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Should I pursue a career in nursing?

  1. 1. Should I pursue a career in nursing?

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Hello all,

I am a 35 yo male who will be finishing his PhD in clinical psychology this year. I am thinking about going back to school to become a FNP or Psychiatric NP. During my clinical internship I had a lot of conversations with patients and psychiatrists about the lack of behavioral healthcare, especially in prescribing medicine. There are only a few states that allow for psychologists to prescribe and as of now I can't committ to living that far away from my parents due to them aging. I am also interested in working with the LGBT community at the basic medical but also psychiatric level. I have great skills in psychotherapy but I would like to be able to assist them further. With all this being said...

What are your thoughts about someone with a PhD re-entering into another healthcare field?

What challenges do you think I face?

Also, I have 2 bachelor's degrees (Biology and Psychology). I would have to start over with courses that would allow me to even apply to nursing school. What are your thoughts on getting my RN and then pursuing a BSN-MSN program?

Additionally, I have maxed out my loans so as for now I would have to either pay out of pocket or work to pay for school. Has anyone worked and gotten their ASN and then continued on in school while working?

I know I have a lot of questions but I have been contemplating this a lot lately.



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Why do you say that? Due to the loans?

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I'm not going to give you nurse advice, I'm going to give you Mom advice. Get a job with the PhD. Use it before you decide to do something else. Start paying down your loans.

Just my opinion.

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You can read this in Mom Voice, too:

I think you need to get out of Professional Student mode and get a job. Stop using your parents' age as an excuse.

At this rate, you're going to over degree yourself, and have nothing to show for it but an ass ton of student debt.


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I'm not going to give you nurse advice, I'm going to give you Mom advice. Get a job with the PhD. Use it before you decide to do something else. Start paying down your loans.

Just my opinion.

Yes. Agree with MMJ.

You have multiple degrees and maxed out loans, and now you want to go back to school again?


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You put a lot of time and effort into getting a PhD in psychology; why not use it, at least for a while, before embarking on an entirely different occupation?



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PhD and still looking for a fit? Yikes- why waste your time???


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I think you're right, there is a big need for behavioral health care. It seems silly that you would have to go into a nursing program after you've already gotten your PhD. I wonder if there is a better way to do it? Or maybe there is a different position that would work for you to practice BMS without being an NP.


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Interesting way to go about being able to prescribe meds as a psychologist. You can look at accelerated bsn programs. But you could just tell your patients primary physician what meds you recommend?


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Don't go back to school for nursing. You'll be sorry that you did. You will be starting from the very bottom again, and you've come too far for that. Work for a couple of years and reassess.