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  1. Graphing Calculator for Statistics

    For our statistics class, we used minitab and I don't remember heavy calculator usage as part of the program. I have a TI-83 though that I bought 15 years ago? It still works. I did use it for some things though to check work.
  2. Is college algebra (MAC 1105) hard?

    It definitely depends. I never actually took college algebra because I tested out of it. For any math class, seek out tutoring and/or help from your professor if you don't understand something.
  3. I am working full time and taking pre-reqs part time. I pay for my classes out of pocket.
  4. What are some tips for Microbiology?

    Don't miss any labs. I loved my Microbiology class but it wasn't hard.
  5. Oh I should've also said the 1 semester biochem at the community college near me only requires high school chem as a pre-req. I only noticed this class because 1 of the BSN programs required Biochem and had a transfer agreement with the community co...
  6. The community college that I take pre-reqs at offers a 1 semester biochem class that fulfills chem and biochem requirements at nearby nursing schools. Most nursing schools in my area don't require chem though. I imagine a similar course would fulfi...
  7. Did you graduate with the rest of your college class?

    It definitely depends on the size of the school. I went to a fairly large public university for my first BS and our graduation ceremony was only those in our major.
  8. I never had to take college algebra so I can't remember what an algebra course entails but like most math courses, practice is your friend. Work problems out in the book, first without looking at the explanations, then with them. Seek out tutoring ...
  9. Summer 2012 - Check in

    The class I'm taking is chem and we have a test every week on 2 chapters. It is tiring because I start work at 8-8:30, get off work at 5, drive to class. Get out of class at 10, go home, do homework for next day and repeat.
  10. Nursing Degree? Please help!

    That'd be true if she was closer to graduating but with only one year under her belt, to me, it doesnt make sense to spend 3 years in college pursuing a degree you don't want.
  11. Nursing Degree? Please help!

    A BS in biology doesn't buy you anything. I'd start looking at schools around you and see what their pre-reqs are and apply to their BSN programs. You may also want to look at other locations as well.
  12. A/S Nursing Program AND Work Full-Time?!?!

    I forgot to mention, if you have a higher than 5% mortgage, definitely look into refinancing. We recently refinanced and we could've reduced our monthly payments by $500 but we instead decided to shorten the mortgage and are now at 3.5%. Overall, ...
  13. A/S Nursing Program AND Work Full-Time?!?!

    I should've said non-mortgage bills. Any debts, car loans, etc - I'd recommend paying off prior to school if possible. My husband and I only have a mortgage so we don't have to worry about any other debts while I'm in school. My husband's income ...
  14. Summer 2012 - Check in

    So how are people doing in classes? We got our first test back on Thursday and I got a 100 which of course makes me happy. We have another test on Tuesday. Our homework is crazy though, it takes hours and hours to do. Definitely don't have much fr...
  15. A/S Nursing Program AND Work Full-Time?!?!

    First of all, I'd look at a way to pay off any debts that you have and try saving as much money as possible prior. Working 40 hours and going to school is probably going to be tough. I'm looking at quitting my job completely but we don't have any ...