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  1. direw0lf

    New job and asking for time off

    Hello i will be changing jobs soon as I am moving to a new state. i have prior obligations - my brother’s wedding the end of May, and grad school clinical that is mandatory in the summer for 4 days. Both are in different states than I’m moving to so my brother’s wedding would be 2 days off I’d be flying. my question is, what is the best way to go about to ask for these days off when I get hired? Immediately? Wait until after orientation? I hate to have to but as I said these are things I cannot miss, and I am not one to take off work. thank you
  2. direw0lf

    NP specialty, what to choose?

    It’s a tough choice and usually, at least from the experiences of NPs I spoke with or listened to give a lecture, it wasn’t exactly a deliberate decision. They would kind of say “This opportunity fell in my lap” or “this door just opened and I walked through” like that kind of thing. Kind of like how my peers and I landed our first RN jobs. For many of us, it was the opportunity presented to us, unless we wanted to relocate. My friend who got ortho never wanted ortho until he was there. Another friend never saw herself in the ER but she tried it and loved it and is staying there. I’m probably the rare one who fought for a specialty I didn’t do as well with at first (peds) omg I was much better with adults esp geriatrics, but I fought to land peds and become a good peds nurse and get into a top peds NP program. Anyway point is that usually the NP choice is based on your prior RN experience. Like a psych nurse doing psych NP or ER doing acute care adult geri. Feel out where you like as an RN, then u can choose your NP path based on that. There’s no rush, you want to be sure so that you invest in the right school and specialty for NP.
  3. direw0lf

    UAB MSN Fall 2019

    One of my friend in the program found out she was accepted in the seamless dnp track, I would call the school to ask! I had to call to fix my background check clearance so sometimes they just need us to follow up, doesn’t mean you weren’t accepted.
  4. direw0lf

    How much in loans do you suggest

    Thank you for the advice all. And those calculators were extremely helpful! I was kind of playing with the idea of taking out more in loans so I could relocate on my own and cover my cost of living in between jobs if I relocated. But I’m not going to do that. My current work reimburses $5000 a year for tuition. My school costs about 45k total minus books. I didn't take any undergrad loans (got scholarships, aid and worked) but I missed my graduate school’s scholarship deadline for fall semester, hoping I’ll get awarded some in spring. Thanks again
  5. direw0lf

    Student Loans and Debt

    Pediatric primary care np
  6. direw0lf

    **Deciding between FNP schools - HELP**

    sorry deleted my reply didn’t realize old thread
  7. I know this question is vague but If you consider the salary of a new NP, how much in loans would you say is reasonable? I know the responses might say “as little as you need to take” but please can you give me a manageable figure? Thank you. p.s. Say with interest rate being 6-7%
  8. direw0lf

    UAB MSN Fall 2019

    Link for the facebook I made for everyone if interested: https://www.facebook.com/groups/313879445956662/
  9. direw0lf

    UAB MSN Fall 2019

    Did anyone see the requirement that we need hospital coverage health insurance by August? I need to get that asap!
  10. direw0lf

    UAB MSN Fall 2019

    I just created one but am happy to pass on admin-ship haha! DM me or reply with your email I'll invite all.
  11. direw0lf

    UAB MSN Fall 2019

    I am moving in the next few months, and called the school earlier today to talk about that (also got orientation times: 730a-5p) As long as your state is on their list (link in their letter) you just notify them and they will make the changes, you need your BON license.
  12. direw0lf

    UAB MSN Fall 2019

    Got my letter in NJ today. June 24 and 25 are my orientations.
  13. direw0lf

    UAB MSN Fall 2019

    Maybe early but anyone starting up a Facebook page to connect?
  14. direw0lf

    UAB MSN Fall 2019

    I am not saying I know for sure but maybe it’s having 2 letters from professors? I thought I remembered reading only 1 letter must be from a professor if you have less than a few years experience as a nurse. i gave letters from 1 BSN professor with a doctorate, 1 supervisor with masters, and 1 nursing preceptor with a BSN. I paid a lot of detail to my resume and less to my essay. My resume had a cover letter, where I did my best to sell myself and show creativity. I put every single detail I could cram on one page in the resume including organizations and volunteer experience. No one give up. I’ve had lots of doors close on my dreams in life but keep working and you’ll get them.
  15. direw0lf

    UAB MSN Fall 2019

    which program had you applied for? Honestly I think that has a lot to do with it. I think FNP can be getting a lot more applications than say psych or pediatric.
  16. direw0lf

    UAB MSN Fall 2019

    Hey all! I was accepted!!! Dual ped acute/primary NP MSN program!! I was nervously following this thread, thanks to those who let us know how to find out our status. Wishing everyone here luck and prayers. P.S. please send me a private msg if you will be in the same program as me or just the same term different program, if you want to keep in touch because I would like to exchange emails