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  1. MamaBeaRN

    medical spanish courses/classes

  2. Perhaps a different nurse role would fulfill this type of wish you have? Maybe you could work in a doctor's office or something? I may be this way too which is why I like being the resource nurse on our floor. Get to do all the hands on things without the annoying responsibilities. And not much charting
  3. MamaBeaRN

    Transferring positions prior to 1 year in first nursing job

    I left my first position at 5 months, I went to another hospital that had a set schedule, 8's instead of 12's, and I was so glad I did! I felt human again. If someone is willing to take you, then go!
  4. MamaBeaRN

    New grad nurse needs help giving report

    Use a brain and organize it in the order you want to give report, then you just go down the row of info. I use SBAR with the "A" being my head to toe.
  5. MamaBeaRN

    Can New Grad Nurses Work a PRN position?

    My hospital hires new grads as prn's. They get one on one training with a FT or PT nurse for 6 weeks. After that, they're on their own to work prn.
  6. MamaBeaRN

    Share Your Favorite Nurse Nurses Week Contest

    My favorite TV nurse is Zoe from Nurse Jackie. She's new, naive, and quiet. Even while working with some very strong, overpowering personalities, she speaks up when she needs to. She doesn't let her preceptor manipulate her, or coworkers bully her. She stands up for what she thinks is right, no matter what. She is an awesome nurse.
  7. MamaBeaRN

    How Much Junk do you Keep?

    I'm a purger, but I kept this stuff for a while. I just recently tossed it though, which felt good. I did refer to my old power points a couple of times, mostly to look up something that I had a feeling we were taught wrong in school, lol. They will be out of date quickly, so it's not the best reference. I never bought actually texts, I only used e-texts. If I had texts, they would have been long gone!
  8. MamaBeaRN

    Medical Assistant vs. RN

    I have been both. I thought MA was a very easy job. I worked 9-5 in a family med practice. I was strictly back office. I took pt's into the exam room, got vitals, asked a few questions that the computer told me to ask. Then I told the doc they were ready. After the visit I would give them vaccines, wash out their ears, schedule future appts for them, did u/a's, ekg's. I was certified, but not everyone in my office was, they just did the schooling. I think my program was something like 9 mo. Nursing took me about 5 with prereqs plus 2 years of adn program. Now I get paid a little more than double what I made as an MA.
  9. I disagree with these other responses. It can't hurt to start applying after 6 months. If someone will take you, why not? You'll still be a newbie nurse but if you're back home with a support system again, you're probably better off. In the meantime, just focus on work. It's tough the first few months. Gain as much knowledge as you can while you have little else to distract you and come back home as a great nurse!
  10. MamaBeaRN

    Am I overreacting?

    How else will you be able to take one in the future? This is your chance to get exposed and figure it out. Better with a preceptor than when you're on your own. You will have many firsts in nursing, you can't refuse pt's because of the lack of experience.
  11. MamaBeaRN

    Blood Transfusion

    I've never seen blood covered. If anything, I'm thinking just in case the pt is queasy about blood?
  12. MamaBeaRN

    Every 3rd weekend

    We do have a fixed, rotating schedule. It's great because I know my weekends way in advance. We can take PTO when asked in advance. But need to switch with another nurse if it's after the deadline for requesting PTO.
  13. MamaBeaRN

    Every 3rd weekend

    I had to post...mostly because my name is almost the same as yours We do every 3rd, but it is only because we have enough staff and we do 12's. I think the idea of seniority doing every third sounds cool too if your facility could allow it. Are you in a union? If so, you should get their input.
  14. MamaBeaRN

    Help me be prepared for this question, please

    Well, they did! It happens to them all the time so they expect it. It was an awkward moment in the interview, but I think I may have pulled it off.
  15. Hello! I have an interview in a couple days for a hospital. It will be my first job as an RN, and my first interview in a very long time....10 years to be exact. My fear is this question that will be asked specifically of me. I have worked for another health facility for 10 years (let's call them Hospital A) as an aid. This place pays very very well and is a coveted RN job where I live. Problem is, they do not hire new grads. Never ever. So, I have to go look someplace else. I know my interviewer at Hopsital B will ask me something like "how do we know you won't leave us at your first opportunity to go back to Hospital A?" Please help me figure out a way to answer this question during my interview!! I need an RN job!
  16. MamaBeaRN

    New Grad 2 job offers

    I'm a strong Option 2! Like a pp said, MS isn't a life sentence. It would just be a stepping block, and probably won't suck as much as you think. The Option 1 sounds kind of crappy.