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New LPN as of September 2014, currently enrolled in a ASN program and hope to get my RN license within a 24 months.

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  1. LittleCandles

    2 credit math

  2. LittleCandles

    First week of nursing school and I just received a court summons.

    Truthfully... I wouldn't miss court, even if it is "just family court." Im dealing with family court for everything under the sun and they're all super important for myself and my children. I would talk to your profession and see if you can attend another lecture for that missed day or if someone can record it for you.
  3. I didn't realize there was one in Michigan?
  4. LittleCandles


    In michigan ours is a lot more then 5. I don't know your states BON policy on CEU's but 5 probably isn't right. You could check with the website. It's probably 24 or 30 or something.
  5. LittleCandles

    Another Shady Nursing School Abruptly Closed

    I went to one of the Corinthian owned institutes, our loans are not forgiven, we are still fighting for that. Let me explain why some of us chose these colleges. I went to Everest Institute for my LPN. I knew nothing about them possibly going to be shut down until my last level. I knew about the reputation though and don't get me started on my personal experence. (I was asked to sell my enrollment advisor my baby or make one with him for him and his wife.) Most of us who went here knew the reputation. We attended this school because we didn't want to wait 5 years or more to get in an ADN program or LPN program. I knew a girl on welfare and they'd allow her to go here and assist her in some way (I don't know how.. Maybe they paid some of her tuition). Our BSN programs are cut throat and 95% of us worked and had many kids and couldn't dedicate that amount of time to full time 4 year program. We actually did not have a lot of minorities in my LPN program and every student spoke English. We pretty much knew the risks but attended because we didn't want to wait 7 years for an ADN or 5 years for an LPN. (That's about how long it takes at my local CC)
  6. LittleCandles

    Jane Doe, RN, AAS, BSN, MSN, CCRN BFD

    I totally agree with it is annoying and most people don't understand half of those anyway, but I'm trying to figure out why you think it's creepy?
  7. LittleCandles

    Strange CoWorker Stories

    This actually happened in April. She apparently was talking to minors (12 year olds) on xbox live. She's been doing it for years. Told people at work, our DON knew. Tried to get her mental help. Well, a few years back apparently one of the moms found out, called her at work and said stop talking to my son blah blah blah I'll come after your license blah blah blah take you to jail .. Ect.. Apparently she never stopped talking to him, went to his state, bought him a phone and a new xbox. Momma must have found out. She got arrested AT WORK middle of her shift. She's currently being charged with like 12 counts of child luring and endangerment. She never told me about this. I actually didn't believe it when someone told me until I looked her up in the jail inmate lookup.
  8. LittleCandles

    Strange CoWorker Stories

    When they're under the age of 16.... And you're talking to them in an adult manner and you visit them and buy them what their mom said they couldn't have. Ya know../
  9. LittleCandles

    accused of falsifying documentation

    I done this and when I ask what I do to fix it. My manager was trying to see if I could just delete it. (Couldn't) I just wrote a nurses note and went on my way. I don't think it's falsifying documention when you did it by accident and fixed it. Someone seems to have a big up their bum towards you.
  10. LittleCandles

    Quit during orientation

    True true. But... There is always someone.
  11. LittleCandles

    Quit during orientation

    Am I the only non-believer here? I feel like the story was true now OP is trying to save face.
  12. LittleCandles

    Strange CoWorker Stories

    I can't think of anything strange but I know a nurse (I'm assuming any day now she won't have a license) who got arrested in the middle of her shift. She was talking to people she shouldn't have been. It was a huge converstation piece at our facility for a long time.
  13. LittleCandles

    Quit during orientation

    That is why I became a nurse. To control my aides. I run after them and put them in timeout like bad CNA when they disobey. Now that you mention it, they did have a whole course in how to do mind control on aides. It's very helpful. You should see if your college offers it.
  14. LittleCandles

    NCLEX shut off at 75,

    You actually have a lot of things on your side here, PVT pass result and minimum question cut off (I heard you have to be failing really really bad to be cut off that early if you failed). I just would breath and wait until your quick results come through.
  15. LittleCandles


    Cool story bro.
  16. LittleCandles

    Quit during orientation

    Where are these 60k-80k a year nursing jobs? I'd love one of those. I also do not get paid enough for what I do. Dealing with combative old people, or mentally unstable people. Dealing with death, unsupportive families... But it isn't about the money it's about knowing at the end of the day I gave these people the best care I know how and maybe not all of them are grateful (because they're not mentally capable of knowing what we do for them) but some are and a lot of families are grateful. THATS why people work as CNAs/techs and/or nurses. Not everyone is in it for this magical 80k salary. I swear reading through this I read "I learned this in NS" and it made me laugh. Uhhh yeah you did because it's part of your job. Why else would they teach you? For crap and giggles?

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