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  1. leenak

    Graphing Calculator for Statistics

    For our statistics class, we used minitab and I don't remember heavy calculator usage as part of the program. I have a TI-83 though that I bought 15 years ago? It still works. I did use it for some things though to check work.
  2. leenak

    Is college algebra (MAC 1105) hard?

    It definitely depends. I never actually took college algebra because I tested out of it. For any math class, seek out tutoring and/or help from your professor if you don't understand something.
  3. I am working full time and taking pre-reqs part time. I pay for my classes out of pocket.
  4. leenak

    What are some tips for Microbiology?

    Don't miss any labs. I loved my Microbiology class but it wasn't hard.
  5. Oh I should've also said the 1 semester biochem at the community college near me only requires high school chem as a pre-req. I only noticed this class because 1 of the BSN programs required Biochem and had a transfer agreement with the community college. So I started looking at there it was.
  6. The community college that I take pre-reqs at offers a 1 semester biochem class that fulfills chem and biochem requirements at nearby nursing schools. Most nursing schools in my area don't require chem though. I imagine a similar course would fulfill your pre-req but it is good always to ask.
  7. leenak

    Im scared out of my mind for Anatomy

    In general, traditional vocational programs (not nursing specific) were designed to have few requirements beyond a GED/high school diploma and possibly a placement type test. You basically enrolled and the program taught you everything you needed. I'm not sure about the specifics of LVN/LPN programs, but it wouldn't surprise me if many of those still follow the traditional vocational type program. Which means you'd get some anatomy, basically for what you'd need to learn but maybe not as in depth as if you had to take AP 1&2. Anyway, I wish you luck and I think you shouldn't stress out too much. Study, go to class, ask questions, use office hours, and feel free to ask questions here :)
  8. Since they are two separate careers, I think people make a choice and focus on one versus the other. I looked into PA school and have no interest, I rather be a NP.
  9. I'm not a student (yet) but I have no interest in NICU or flight nursing and definitely not L&D. And no interest in CRNA. I'm pretty open though, I wouldn't write off something like ER and I think I may even like peds (I have no kids, no interest in having kids but I'm pretty patient with other people's kids). Who knows though, I think someone wouldn't really know until they get in there and try things out.
  10. leenak

    Im scared out of my mind for Anatomy

    A&P 1 isn't bad at all. Yes there are regular tests and labs tests and its quite a bit of information but not too bad. Just keep up with your studies as each week builds upon the previous. I studied about 3 hours per week and got an A in the class. Also, you will probably have some knowledge from your job that could help you get a slight edge in the class.
  11. One thing I'd say about the money, as someone who is in a job that pays a lot more than nursing, there are better jobs out there for people if they are only in it for the money. I'm not sure about the 'nursing boom', but it seems in general to be fueled by a poor economy and propaganda that there is a shortage in nursing jobs. As we can see from allnurses and maybe nurses we know, getting a job in nursing, especially as a new nurse, is tough.
  12. leenak

    Commuting in Traffic Time??

    Well, good news, for part of it, you'd be going against traffic if you are commuting at normal times. 270 is busy going south in the morning and busy going north in the evening. Also, since it is summer now, it isn't the best gauge of traffic but it'll give you an idea. Every summer, I relax as traffic gets lighter then in late August/September, I'm brought back to reality as it seems traffic doubles.
  13. leenak

    Not even a word of English

    California has a history of Spanish influence that continues to this day. My great grandmother moved to California in her 20s and never spoke English but understood it. All her friends spoke Spanish and she lived within a large Spanish speaking community. One of her sons (my great uncle) also never spoke English and he was born in the same community in California as well. My step-father's mother was born in California, in a small farming town (and I mean small). She never learned english although she understood a great deal but again, the town was primarily hispanic, many of the older people didn't speak english even if they were born there.
  14. leenak

    What do you do in lab for A&P?

    The first 30 to 45 minutes will most likely be demo of what you will be doing. Then the rest of the time, you do what is assigned and ask questions as needed. I often left lab early in AP1 (taking AP2 in the fall). Some people stay the entire lab period, many do not. Overall it is a lot of memorization compared to chemistry which was a lot of documentation of observances.
  15. leenak

    Lost On My Educational Track

    Are you moving to La Jolla for any particular reason? Honestly, your plan just sounds bad. Are you planning on getting a BS/BA with Kaplan? USD might not accept that as a valid BS/BA because generally if you get a degree from a for-profit school, you'll need to continue going to for-profit schools. The USD program is also around $90k total. Your best bet would be to try to get into a nursing program now and honestly, California isn't the ideal place to do that. If you have to move to California, I'd definitely look into getting your pre-reqs done first in Las Vegas then trying to apply to schools in California. CSU San Marcos would probably be your best bet for a BSN program. Also, since you aren't really interested in nursing for nursing itself, you might be better if you looked into a PTA or OTA program. Generally, they are 2 years long and you'd probably be in more demand in the SD area than an RN. (It is also interesting that you mention you are in a degree program for a medical assistant since I never heard of that. The community college where I take pre-reqs has a medical assistant program that is $1300 for 12 weeks)
  16. leenak

    What is the best computer to have for school?

    If you were going to look at windows based systems, I'd recommend looking at Asus. I've heard good things about them but never owned them.I've had 2 high-end HPs (between my husband and myself) that never left the house but yet had some serious physical issues. I'd personally never buy an HP again.