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    Shout out!

    Shout out to all the nurses pulling an extra hour on their shift tonight! You rock!
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    Nurse Massage Therapists

    This is an interesting read. It sounds very matter-of-fact, and the reality is that so many variables play into salary, autonomy, and overall job satisfaction. I've been a massage therapist for four years. In the nursing world I would be just a baby, but in the massage world I am past my half-life. The massage therapy industry, like nursing, is not all it's cracked up to be. In the same way that you will find nothing but glowing statistics on nursing state board websites and within industry associations/affilliates/etc., so it is in Massage Land, where (more often than not) common practices/pay(not salaried)/hours are a substandard affair compared to what is actually published about the field. I speculate the goals for both industries are the same: to generate interest/attention/a healthier bottom line? For the readers and OP, I would humbly suggest speaking to both those in the field who have had a great experience, and also those who haven't. I've been both blessed and shafted many times as a therapist, because unlike nursing (where the work is steady, and everyone will always need your attention), massage therapy is a seasonally sought modality, despite the therapeutic nature of the work. Even established practitioners have dry wells at certain times of the year. ...And that's generally how it goes: feast or famine. On the plus side, having a dual license did seem like the perfect balance for me, as I'm sure it does for a lot of folks who follow suit. Good luck to all.