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  1. Girlafraid13

    Made a child with cancer cry.

    Hey everyone thanks for all the comments. I had posted this back when I was still a fresh nurse. I still think about this kid and since then learned so much. I still work with children and have learned to set limits when a child is being mean to anot...
  2. Girlafraid13

    LVN BRIDGE Cerritos College

    Hey I sent you a direct message. I'm an lvn that just started at Cerritos. I probably saw you at orientation!
  3. Girlafraid13

    Cerritos college 2017 fall cycle

    still waiting for that letter. Applied last year for the bridge program was told I would hear from them for an orientation this summer. Goodluck everyone.
  4. Girlafraid13

    Wanna know what an LPN license can get you?

    How did you get that much in scholarships? Teach me your ways.
  5. Girlafraid13

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I don't believe in god or a high power but I'm still a big chicken when it comes to spooky noises. Just last week I called my dad (who does not live with me) to come to my house to check my room because I heard a noise and thought it was either a gho...
  6. Girlafraid13

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    Smart move! I was given my inheritance at age of 14 and it was all gone by the age of 18. Lucky for me I had the inheritance money and was able to "buy my way out" of some legal problems at 17 but that's a whole other story.
  7. Girlafraid13

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    My local community college does this for $5 😁😀
  8. Girlafraid13

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    Craigslist?? now I'm tempted. I'm pretty sure someone around the neighborhood would come wash my dishes for like $20/week
  9. Girlafraid13

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    Oh yeah! A house keeper. And someone to do my meal prep for me.
  10. Girlafraid13

    Just need some understanding....

    I usually don't tell coworkers, patients or classmates " hey I'm gay" because they don't have to go around telling everyone "hey I'm straight" I don't feel as im hiding it, I mean I do "look" pretty gay.
  11. Girlafraid13

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    I would travel but still work. Idk why but I get very depressed when I don't work. Or I would quit work and go to school full time and study while sunbathing by my pool. I used to joke with my girlfriend that if I ever won the lottery I would stil...
  12. Girlafraid13

    How long is your commute?

    About 45 minutes to. And a Lil under 2 hours back. When I work Saturdays it takes 25 minutes! I'm in Los Angeles so being stuck in traffic is typical.
  13. If it's a nursing class, most of my teachers would have given a 0 no exceptions. I had one professor who dropped 2 students for being late without notice.
  14. Sleep. Maybe take a small getaway, a healthy meal plan like another person suggested. I gained about 25lbs during nursing school!
  15. Girlafraid13

    Tattoos in Nursing

    Birth not birthing