. If I get it fast it goes to the back of the pile, the longer I hesitate the further to the front of the pile I slide it into. Some will be slide behind the next card. Sometimes i work only two for a little while. When i start getting them, I mix a third in. Even if I don't get it I sometimes mix in others just to change the pace. If it seems like work, I mix in a few from the duh pile just to liven things up and give a little boost to the spirit. When I get to really booking through most of them, then I put the easiest ones in the duh pile and mix in a few from the Huh?What? pile. Alternatively, I put that pile down and pick up the huh?What? pile and either go through it slowly a few times thinking about what that card means and how it connects to everything else and how it is different, or pick two and do just the two until i start getting it, then mix in a third (or do two differentent ones, then mix the four). I'm out of time, put that might get you started.
  11. Saysfaa

    college algebra vs statistics?

    College Algebra. It has nothing to do with which equations are used and everything to do with learning how to think and with learning how to learn. For me, vocabulary is relatively easy and most science concepts are vocabulary. Math is hard. I've learn to stick with it even when I'm totally frustrated, to be much more methodical than I naturally am, to see different kinds of patterns, to build in checks (curbs, margin, whatever your favorite way of refering to that concept), how to find errors. I've learned the value of repitition and the difference between doing homework to get through it or because it was assigned and doing homework to learn from it. I've learned how much difference being tired can make, how to dissipate stress, and how to block distractions and to focus on something that is not easy and that I don't want to do. I've learned how important it is to get to the root of whatever it is I'm not understanding rather than building on a porous foundation. Statistics seemed to me to be more intuitive and much less mathy somehow. I don't think this is how it is for everyone.
  12. Saysfaa

    Anyone have an instructor that was TOO EASY?

    Yes. I'm sure you've heard the saying, "If you really want to learn something, teach it." I teach it... to myself if no one else. You can use the syllabus and textbook to get what concepts to cover. Assign yourself a couple of term papers. Fill in the blank or essay questions are better than multiple choice if you make your own tests (making your own is better than finding them in a test bank because then you have to sort through the concepts and vocabulary to get a good coverage of the concepts without making the test too long. Taking the test, under testing conditions is helpful also (even with a good prof, I learn more from what I get wrong and why I missed it than I do from most other methods.)
  13. Saysfaa

    HELP! What Do You Do When You Lose Focus?

    Two different situations and different strategies First one is: Life by the yard is hard, life by the inch is a cinch. Sometimes the next test is the inch but other times it is the yard. Then I need to find a smaller chunk to go by. If understanding the whole ekg is too much, then maybe just working on the order the heart rhythm letters without looking at what they relate to or anything else. Second one is: a functioning brain is worth much more than a couple of extra hours of unproductive studying. Sometimes a good nights sleep (or a nap) and/or a good brisk walk will make all the difference and I'll get more done in the following fifteen minuets than I did staring at the material for hours on end.
  14. Saysfaa

    Retaking Physiology and accept an F?

    Slinkyhead CNA, I transfered because my prior credits are at a school that is 1000 miles from my current home. I will transfer more from my community college to a local four year university because I can get the cc credits at about a fifth the cost, a quarter the hassel, and a third the drive time to class. And because the cc doesn't offer a BSN or a masters.
  15. Saysfaa

    Biology Prerequisites

    ) Good luck to you