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  1. direw0lf

    My eating/drinking is bad on work days

    Thanks for sharing ideas in the replies! I had tried protein shakes before but the ones I tried were $$$ so I'll need to find a better priced brand. I really like how the promeals look! I have a kinda sensitive stomach, so I need to be careful about what I eat and drink. Too much fiber or milk can do me in! So I'll check out the ingredients!
  2. direw0lf

    New grad anxiety

    Hi you mentioned being nervous about some skills you never performed before - foley, NG, IV insertion. Your preceptor will (should) ALWAYS be with you, guiding you. And feel free to grab supplies and practice. What I did to practice IV insertion was I got IV tubing and taped it to the desk. I took my IV kit and practiced on the tubing as if the tubing was the vein. I practiced right at the busy nurse's station desk, so that I'd be ready to be stared at and deal with commotion going around me when it was time to put one in the patient. The Foley is harder, but there are little tricks. If you can make the patient laugh you can kind of see the "wink" for where to go in. I learned in pediatrics, so anatomy is a little easier than an older adult, but the biggest thing to tell yourself is this: the worst that can happen is you have to start over or ask someone else. You'll learn this happens, and it should not be a big deal to any other nurse since we've all been there. I use humor to cover up my nervousness. Some people will write out the procedure step by step and keep it in their binder. Use whatever works for you. Best wishes!
  3. direw0lf

    RN to MD journey - prereqs

    Hi I am pursuing the same thing! I have a year of NP school under my belt but am changing gears to MD (or DO if I can't get into MD schools) I have spoken to a number of medical school admission advisors. I was told that because I have "proven" I can accomplish university level work (my BSN) that they would strongly consider that if I completed some prerequisites at a community college. Keep in mind they were also aware of my year in an NP Program though. But if you have a high GPA in a university for your BSN, and a strong academic profile, strong research, and strong shadowing and community volunteering, you may be able to get away with community college prereqs because I know it does save sooo much money! Feel free to contact medical schools you are going to seek application to and ask! They really were open to speaking with me and welcoming of my background, which surprised me! Also feel free to send me a message on here if you have any questions. And in addition to the suggestion above for student doctor forums, instagram and reddit have a strong and supportive community of premed/med students. Reddit is a bit competitive feeling, but informative.
  4. Yeah I mean, I would take everyone's advice and speak to a professional in mental health to help you sort out these feelings. I have dreaded going to work before as a nurse, but not the the point I was suicidal. That doesn't mean I was stronger than you or better, but I do understand dreading going in. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help. IMO it won't effect your future job opportunities to leave now, depending on what part of the country you're in. I didn't complete a full year of nursing before I left and moved, and I didn't have a hard time finding work. I'm not saying that's good to do I'm just saying if that's your fear, please put your health above that because you can still work again.
  5. Maybe you were just emotional this time of month you write this kind of post but it had worried me a lot that you said you didn’t want to live because all you do is work, eat and sleep. Talking to someone can understand the emotional rollercoaster you seem to experience based on how you said you post this each month and help with the self doubt you had from coming back I think.
  6. You know I feel like it’s very easy for new nurses to fall into this sadness you feel because of the whole way we tend to think about this career through nursing school. I’m sure you’ve heard that many nursing students have rose colored glasses on..sometimes we visualize this career as something to complete our lives or to make us happy or something. It doesn’t help IMO when nurses are called superheroes (please forgive me I don’t mean to offend by this) but nurses are called superheroes some can interpret this as we are sort of set up to sacrifice our own health and happiness for others or like that this is more than a career or that our whole life has to be about nursing or something. Our job alone can’t fulfill us completely. You can get help for how you feel and find a way to make yourself happy again with some guidance. Please let someone help you!
  7. direw0lf

    Advice for new RN graduate..

    I moved from NJ to Florida (Orlando area) and worked as an RN. I was very surprised that COL was high and salary was low. I started out 23/h. As a nurse with less than 2 years experience at the time, I was competing with a lot of travel nursing jobs/agency nurses. From February to June, many people in Florida still lived like covid was in a far away place. That has a lot to do with the Floridian lifestyle, which is very laid back and very much into being outdoors. I went back to NJ in the beginning of July. It’s very different here in terms of places shut down, bankrupt businesses, and political/emotional tension. In Florida, I wore a mask at busy outdoor parks even though it wasn’t required. Here in NJ I was threatened for wearing a mask outside, the man told me he’d take if off for me if I didn’t “grow up and remove it now”. A man I just passed by walking on a busy boardwalk. If you want to live in Florida then I recommend to work a year and then live there. Being a nurse is hard work anywhere. Each state has unique challenges that are always changing. NY/NJ will likely get hit with the second covid wave around flu season, from what physicians here say. Florida is not as congested, which helps decrease the spread no matter what they’re doing “wrong”. I learned that it’s better to do things right than rushed. And for what it’s worth, I plan to move back to Florida after I save up here! Good luck.
  8. I’ll have maybe a few sips of coffee and water in the morning, then a protein bar for lunch or some turkey cold cuts, a cup of coffee, and at the end of my shift I’ll drink a bottle of water (very very thirstily!!) But work is busy and with covid we don’t keep any drinks out near the nurses stations anymore. I don’t think about going to the break room other than my 30 min lunch break. I also tend to get sleepy if I eat too much carbs! We used to get a lot more food donations when covid started but not so much now. How are you guys doing with drinking and eating enough? Do you make yourself drink every hour or so? What do you bring for lunch?
  9. direw0lf

    Ignorant questions by me

    I know this is ignorant but that’s why I’m asking so I learn! it seems like it’s easier to go from a nurse in another country to a working nurse in the US than it is to be a US nurse who wants to work in another country. Is that a correct assumption? It only seems that way when I read that many nurses overseas are trained in specialty areas, making US nurses under qualified despite many years of experience? I really know little on the topic but got curious! You know...sometimes I daydream about living abroad (not seriously). It seems hard for a US nurse to do that.
  10. Hello i will be changing jobs soon as I am moving to a new state. i have prior obligations - my brother’s wedding the end of May, and grad school clinical that is mandatory in the summer for 4 days. Both are in different states than I’m moving to so my brother’s wedding would be 2 days off I’d be flying. my question is, what is the best way to go about to ask for these days off when I get hired? Immediately? Wait until after orientation? I hate to have to but as I said these are things I cannot miss, and I am not one to take off work. thank you
  11. direw0lf

    NP specialty, what to choose?

    It’s a tough choice and usually, at least from the experiences of NPs I spoke with or listened to give a lecture, it wasn’t exactly a deliberate decision. They would kind of say “This opportunity fell in my lap” or “this door just opened and I walked through” like that kind of thing. Kind of like how my peers and I landed our first RN jobs. For many of us, it was the opportunity presented to us, unless we wanted to relocate. My friend who got ortho never wanted ortho until he was there. Another friend never saw herself in the ER but she tried it and loved it and is staying there. I’m probably the rare one who fought for a specialty I didn’t do as well with at first (peds) omg I was much better with adults esp geriatrics, but I fought to land peds and become a good peds nurse and get into a top peds NP program. Anyway point is that usually the NP choice is based on your prior RN experience. Like a psych nurse doing psych NP or ER doing acute care adult geri. Feel out where you like as an RN, then u can choose your NP path based on that. There’s no rush, you want to be sure so that you invest in the right school and specialty for NP.
  12. direw0lf

    UAB MSN Fall 2019

    One of my friend in the program found out she was accepted in the seamless dnp track, I would call the school to ask! I had to call to fix my background check clearance so sometimes they just need us to follow up, doesn’t mean you weren’t accepted.
  13. direw0lf

    How much in loans do you suggest

    Thank you for the advice all. And those calculators were extremely helpful! I was kind of playing with the idea of taking out more in loans so I could relocate on my own and cover my cost of living in between jobs if I relocated. But I’m not going to do that. My current work reimburses $5000 a year for tuition. My school costs about 45k total minus books. I didn't take any undergrad loans (got scholarships, aid and worked) but I missed my graduate school’s scholarship deadline for fall semester, hoping I’ll get awarded some in spring. Thanks again
  14. direw0lf

    Student Loans and Debt

    Pediatric primary care np
  15. direw0lf

    **Deciding between FNP schools - HELP**

    sorry deleted my reply didn’t realize old thread
  16. I know this question is vague but If you consider the salary of a new NP, how much in loans would you say is reasonable? I know the responses might say “as little as you need to take” but please can you give me a manageable figure? Thank you. p.s. Say with interest rate being 6-7%

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