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studying to be an IBCLC and applying to midwifery school (oh and studying for the NCLEX)

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  1. nursing policy on handling infant that is not bathed

    The policy at our hospital is to not bath the babies (or separate them from mom) for at least six hours after birth. Then the bath is done in the room with the parents and the baby is rewarmed by placing babe skin to skin with mom. A little sign goe...
  2. Frontier in 2012

    I'm planning to apply in 2012! I'm excited! I'm just trying to figure out exactly how I will pay for it :)
  3. how do you chart your prn narcs

    We have to chart in the (paper) MAR and in the actual (electronic) chart in the pain assessment. It's double charting, but they will probably do it this way until we switch to electronic MARs Oh, I just noticed this was LTC nursing, I'm in acute care...
  4. (Postpartum) Are babies counted in your census?

    I have no idea how your hospital could not count babies in its census! Our floor counts newborns and moms, they each have separate charts and MRNs. I don't understand your concern about moms dropping babies at night, that seems so random. I mean, i...
  5. NOT going to the pinning ceremony

    Our graduation was just the School of Nursing, I might have had a different opinion on "pinning" if it was the whole University. Then I definitely would not have gone to graduation!
  6. NOT going to the pinning ceremony

    I didn't want to go to mine, but they combined it with graduation. Walk across the stage, shake the Dean's hand, get pinned by a faculty member, go back to your seat. I probably wouldn't have gone to graduation, but my parents came and all of my frie...
  7. Labor and delivery vs. Postpartum

    The units where I am right now get along pretty well for the most part. We have gone through a lot over the last year with the transition to couplet care, which impacted L&D more than expected. I think that people ended up working together a lot ...
  8. Cultural Competency Training

    Awesome! I ran a similar program almost ten years ago (!) except we did 3 hour in person trainings. We could never really get the time to train clinical staff like RNs and MDs, and focused mostly on LTC facilities, senior service providers (adult day...
  9. code blue question

    Perhaps you should consider taking a BLS or ACLS refresher course. I would also become familiar with my hospital's protocols for Rapid Response and Code Blue-if you are still in orientation do you have a clinical mentor you could ask?
  10. Looking for a resource on natural childbirth...

    She should definitely look in to getting a doula for the birth. The Birth Partner is a great book and pretty much any book by Penny Simkin would be useful. Ricki Lake put out a book called "Your Best Birth" that is supposed to be good as well. Sheila...
  11. Mother/Baby VENT!!!

    Reading your post I was thinking "Wow this sounds like X hospital!". I went and checked your profile and based on where you say your location is, I'm pretty sure I've heard complaints from Mom/Baby nurses at your hospital and the LCs as well. Another...
  12. Confused on how to start a career in OB

    Generally you do, I have a pretty significant background in women's health and health-care and feel comfortable applying without it at this point in time. The programs I'm interested in all say they prefer L&D, but there are nurses in the program...
  13. Confused on how to start a career in OB

    Thanks! I'm thinking that I will probably just go straight to midwifery school and not do L&D since I think being an L&D nurse would drive me . The "plan" is to work my Adult Medicine job for a year and then do Lactation Consulting while I'm ...
  14. baby not keen on breast and jiterry..what to do

    Yup, it's pretty awesome! Some moms are like "ew, why would I give some strange woman's milk to my baby?" We bite our tongues, but I really want to say "and you're okay with giving some strange cow's milk to your baby?" It's a relatively new option ...
  15. Confused on how to start a career in OB

    I had the same questions, but in the end it didn't matter! I applied to all the open L&D/Maternity Care New Grad positions that I could, but didn't get an interview for one. I also really only wanted to work at the hospital where I'm currently tr...