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ziggysgal,RN has 7 years experience and specializes in MedSurg, Clinic, ER.

Mom of 3+1, wife of an amazing man... and nurse! And now grandmother of 2!

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  1. ziggysgal,RN

    New ER Nurse , Feel SO stupid

    Oh goodness that is indeed a crazy ratio. I’m sorry. Hang in there. Time will make it easier.
  2. ziggysgal,RN

    New ER Nurse , Feel SO stupid

    Just an idea but I think that OP is saying 10 patients over the course of a shift, not all at once. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but this isn't that bad for a bigger ER... less than 1 per hour average. To the OP, it just takes time. I (and many other nurses) have been in your shoes... as your manager said, work on recognizing when your patient is going "bad" and take it day by day. It's normal to feel overwhelmed in the midst of chaos. Maybe keep a notebook handy and jot down things you want to read up on during down time or off hours. (s/s for example) And you can always answer questions with "I don't know but I'll go find out and return with that information." Hang in there... and welcome to the roller coaster ride. :)
  3. ziggysgal,RN

    Insurance assessments

    I am interested in what this means. Care to share more information? It sounds quite interesting?
  4. ziggysgal,RN

    Continuing Education/Career Development Question

    My experience is actually as an LVN working in the ED, but in most cases it might as well have been as a tech so I can see how this might be perceived. Thank you for the positive feedback. Also, awesome story about your grandfather!
  5. ziggysgal,RN

    Continuing Education/Career Development Question

    Perhaps I said it wrong... I believe informed is just the first step to better. No amount of education *alone* will make me better.. I believe I (or any nurse) have to take the knowledge and apply it practically and gain experience also to be better. I love learning but I often encounter the why bother reaction from my colleagues and I wonder if maybe I'm going about this wrong...
  6. ziggysgal,RN

    Valuable life lessons from an ER nurse....

    STD's are 0100 emergencies.
  7. I've been working in the ED for most of my nursing career (a short 8 years), but only as an RN for 1 year. I've always been enthusiastic about opportunities to attend education sessions (i.e. SA AirLife sessions, various local conferences, etc.) because I have a desire to be the best I can be at this career. I know that no amount of continuing education sessions will make me a better nurse... just (hopefully) a more informed nurse. I've noticed, however, that many of my colleagues are not at all interested in this sort of thing. I work in a rural hospital and there's a lot we don't encounter... so I'm starting to wonder if I'm just getting carried away with this stuff. I would like to hear from other ED nurses on attending conferences and education sessions. Thoughts? Opinions? Perspectives? (Resources?) Thanks in advance.
  8. ziggysgal,RN

    8th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    If being a superhero sidekick was a paying job, I wouldn't have to moonlight as an ER nurse. Now quit being difficult and change into the gown.
  9. ziggysgal,RN

    Victoria College - Fall 2010 LVN Program

    Are you going in this program? In my small community, it took very little effort to find a job. I started working as an aide part time at a hospital over the semester break and was offered a post graduation position within a month. Clinical sites usually pay attention to your performace, too. I was offered a job by one of mine last semester. Don't fish for a job, just do the best you can do and leave an impression on the nurses you work with! Also, at least in my area, maturity goes a long way with employers.
  10. ziggysgal,RN

    Just noticing nowdays the nurses in a lot of the homes

    I work as an aide in a hospital and one of the LVNs calls pretty much all of the older female patients grandma... at first, it was a little weird, but I've grown to ignore it. Personally, it seems like just another generic address... I mean, I think that it's better to call the patients by name, but I guess it's kind of like using sir or ma'am... While I'm not comfortable with doing it myself, I don't see the harm in it.
  11. ziggysgal,RN

    Areas of nursing

    This sounds like fun! I'm a few weeks away from graduating from a Vocational Nursing program (August 5) and begin my general education classes for my next step (ADN-RN transition) in the fall... My preferences right now (at either level) - 1) MedSurg 2) ER 3) ICU My absolute do not want areas - 1) L&D 2) Peds 3) Surgery (any capacity)
  12. ziggysgal,RN

    Any hospital hiring new grads? anywhere in the country?

    Apologies... this is accurate information. They do not have an internet presence. I wasn't sure how much information I was allowed to give in my post. For what it's worth, feel free to PM if you have questions beyond this information. I don't want to violate TOS but I really want to help others out if I can!
  13. ziggysgal,RN

    Any hospital hiring new grads? anywhere in the country?

    Since there are specific hospitals listed in this thread, I'd like to add one. Lavaca Medical Center in Hallettsville, TX is definitely hiring new grads/no experience. It is a small hospital in a small town that serves Lavaca County along with one other hospital. I will not post contact names (don't want to violate TOS), but if you're looking (RN or LVN/LPN) please consider this and other small community hospitals! No, you don't get the excitement of larger hospitals, but if you want to get your 1 or 2 years medsurg experience out of the way... HTH
  14. ziggysgal,RN

    Help me understand this Nutrition question

    Interesting perspective... thank you for sharing it. I do agree that different wording would have made the question clear. Fortunately, most of the questions require some degree of thought to answer them... Unfortunately, in this case, I believe thought is what tripped me up. :) It is still possible that my challenge will be decided favorably... but in the mean time, I need to figure out a strategy for these quizzes. LOL
  15. ziggysgal,RN

    Help me understand this Nutrition question

    Thank you... I understand how option a could be correct now... I do have a tendency to overthink things, so my initial reaction was panic. I went for the literal definition of metabolism and figured it was an easy question... in other words, I thought I didn't overthink this one... and if I was overthinking when I thought I wasn't then oh no... lol ahhh.... how's that for overthinking overthinking? thank you for the insight... it really helps... and I do need to chill out on the striving for perfection a little bit... this one missed question was my first missed quiz point of 40 so far.. lol need to relax a little...
  16. Took a quiz in Nutrition today and missed the following question. I challenged the 'correct' answer because I understood it to be asking for something very specific, other than what the 'correct' answer offered. My instructor said I was over-thinking the questions and that it might hinder me on exams. This has me worried because failure is just not an option for me. So, please read the question, followed by my supporting evidence and help me understand what I am missing? Question - Glucose is metabolized - A. in the form of glycogen (noted as 'correct' by the quiz) B. by combining it with fat C. exclusively in the liver D. in the body cells (what I chose and believe to be the correct answer) All carbohydrates are changed to the simple sugar glucose before metabolism can take place in the cells. -p87 under the heading Metabolism and Elimination Glucose is converted to glycogen for storage in the liver, but must be converted back to glucose prior to release for metabolism by cells. Actual metabolism of glucose occurs in the cells, though, for energy. Any insight y'all can offer will be greatly appreciated. My confidence is wavering right now because I thought I understood completely... ack... If I am overthinking, how do I fix that... (I'm sure I'm not the first nursing student to have horrible test anxiety over the questions themselves... I know the material, I think... but oi the questions!)

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