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  1. I've never given birth and only had experience with new mom's and babies in a very limited way during clinicals so maybe this is why I don't know certain things: 1. I thought that "Breast is Best" was first and foremost about the baby getting breast milk due to the health benefits so pumping the milk and bottle feeding was ok. Clearly I was very wrong according to a lot of LC's. 2. I thought that La Leche League was used a lot by women who could produce milk, or baby wouldn't latch but I didn't see it mentioned in the 3-4 pages that I read. Possibly it was after. Am I wrong that it's used frequently?
  2. Graduatenurse14

    I Lost My Baby And My Phone!

    This brought me to tears. Thank you for treating her like a human being not just the-patient-in room ###. It reminded me again that my patients are also human beings as it can be a tough thing to remember.
  3. Graduatenurse14

    Do Bachelor's Degrees Save Lives? - The Facts about Earning a BSN

    The biggest reason I'm getting my BSN (it's online and I am a ADN) is so I can work away from the bedside. I want to combine my first career of teaching kids then adults (BS in Education) and do something in Health Literacy or Community Health. When I get my BSN next Spring, I won't be a better bedside nurse because of it, only the next year at the bedside will do that.
  4. Graduatenurse14

    Lessons Learned as an Expert Nurse Witness

    Great article!! Thanks!! I'm a new nurse and this is great advice for me! I can think of a patient that got very SOB while pivoting to the BSC so I put him on 2L O2 via NC but didn't document that I did it nor called the MD! We put a condom catheter on him so he wouldn't have to get up. The next day I had him again and an MD asked me to check his his sats w/wo the O2. He desated to the low 80's just laying there wo the O2!! Could this have been the case the day before as well?? Heck yeah!!! I should've called the day before!! I have so much to learn..........
  5. Graduatenurse14

    Nurses Eating Their Young- A Different Perspective

    I like everything about rbs105's post except for the stars as I'm not sure what they mean. I'm especially looking forward to the evidence based and peer reviewed articles supporting the OP's teaching style. It's possible I didn't learn them correctly when I got my BS in Education and then taught kids and adults for 15+ years.
  6. Graduatenurse14

    Nurses Eating Their Young- A Different Perspective

    CORRECT INCORRECT Here are just a few of the hundreds of links that clearly identify what it is in addition to it's being understood this way on AN. Just because we disagree with something doesn't mean we get to redefine it. WHY DO NURSES EAT THEIR YOUNG? Do Nurses Really Eat Their Young? â€" Donna Cardillo, RN RealityRN.com | New Nurses, Real Conversations | student nurses preceptors continuing education nursing jobs RealityRN Why Nurses Eat Their Young… - RealityRN Nurse-on-Nurse Hostility Remains an Issue - Share Your Story - Nurses Eat theirÂ*Young------and*their*educated!!
  7. Graduatenurse14

    Nurses Eating Their Young- A Different Perspective

    Where is the OP? If she/he feels so strongly about this, I would think that they would be here to defend their clearly deeply held position. Someone above said maybe this is satire and I can only hope they are correct I am also hoping that this member is not one the paid writers for AN if in fact that aspect is functioning now. I'm a big free speech Libertarian so I'm struggling with my need to have points of view that I don't agree with being just as worthy of viewing vs. does AN endorse this writer's philosophy even by simply publishing it and paying the author? Perhaps since I can't locate that information, it still is in the preliminary stages as hopefully, every article would have a non-endorsement disclaimer and the view's stated are the author's alone, etc.
  8. Graduatenurse14

    Nurses Eating Their Young- A Different Perspective

    Above I called what she is doing hazing which is illegal.
  9. Graduatenurse14

    Nurses Eating Their Young- A Different Perspective

    @Kyrshamarks, If all of this is how you truly feel, I feel sorry for you. It appears as though the basics of teaching adults and how they learn is unknown to you. I'm a certified teacher and have taught children and adults. This is a good resource adult learners Archives - eLearning Industry More importantly, if what you described is the attitude you have when you've taught/precepted new nurses, with the voracity you painted for us, you aren't bullying, you are hazing. "The pledges rushed our Fraternity/Sorority. They know we have a "pledge period."' Every Nurse/Brother/Sister who "ate them up and spit out their bones"/hazed their student nurses/preceptee/pledges, truly believe that if they don't whip them into shape to look more like the them, that when they graduate, the chapter will fail and all of their hard work will be all for not. This is the saddest article I've read on AN and it deeply disturbed me. I am heartened to see that they vast majority of responders do not agree with you. There is still hope.