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  1. Graduatenurse14

    Rolling out bedside report

    At my old hospital our supervisors often had to be in the numbers so we would be giving report to them. We had one who was, I guess, trying to model it for us so she was right next to the bed near the head with the other nurse right beside her. I used say that she would climb in to bed with them if she could!
  2. Graduatenurse14

    Psych Nursing - Boring?

    I work on an adult inpatient psych unit currently (1 year), worked at an child/adolescent psych hospital (1 year) and worked adult med-surg (3 years) Psych nursing can be so boring!! You don't spend much time with the patients. The milieu therapists who are out in the unit with them spend their entire shift with them. It's true that we give meds and chart mostly. Yes, you assess but it is not what is drilled into our heads in school and what is experienced on med-surg. I tell all new grads to work med-surg first then go and do whatever. I didn't like med-surg that much in clinicals and didn't really like it while I was doing it as a job as it is so brutal- 95% harder than my psych job. I knew that it would look good on my resume and I really wanted to use the skills I learned! Med-surg is what nursing programs focus on and where all of our skill labs skills are used constantly- NG's, Foleys, IVs,trachs, feeding tubes, chest tubes etc. There are now nursing programs that don't even have psych clinicals, the content is taught and SNs are tested but I guess that clinical time goes to something having to do with med-surg. Good luck!!
  3. Graduatenurse14

    New Grad Psych vs. Med Surg

    I didn't like my med-surg clinical rotations and had been a nursing assistant on a medical unit and didn't like it, BUT when I graduated I took a med-surg job just to get the experience. I wanted to actually use what I was tested on in my skills labs (IV, tube feeds, foleys, chest tubes, etc.) I was there almost 3 years. I'm very, very glad I worked in med surg and wouldn't change it. I now work on an inpatient adult psych unit and I like my patients a lot. I've been there for almost 1 year but don't see myself staying nearly as long as the last job due to things like scheduling, a few co-workers who aren't so nice and it's become monotonous in some aspects which makes sense as it's over 90% easier than med-surg nursing. It's been a very good experience overall and will only be a benefit as I go forward in my career. Do med-surg for 1 year then go on to psych. There are important things that you learn in med-surg because you just have to, that are at times necessary in psych. I can't tell you how many times I've known both important and random things that the psych-only nurses did not. One of my best friends from nursing school has wanted to be a Psych Nurse Practitioner for years and even she did one year in med-surg for the experience and to make herself more marketable. She now works at another inpatient psych hospital.
  4. Graduatenurse14

    Do you have a free charge nurse on your unit?

    I used to work med-surg at an 800-bed Level 1 Traum/ Academic hospital and the charge always had a full load. 5:1 daylight but getting to be 6:1 when I left and nightshift 6/7:1. The pay differential was, I think, 75 cents. Oh, and we paid 80.00/month to the do-nothing union that is SEIU.
  5. Graduatenurse14

    are you guys exhausted after your shift?

    Psych nurse 100%. The learning curve in ICUs is incredible steep, as it should be, but not that conducive to sanity and you need most of your sanity to stay focused on school. Psych is not easy but it isn't as technically/mechanically as difficult as the ICU. You've never had a vented/trached/roto-proned/ECMO'd and God-only-knows-what-else those saints in the ICU have to work with to keep their patients alive. Remember, all med-surg nurses have had psych patients (more than they knew) on their units and it went just fine, right? I was med-surg for 2.5 years and now inpatient psych.
  6. Graduatenurse14

    Would you suggest a different drug brand to a patient?

    I agree with the poster who said tv commercials give information and then suggest that the patient talk to their doctor. I think that we can give public information and tell them to talk to their doctor with any other questions if interested in learning more about it. If I owned stock in the company that makes it and I did the same thing I mentioned, my ethics may be able to be questioned if the situation got wonky.
  7. Graduatenurse14

    Best strategies to deal with verbal abuse from patients?

    I was a K-12 public school teacher in some very rough areas and my job is psych is very, very similar in that we are trying to get people to do things that they don't want to do and sometimes can't do, their mood and emotions are not able to be managed well by them, many are suffering from PTSD, etc. I've been told to f*** off in every way possible as a teacher, was a few times as a med-surg nurse and have been several times in my few months in psych. In every single casein both careers it was in reaction to reinforcing a rule/policy/order or setting a limit. I don't care at all. You learn to remain calm, follow the rules and CYA. I would recommend getting out of med-surg and finding something else. Psych is interesting and overall better and luckily there are lots of things out there for us to do. Good luck!!
  8. Graduatenurse14

    are you guys exhausted after your shift?

    As a new grad I worked the first 2.5 years on a crazy busy med-surg floor in a hospital that is poorly run in many ways so I know of the exhaustion that you are talking about. I switched to inpatient psych a few months ago and it's better in many, many ways but still is a challenge as we have 1 med nurse for sometimes 23 patients and only 1 other nurse who's charge. The new nurse is the med nurse for about a year until you can be charge so basically you do meds all shift as along with their scheduled meds many psych patients get PRNs a lot and throw in WAS/COWS/CIWAS assessments and having to medicate based on the score, it is very busy. Right now we have a lot of very needy patients on the unit so the past few days has been rough but it isn't that bone-tired feeling from racing around a unit for 12 hours. I miss parts of med surg and know that I will lose skills so I want to do PRN work but don't think that will happen as I did med-surg in a totally different hospital system so would probably need to have a full 6-8 week orientation and can't leave my current position for it. It's weird as I know I am still a nurse and use some nursing skills in psych but don't feel as much like a nurse as I did before since I probably do 90% less of the things that I did before.
  9. Graduatenurse14

    ADHD student Nurse. Advice needed!

    One can be on ADHD meds AND anti-depressants!! I would look into that ASAP!!!!
  10. Graduatenurse14

    Doctors Say the Darnedest Things

    That is so funny!!! I heard a story of a someone saying that another person was Indian and they weren't sure which type was meant so they responded, "Indian feather or Indian dot?"
  11. Graduatenurse14

    PIV usage for lab draws - POLL

    We do not ever draw from the PIV. I guess if it were a dire emergency.... If patient had a PICC, only nurses can draw labs from it other wise the lab team does it.
  12. Graduatenurse14

    What does your nursing career repair bill say about you?

    Even though everything was pointing to switching careers and be a nurse, looking back it was the worst choice I ever made. There are many, many reasons for this but I wish I had not done it. Maybe in time I will not feel this way but that's how it is now.
  13. Graduatenurse14

    Ever experience violence at work???

    I completed it. GOOD LUCK!!
  14. (((NursingInChaos))) Thank God you were there to offer CPR the correct way. As others have said- take care of yourself after something so traumatic happens. I am praying for the family.
  15. Graduatenurse14

    Maintaining patho knowledge base in the ER

    I think you are on the right path looking stuff up on your own! I love that stuff too and I don't get to really delve into on my crazy med-surg unit so I go to youtube and Periscope a lot. I also just found VuMedi but haven't signed up yet and thank you pixie.RN for the EMCrit link!! As a former teacher I LOVE teaching and wish there was more time to teach in regular hospital nursing but there just isn't- for the most part. I would love to find a position with more or ALL teaching! I have a strong interest in Health Literacy and you probably do too. Check out Helen Osborne and also if your area has anything going on with Health Literacy.
  16. Graduatenurse14

    RN shortage

    There is no nursing shortage in my area as we still have diploma schools, community colleges and universities. We have some poorly managed hospitals that are always hiring but that's a different type of shortage. I live in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic where there are no true shortages and doubt there will ever be. My former career was teaching and the patterns of true shortages of teachers (even non-STEM teachers) and nurses are very, very similar.