Help, wanting to leave job within 6 month of hire


Hello all,

so I started a new job 6 months ago in a pediatric ICU and CVICU, which I enjoyed for about 3 weeks. However I quickly realized this was not the place for me, actually to be frank about the situation I absolutely hate it. I am not a new grad by the way. The attitude and the behavior of staff nurses on the unit is ridiculous. I seriously cry coming into work and I am sooooo depressed ever since I started here. I also worked with peds in the past on med surg and loved my job, but I know that I always wanted and still do ICU. Anyway I really always wanted the NICU, rather then the PICU/CVICU, but took it for the critical care experience. like I said I hate this place my life is miserable and I have never hated a job or the people I work with this much in my life. They are negative and talk about all the new people as we can all hear it. Anyway yesterday I was offered a NICU position at my previous hospital, and I really want to take it sooooo badly, but I am terrified of how this will look with my current job. I know that I will never want to work at this hospital again because the problem isn't just the ICU it's the hospital, my friends works on peds med/surg and she is also very depressed and trying to find new employment, Except she is a new grad. What do you all think I should do?? And if I take the NICU position I know I will be there for ever because it's my dream job, but how should I quit without burning any bridges. The nursing world as we know is small as in people know each other and I would hate to ruin my reputation.


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Take the NICU job... Work there for many years and have a wonderful career. 6 months at one job won't kill your resume. You do what is best for you and your mental health. I'd say take the opportunity while you have it!


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Agree with lev. If you are already offered the nicu job that oppurtunity might not come by again for a while.


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Dont push urself into a unit that ur not happy especially if dont have a good environment into ur workplace. Grab the opportunity for Nicu. :)


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Lol I'm about to quit a job I've worked at for a WEEK! For a couple reasons, a chick I hated, HATED, works there. I also was offered full time employment making 3.21 more an hour somewhere else.

Ehh... It happens. 6 months isn't that terrible though.


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The fact you already have a job offer is fine. Leave the place you hate and work at the new place, specially if it is somewhere you will want to be for a long time then it really doesn't matter.


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Oh this one is easy.... take the NICU job!!!

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Give 2 weeks' notice and don't badmouth the facility or your manager. And then take the other job with a clear conscience!


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Give two weeks notice immediately and take the position that is a better fit. If I were in your position I would not even hesitate.


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take the NICU job! I was at my old job for 2 months before I left for my dream job!


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Take the NICU job! As said before, give two weeks and be outta there!! Congratulations!!!!

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What are you waiting for, go ahead and take the NICU job. I wouldn't worry about your other job, you are probably still in the orientation phase and not everyone is cut out for it and they are aware of that going in. Where I work if nurses aren't doing well or just not comfortable with ICU they are offered other floor jobs. If it ever comes up in the future, I would just say it wasn't a good fit, skip the hating and negativity part. Why waste one more minute being miserable when you have a better job offer in front of you. Snap it up already before someone else does!

Good Luck!