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Lev has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency - CEN.

Your safety is my number one priority.

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  1. Lev

    Need advice in a sticky situation

    When you hand in your resignation letter make sure to send an email to HR and your manager as well, so there is a paper trail.
  2. 2nd job all the way!! You will get lots of experience at the infusion center. Patients are there for hours getting chemo and they get other meds too. You will also learn IVs and how to access ports. Blood transfusions too.
  3. Yes, click forgot password and it will give you instructions.
  4. It could be because I just accepted the offer I can't yet see anything under enrollment. I just sent in my official transcripts. This link shows where to send official transcripts. I added 100 Nicholls Road to what's listed there. https://nursing.stonybrookmedicine.edu/prospectiveFAQ/
  5. Where do you find enrollment status? Which heading do you click on to get there?
  6. I remember there is one class in the summer which is a pathophysiology class if I'm not mistaken
  7. Where do you find the enrollment status?
  8. Hi fellow future classmates :) I logged into SOLAR today and accepted my admission. I also started filling out some of the required stuff on the website. They ask us to read this thing on meningitis and then check that we read and understand it and then we have to pick three options: 1) I've had the meningitis vaccine within 5 years (documentation required) 2) I plan to obtain the vaccination within 30 days 3) I decline to vaccinate. I had the vaccine in 2005. Is this vaccine required or is it just a NY state requirement that schools distribute info and offer the vaccine? (I'm also pregnant so I'd rather not get the vaccine if I don't need it, although I looked it up and it hasn't been shown to cause harm during pregnancy).
  9. I'm in too! Stony Brook U class of 2022!
  10. So it sounds like they will be sending us the acceptance email with the ID. I assume if they weren't going to accept you, then they wouldn't mention that the email will contain the solar ID because you wouldn't need one unless you were accepted.
  11. I also got the weird email on 2/14. Not celebrating yet til I get official word.
  12. Lev

    Just Took NCLEX

    Congrats RN!!
  13. Lev

    New Grad in the ICU. Is this right for me?

    Good advice from the above poster. What you're feeling is totally normal for a new grad. Knowledge comes through self study, asking questions, and being open to feedback. And of course time.
  14. Rip Van All Nurses
  15. Lev

    What type of nursing should I recommend to my student?

    I was thinking acute rehab for her...but if she has a significant amount of anxiety, that is only going to get worse with a nursing job. The social skills can be developed on the job. I would recommend treatment for anxiety before anything else.
  16. I'm applying to a job that asks for supervisors names and phone numbers of each previous job. 4 of those supervisors have left the company. I have cell phone numbers for two of the supervisors. Can I use those or should I just put the main hospital number or HRs number? What should I do about the one's I don't have contact numbers for?