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  1. Is it wrong to leave a job during orientation?

    Orientation is the time to leave if you see it's not going to work.
  2. IM injections- to aspirate or not?

    I give a lot of IM injections. I do not aspirate. I try to give injections as quickly as possible.
  3. Is this normal??!?!

  4. New grad RN, absolutely hate nursing

    I can relate to a certain extent. I hated clinicals in nursing school and my first nursing job in a hospital really made me miserable and drove me to drink. I wish I was kidding. I hung in there about 7 months, networked and was able to move on to an...
  5. Anybody else feel this way?

    Yup, I get it. Since I have a BA in another field and didn't want the expense of another one, I applied to graduate school. To my suprise, I got accepted. Then just before class was about to start, I realized I have NO desire to basically ruin all m...
  6. RN, ADN being obsolete

    Oh, how people warned me that I would not be able to get a hospital job with an ASN. Put me in a bit of a panic. Turns out I had no problem getting a job. Not when I first graduated, nor any time since. My first nursing job was at a magnet hospital. ...
  7. RN's are you happy with your career, why or why not?

    I am proud and happy to be a nurse. However, I questioned my career choice nearly every day of my first year of nursing. To say I was miserable was an understatement. But something kept me hanging on. And I can honestly say I am happy with my career ...
  8. Qualities for a nurse in public health

    I am a public health nurse who does direct patient care every single day. I have to chart, of course but I don't have an abundance of paperwork and there is not much that I do that could be called case management. The thing about public health nursin...
  9. Are nurses and doctors equal?

    As has been posted, I am not subordinate to any doctor. I am subordinate to my nurse manager. In addition, doctors don't order me to do anything. They write orders for the care of a patient and I may or may not follow their plan, depending on its app...
  10. So TIRED OF IT

    I left hospital bedside nursing quite quickly, in part, because of the customer service mentality that I believe actually harms patients in the long run. I have not looked back or regretted leaving for one second. I do understand that being sick and ...
  11. This is Why I Love My Job

    Thanks for sharing! In my previous career I did this kind of work. I sometimes dream about going back again.
  12. Finally done with the worst two years of my life

    I don't sacrifice myself to make other people's lives better. I go to work, do what I was hired to do and collect a paycheck twice a month. It is not a selfless profession for me. That being said, if you find it to be so for you and you love it, well...
  13. New Grad Orientation Contracts

    Thank goodness I never signed one of these contracts. They are an absolute outrage, IMO. I have no sympathy for hospitals with high turnover rates who resort to trying to force new grads to stay when they don't want to, sometimes for very good reason...
  14. I miss The Commuter!

    Loved her posts and hope all is well with her and that she will come back here one day and post again.
  15. So you're an RN - you must be earning big!

    I am employed by the state in a public health job. So I would just laugh heartily if anyone ever told me that. That being said, when compared to the salary of my non-nursing co-workers, I make a decent living.