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  1. Bezoars

    Yacker Tracker in the NICU ???

    So they just put one of these things on our unit. It's like a stoplight that goes yellow to red when there is too much noise. We are a small NICU unit. Seriously? I'm pretty insulted to be treated like a child. I tend to pick my battles wisely b...
  2. Bezoars

    ELBW Supine+Midline for ____ days

    Just wondering what the significance of the timing of 72hours to one week is?
  3. Bezoars

    Isolette Practices

    You save 21 weekers?
  4. Bezoars

    Methadone and NAS- from a mom's perspective

    Just wondering... how is being on methadone for 9 years being "clean"? Back to magsulfate's question. 9 years????? Really????
  5. I agree that I would definitely give it a year before you jump ship. After that... have at it! OR would be a completely different kind of nursing but you're young and just starting out, so now is the time to explore things. At this point, I have e...
  6. Bezoars

    The ONE thing that will make your nursing life easier

    Federally mandated Patient/Staff ratios. Less charting. NO STUPID SURVEYS.
  7. Bezoars

    2016 Salary thread

    2015 ~ State: WV RN: 5+ years experience (Per diem) Specialty: Float Pool Pay: $35/hr no benefits Housing: Decent 4 bdr, 2 bath home for $150k 2016~ Northern VA (moving here early next year) Job in NICU, Per diem no more money then Full or Part ti...
  8. Bezoars

    RN Pay in Northern Va - NOVA

  9. Bezoars

    One quarter of our census are withdrawal kids

    HUGE problem in our area too. We have our own unit for them now with 18 beds that says full ALL THE TIME. It's sad and exasperating. If we have a whole generation of women in this child-bearing age group who think it's nothing to gestate their bab...
  10. Bezoars

    Diaper Rash

    We use that purple stuff in the vial too... it's called Marathon. BUT, it has to slough off after several days and tends to look stained and yucky after a few changes. We also do desitin, powder, and the butt-in-the-air-to-light-and-heat method. I...
  11. Bezoars

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    This ^^^^
  12. Bezoars

    How long is your commute?

    35 minutes. Always the same.
  13. Bezoars

    RN Pay in Northern Va - NOVA

    Okay, so I work per diem in my current job in WV. I make $34/hr. We are paid more for per diem work because we get no benefits and we are the first to be called off. Depending on your level/contract, you make anywhere from $32-38/hr regardless of ...
  14. Bezoars

    NICU vs. Peds

    I am a Perinatal Float nurse and work both Peds and NICU (among other areas). My advice is to go to PEDS. I LOVE NICU, but as others have said, it's a very specialized field. If you don't want to be a NICU nurse for the rest of your life, I would ...
  15. Wound vacs can get complicated sometimes. My most complicated was a pt I had once who had an abdominal surgery and they nicked the bowel. Everything got infected and there were fistulas in several places. Her abdominal wound took up the majority o...