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  1. I know someone that quit being a nurse and started working private duty in the home. He seemed really happy with his decision!
  2. NevadaFighter

    being a home health nurse if you have allergies and asthma?

    This is an old post, but I thought I would comment. I am a home health nurse of 1.5 years with asthma and a severe cat allergy. All of my employers have been aware of my allergy before I was hired. I have specified that I would prefer to avoid the cats, but in a pinch, I should be able to wear a mask. We all know that the state of the home environment is highly individualized; while this might be acceptable for a home that is pretty clean, if there is a hoarding situation or just generally unkempt, a mask may not be enough to avoid a trigger. In the few times I have been in a situation where a mask just wouldn't cut it, my employer would make exceptions and I would trade patients with someone. In my experience, almost every nurse has had a patient that they would prefer to not see, for one reason or another. Accommodations need to be made on a daily basis for reasons like this. I have found that home health is in such high demand, that there will plenty of patients for me to see that do not have cats. If you really want to do home health, don't get discouraged. Just be honest with the employer. If it is something they really don't want to deal with or can't accommodate you with, they won't hire you. I'm really glad that I didn't let my allergies keep me away from home health. For your info, I take Breo, Flonase, Singulair, Ventilin, and I carry an EpiPen. I was taking allergy injections for years, but I would never be able to tolerate the full-dose without having an anaphalactic reaction.
  3. NevadaFighter

    Best Home Health Software?

    Our company uses Mckesson, and it is a royal nightmare. What software does your company use and how do you like it?
  4. NevadaFighter

    Palliative Care GN?

    No, it is not. I believe that there are plenty of people that would be willing to hire you on after being a palliative care nurse. As long as you are working in a hospital, you could always work there for a year or so and transfer to a different floor. You also may really like it. Either way, I think you will get a better idea of what you will want to eventually do as a nurse.
  5. NevadaFighter

    WGU RN-BSN prereq question

    I probably had about 160 credits before I came to WGU. Only about 80 of them transferred. Every school will require you to get X amount of credits from their school before they will offer you a degree. This is to prevent people from just taking 1 or 2 classes and being able to graduate.
  6. NevadaFighter

    "Quickest" classes to complete?

    I think most of the really long classes are toward the end of your program. I don't remember ever spending this much time on the previous semesters of work. I am working nights now, which makes all the difference. My days off are spent sleeping...its pretty hard to get up at 5pm and start doing some homework. I'm more of a day person, though.
  7. NevadaFighter

    Is wgu right for a newish nurse?

    You have plenty of experience to work on a WGU degree. I started at WGU about 4 months into my first nursing job. For most of the core nursing classes, it is not really relevant to what you are doing at work everyday, anyway. There are a couple of projects which require you to work with your boss on fixing a problem and such, but other than that you should have absolutely no problem. Btw, I'm almost done with my WGU BSN degree. Hopefully another month or two and it will all be in the past. Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. NevadaFighter

    Did I choose the wrong career?

    It will get better. Since you have only been a nurse for 4 months, I'm going to assume that you have only been off of orientation for about 2. At about 6 months you will start feeling much more confident. It is by no means easy, but you will get there. It gets even harder once you switch floors/facilities, because all the same policies do not apply everywhere. I have just 2 years under my belt, and still question things every day. It doesn't make you inadequate...it makes you a good nurse. Many people don't rethink any of their actions and can just continue about their day with no worries. I'm not saying that the stress should consume you, but it is definitely not a bad quality to think about work after you have gone home. Don't give up! Good luck!
  9. NevadaFighter

    Should I leave ICU and go into L&D?

    Shadowing is a great idea. You have to think about what you want in the long-term. You have gained some very marketable skills in Neuro and ICU that can transfer to about any other department of nursing. Once you get into L&D, you are going to gain a whole new skill set, but you will likely lose your others if you are not practicing it for awhile. Ultimately, it is your decision, but you should take these things into consideration. Best of luck to you!
  10. NevadaFighter

    Stethoscope recommendations

    Honestly, buy a cheap one. I bought my first one on Amazon for $2.99 and it sufficed just fine through nursing school. I later got a Littman for much more, but I couldn't notice much of a difference. Now I use a $15 cheap stethoscope with a dachshund on it that my boyfriend got me, and I think it works better than my Littman.
  11. NevadaFighter

    Holy cow! My book total is how much?!

    I also did the same all through my 8 years of being in a phyical college. No one ever said anything, and I saved a ton of money. The chapters were sometimes in dfferent order, so I would just look at someone's book in class and write in the correct pages. I also liked to write in my books, which I could do, because they usually weren't worth the hassle of reselling, since I paid under $5 for most books. I would just recycle them when I was done. As for the assess codes, many can be bought in the website, so I would just buy the old edition book and the new edition access codes. Just do your research :)
  12. NevadaFighter


    Don't go back to school for nursing. You'll be sorry that you did. You will be starting from the very bottom again, and you've come too far for that. Work for a couple of years and reassess.
  13. NevadaFighter

    color coding staff

    I'm coming from a smaller facility without a dress code to one with color coordination. I was against it at first, but it makes sense in the bigger organization, with less confusion to who is who...at least for staff. It is probably just as confusing for patients, I would assume.
  14. NevadaFighter

    I Hate People (my rant)

    I can understand where you are coming from. I'm very similar in many ways...alot of things get on my nerves and a lot of people get on my nerves. I can be very social at times and very outgoing and very friendly at work, but it can be exhausting at times. I always need some downtime by myself when I get home...just to collect my thoughts and reload. I recently went to a therapist...just once, but I plan on returning. I was telling her about my father and how he really wasn't that social, and I was a lot like him in many ways. She then commented that he was more introverted. I replied by saying that he wasn't introverted, he just couldn't stand anybody. She then told me this was another way of being introverted. I replied with a "hmmmmm". This was kinda starting to make sense to me. I never really thought of myself as being a introvert. I don't really consider myself to be shy, although many people have accused me of being shy. I just don't always feel like I want to talk to people. I also can't stand having roommates. Except for my boyfriend...who is also pretty introverted, so it works out.
  15. Talk to a doctor. After you get help you are going to wonder why you waited so long. Trust me on this one. Been there, done that.
  16. NevadaFighter

    possible interview at Barnes Jewish in St. Louis, MO

    Did you ever hear back?