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  1. Girlafraid13

    Made a child with cancer cry.

    Hey everyone thanks for all the comments. I had posted this back when I was still a fresh nurse. I still think about this kid and since then learned so much. I still work with children and have learned to set limits when a child is being mean to another person. I usually don't get upset at them now when they have an attitude problem and are just not listening to directions. I now approach it in a more therapeutic way I guess you can say. I give much attention to children who are acting out to get to the root problem of their actions. (Most of the time they just need a hug and reassurance) Ahh yes saying "who's going to pick these up" was not the best choice of words to say to a non ambulatory pt. I was just so upset I was getting toys thrown at me. My go to words now are usually "you can't be mean to people that's not cool" which they usually understand and stop.
  2. Girlafraid13

    LVN BRIDGE Cerritos College

    Hey I sent you a direct message. I'm an lvn that just started at Cerritos. I probably saw you at orientation!
  3. Girlafraid13

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    Smart move! I was given my inheritance at age of 14 and it was all gone by the age of 18. Lucky for me I had the inheritance money and was able to "buy my way out" of some legal problems at 17 but that's a whole other story.
  4. Girlafraid13

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    My local community college does this for $5 😁😀
  5. Girlafraid13

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    Craigslist?? now I'm tempted. I'm pretty sure someone around the neighborhood would come wash my dishes for like $20/week
  6. Girlafraid13

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    Oh yeah! A house keeper. And someone to do my meal prep for me.
  7. Girlafraid13

    Just need some understanding....

    I usually don't tell coworkers, patients or classmates " hey I'm gay" because they don't have to go around telling everyone "hey I'm straight" I don't feel as im hiding it, I mean I do "look" pretty gay.
  8. Girlafraid13

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    I would travel but still work. Idk why but I get very depressed when I don't work. Or I would quit work and go to school full time and study while sunbathing by my pool. I used to joke with my girlfriend that if I ever won the lottery I would still use coupons... probably true..
  9. Girlafraid13

    How long is your commute?

    About 45 minutes to. And a Lil under 2 hours back. When I work Saturdays it takes 25 minutes! I'm in Los Angeles so being stuck in traffic is typical.
  10. If it's a nursing class, most of my teachers would have given a 0 no exceptions. I had one professor who dropped 2 students for being late without notice.
  11. Sleep. Maybe take a small getaway, a healthy meal plan like another person suggested. I gained about 25lbs during nursing school!
  12. Girlafraid13

    Tattoos in Nursing

    Birth not birthing
  13. Girlafraid13

    Tattoos in Nursing

    I have a couple visible tattoos. I do have a birthing mark I try covering it's a 666 behind my ear it's not very visible though( usually not seen because of my hair.) And I have pink hair :). I work with kiddos and usually they love the colorful hair and tattoos.
  14. Girlafraid13

    How many questions did you pass the NCLEX with?

    Minimum questions in about 30 mins. I thought I had failed it but I guess I didn't. I came out crying telling my sister I failed.
  15. Girlafraid13

    When you just don't want to go to work....

    I Feel like that today. But them bills who's gonna pay those. I was seriously doing the math of how long I can live off my savings without a job 😂. It's about 8 months and it sounds tempting
  16. Girlafraid13

    "No Haitian nurses" says Ad

    I had applied a while back to pdn and the ad requested filipinos only because pt only wants filipino. But they word it as " must speak tagolog " (however it's spelled)

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