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  1. I acted like an immature b today. At work. I’m so ashamed. I actually want to find a new job if I can but I didn’t want to this soon. I’m just afraid of being fired though, if I could leave myself, that would look better to potential employers. ...
  2. 6 Reasons Why Nurses Are No-Cape Heroes

    I agree with everything said here including that the OP was nicely written and a good sentiment. I don't want to be considered a hero because then I would be placed at higher standards than what I am and what I'm capable of doing...I'm a nurse doing ...
  3. How Long Do You Expect To Be a Nurse?

    You know what, I was just thinking about this yesterday! I was just being silly sort of though and I was thinking "I could go to law school if I wanted why not" It was because I was just exploring different nursing careers and saw a legal ...
  4. having trouble reaching my state's BON

    I just texted with my manager, she said if there was a problem that HR would have contacted her. She said just keep being persistent. Eh maybe I can look into a temporary license I don't know but I am working on this!
  5. having trouble reaching my state's BON

    OK this really concerns me. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. I know that HR contacted me maybe 2 months after I started working here in NJ...and requested an updated license. And I explained how mine is a multistate/compact. HR...
  6. having trouble reaching my state's BON

    Thank you so much! This is all very helpful! And huh....I wonder why it just doesn't let you do the endorsement thing. Regardless I'm glad I'm starting on this now and not later.
  7. Four 12s in a row?!?! ??

    I don't mind 3 in a row when I get 4 days off after or before. But I feel like the dread before 3 (or 4 days on) is the worst part of it (for me anyway - maybe you too?) Like the idea of having to do those 3 or 4 is actually worse than goin...
  8. having trouble reaching my state's BON

    I wasn't sure where to ask this question but here's the story: I was licensed as an RN by examination in the state of NJ and worked as an RN. I moved to FL, got licensed by endorsement and multi-state, and worked as an RN there. Moved ...
  9. I agree. Maybe it’s like a bandaid for me to teach about footwear. That bandaid will hold for a little while then get dirty and come off. It’s the best I feel like I’m able to do in my position/scope right now. To teach what I can to the patients I h...
  10. My eating/drinking is bad on work days

    Update: I really love the probars, very filling! I got the berry and greens flavor. but I’m still not able to drink until around 4pm. I don’t mind eating that late but I wish I could drink. So I’ve been making sure I drink 16 oz before I work. Then ...
  11. What are they teaching?

    This is what I was told as to why nursing education is like that. It’s because of salary. So diploma nurses could only make so much. To get higher salary they needed ADN and BSN. So they had to deduct clinical time and skills to add in the university...
  12. Maybe we should give all options. So we can encourage assisted living, but we can also make sure we encourage ways to continue to live safer at home. So if your patient was in for a fall, we make sure to teach about rugs or footwear etc.
  13. I can't get a job!!

    See just to explain to you why this May insult others. You assume that working in SNF is “backpedaling” in your career as if it’s a step beneath acute care...and act as if in Med surg you won't be using the same SNF nurse skills... both assumptions a...
  14. Oh man I hope it’s OK to vent this out here and receive suggestions and encouragement! hate is a strong word and I don’t know if that’s how I really felt but the other day was hard! I switched from kids to adults recently and think I may want to just...
  15. My eating/drinking is bad on work days

    Thanks for sharing ideas in the replies! I had tried protein shakes before but the ones I tried were $$$ so I'll need to find a better priced brand. I really like how the promeals look! I have a kinda sensitive stomach, so I need to be careful about...