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  1. I'm in too! Stony Brook U class of 2022!
  2. Lev

    Just Took NCLEX

    Congrats RN!!
  3. Lev

    New Grad in the ICU. Is this right for me?

    Good advice from the above poster. What you're feeling is totally normal for a new grad. Knowledge comes through self study, asking questions, and being open to feedback. And of course time.
  4. Lev

    New-Old Nurse

  5. Rip Van All Nurses
  6. Lev

    What type of nursing should I recommend to my student?

    I was thinking acute rehab for her...but if she has a significant amount of anxiety, that is only going to get worse with a nursing job. The social skills can be developed on the job. I would recommend treatment for anxiety before anything else.
  7. Lev

    Supervisors no longer there

    I'm applying to a job that asks for supervisors names and phone numbers of each previous job. 4 of those supervisors have left the company. I have cell phone numbers for two of the supervisors. Can I use those or should I just put the main hospital number or HRs number? What should I do about the one's I don't have contact numbers for?
  8. Lev

    Bowel Obstruction treatment

    Look up what happens to D5W once it's infused....it's no longer isotonic
  9. Lev

    Nursing Prioritization! Help!

  10. Lev

    Should I feel guilty?

    You should not feel guilty although it's hard not to. If guilt gets the better of you and you really feel up to it, see if they would agree to let you work just 4 hours (the beginning of the shift) but don't let them guilt you into staying longer.
  11. Lev

    New nurse struggling

    Speak to your supervisor...many nurses feel they want to leave nursing after 6 months. It is a very tough time. It takes at least a year to get acclimated and float pool is even more difficult. Explain to your supervisor that you would like to switch to a home unit to have more stability. Perhaps offer to work part time (2 shifts a week) on one unit and then float for the 3rd shift. A "verbal agreement" is not a contract.
  12. Lev

    Advice please I’m torn.

    I would not go back. I would start looking for a new job ASAP. This is a dangerous situation for you, your coworkers, and your company. If the kid dies from underdosing and it's discovered that staff "knew" there will be a huge legal nightmare. This must be reported immediately to CPS (because the mother is causing harm to the child) and they can do an investigation. I would also notify in writing your supervisor of your "suspicions" in clear detail and print out a copy of your email. In the email write that you would like to speak in person about this as well. In the email inform him that you are notifying CPS because you are a mandated reporter (even if there are suspicions) and the situation needs to be investigated. Prepare to lose your job.
  13. Lev

    See my articles?

    Hi, How do I find my old articles? I can't seem to find a link to them on my account...
  14. Did you hear anything about how often those on campus meets happen? I live in Queens.
  15. Yes I did get an interview request, also for Wed 12/19. Do you know what to expect for this interview? I'm only a little nervous lol