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RNCEN has 5 years experience and specializes in ER.

Criminal Justice degree-never worked in that field. Most recently a Master Jaguar technician. Went back to school in 2009 for nursing.

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  1. Podcasts

    EM Basic is a good one to get started with. I enjoyed it as a new nurse because it looked at CC's and the things you would be concerned for. ER Nurse Pro, SMACC, EMCrit, Dirt Medicine are others I've listened to.
  2. What is your favorite brand of IV catheter?

    I loved our old Nexiva's. I learned with them and was a fantastic stick with them (alos used them for U/S placements). We also had Jelco's with the "via valve" blood control, which were nice too. Now we have a terribly inferior product (IMO), and ...
  3. TNCC?

    IMO, you'll get more from the course after you've spent some time in the trauma environment.
  4. Medication error

    Alaris has apparently had some serious issues with pumps doing this exact thing. We've had several where I work. Seems it wasn't through any fault of your own.
  5. Medications in the Modern ED

    Unless I missed it, Nicardipine is not on that list. Easily titratable, and wonderful for htn management especially in stroke/head injured patients.
  6. ::vent::

    Never, EVER give a med that you did not draw up yourself. That's MY personal rule. If the person that drew it up is present, THEY can administer the med.
  7. Overflow in the er

    Is that a typical day? How many visits/year?
  8. Flow improvement

    I don't think there is a lot of time wasted in our department transporting patients to hard tele areas. We do have medics available much of the time for those transports. An RN must accompany a patient receiving blood products, or any patient going...
  9. Flow improvement

    I should have been more clear. I know what TAT is...I just don't know our values.
  10. Flow improvement

    We have in house consultants on the project. I do not know exactly what the TAT is, but am hoping to find out tomorrow at our meeting.
  11. Flow improvement

    I'm working with a multi-disciplinary committee that includes both department members and several other hospital-wide members to identify barriers to efficient patient care and flow both within the ED and transitioning to the inpatient side. Constra...
  12. Orientation Length and Type

    -What length of orientation did you have? 16 weeks -Were there specific ER classroom time or general nursing classes? How many hours would you estimate? Cardiac dysrhythmia class x 2 days, ACLS, PALS -What is your experience? (10 years med-surg or ne...
  13. CEN as a New Grad

    Forgot to mention, I passed easily. Many of my experienced (many years) coworkers did not pass, for what it's worth. They are very good nurses.
  14. CEN as a New Grad

    I took it as a new grad, and with only 7 (4 on orientation) months experience as an ER nurse. I was an ER tech for 2 years while in school...so I did have a little more experience. It's just a test, it doesn't make you an expert, although it would ...
  15. Pull until full triage

    We bedside triage nearly all our patients, and ultimately it is the primary RN's responsibility. That said, we typically have a team leader in each area (85 bed + hallways ER) to help, although they are frequently not available to triage. We work c...