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  1. Lev

    New Grad in the ICU. Is this right for me?

    Good advice from the above poster. What you're feeling is totally normal for a new grad. Knowledge comes through self study, asking questions, and being open to feedback. And of course time.
  2. Lev

    Advice please I’m torn.

    I would not go back. I would start looking for a new job ASAP. This is a dangerous situation for you, your coworkers, and your company. If the kid dies from underdosing and it's discovered that staff "knew" there will be a huge legal nightmare. This must be reported immediately to CPS (because the mother is causing harm to the child) and they can do an investigation. I would also notify in writing your supervisor of your "suspicions" in clear detail and print out a copy of your email. In the email write that you would like to speak in person about this as well. In the email inform him that you are notifying CPS because you are a mandated reporter (even if there are suspicions) and the situation needs to be investigated. Prepare to lose your job.
  3. Lev

    You Misspelled "Domestic Violence"

    Insightful article as always Ruby Vee!
  4. Lev

    Advice for specialty change/moving hospitals

    I would apply to ICU jobs, especially SICU positions in transplant centers, and who knows...they may take you. I would also apply to stepdown units. I understand the feeling of not being interested in a "regular" med surg floor. If you can find a job on a transplant unit closer to you then after a year you could perhaps make an internal transfer to the ICU.
  5. Lev

    See my articles?

    Thanks to you both
  6. Lev

    See my articles?

    Hi, How do I find my old articles? I can't seem to find a link to them on my account...
  7. I'm just finishing up my application for the FNP program at Stony Brook for Summer 2019..Anyone else applying? Does anyone know how many times students are expected on-site?
  8. Lev

    Ebola: What About The Children?

    Very well written, informative article.
  9. Hey! I wonder if we work at the same hospital. That is line for my facility. I'm not a two faced lier so I will not say it if I really don't have time.
  10. Lev

    Inspiration is the Fancy Half of Breathing

    If you allow your noncompliant post op patient to sit in bed and not ambulate, only use bedpans instead of walking to the bedside commode or bathroom, not eat "because I don't feel like it/have an appetite", not use the incentive spirometer "because it hurts", and have narcotics even when their respiratory rate is 10, you may have good "customer service," but you may have a readmission with DVT or worse PE, pneumonia, and possibly a stage II pressure ulcer.
  11. Lev

    Nurse tech pay?

    Northwest Hospital pays Nursing Associates (student nurse techs) $13.25 an hour. They have a very flexible schedule.