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Jensmom7 has 36 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Hospice.

Got my BSN way back in the olden days (1979). After I graduated, I would keep a stack of resumes in my car, and drop them off at various places. This was before on-line only applications, when you could walk into the Personnel Office and actually get to talk to a living, breathing person. One day, I was out running errands and decided to stop in at one of the local hospitals. I filled out an application, and when I turned it in, the nice lady in Personnel asked me if I would be interested in Pediatrics-they were getting ready to open a shiny new Peds wing. I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, with my hair tied back in a scarf (hadn't anticipated having an interview). I thought for about half a second and said "Sure!" Went to see the Head Nurse (that's what Unit Managers were called back then), we talked for about 30 minutes, and I walked out with my first Nursing job. I was 22. So began my lifelong journey in the craziness that is Nursing. I'm entering the downside of my career now, after 36 years. Hospice is what I do now, and what I hope to be doing when it's time to hang up my stethoscope. I take my job very seriously. What I refuse to take too seriously is myself. I have a strange sense of humor sometimes, and believe that sometimes you have to laugh or you'll cry.

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  1. Three drops of Atropine 1% ophthalmic SL work wonders on that death rattle. Can be repeated every 30 minutes if necessary. Add in some Roxanol if it's really bad. Atropine drops are my favorite drug during the dying process. They work quickly, and ...
  2. Jensmom7


    Ok, you really need to sit down for a second. Jailhouse tats by definition are done by amateurs. Of course there's no regulation or licensure there. Most of them are to show gang affiliation or let other inmates know who a particular inmate inmate ...
  3. Jensmom7

    Am I able to get a raise once I get my BSN?

    My 37 year old BSN degree has gotten me exactly 0% more money over the years.
  4. Jensmom7

    No more rudeness!

    Our Hospice Medical Directors are VERY vocal about some of the less than stellar decisions made by attendings who don't know borscht about managing a terminal patient but refuse to let anyone else give them recommendations, even another doctor. If ...
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  6. Kraken, whenever you think your program didn't prepare you for the big world of nursing, just remember this: [ATTACH]22715[/ATTACH] The knowledge will come. Keep your eyes and ears open, ask questions, take notes...and breathe!!
  7. I have a hard enough time dealing when people at work find out I'm diabetic, I can't imagine divulging a psych diagnosis and being under that particular microscope.
  8. Jensmom7

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    You're right, it's been so long since I worked a floor, I forgot that transfers can take awhile, and the comfort measures would be initiated immediately, whether the patient was being moved then or not. My apologies.
  9. Jensmom7

    Dog had emergency surgery last night.

    Going to be a bit off topic here, but for some reason I'm reminded of the time I asked our vet how one obtains a blood pressure on a cat (hypertension is an issue in the feline world and I was curious). He pulled out a small box, containing a sphygmo...
  10. Jensmom7

    Dog had emergency surgery last night.

    A lesson we all have to learn: Yes, we are nurses, we are professionals, we know how to deal with anxious patients and/or family members. HOWEVER, when the patient IS a family member, all bets are off. We are allowed to get upset, cry, worry, snap ...
  11. Jensmom7

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    Except a comfort care patient wouldn't be in an ICU bed.
  12. Jensmom7

    95 Theses of Healthcare Injustice

    The tone of self-righteous indignation would be what did it for me.
  13. Jensmom7

    No more rudeness!

    OP, I seriously suggest you check out some of the myriad threads here that speak to failing NCLEX 2, 4, 8 times. Most of us have already voiced our opinion on one or more of those threads regarding those who can't pass NCLEX but have the ddrreeaaamm...
  14. Jensmom7

    How do you last?

    Set limits. Firmly and often, if necessary. Learn how to say "No, I can't" and realize that it it doesn't have to be followed by "I'm sorry". Just because the staffing coordinator sees nothing wrong with contacting you 20 times on your day off to g...
  15. Jensmom7

    Nurse Sues for Lunch Breaks

    You do realize that this hospital is violating Federal labor laws? If you contact the Wage and Hour board, they can give you more information. I ran into this when I worked nights on a Gero Psych unit. Staffing was one RN and one CNA. This meant th...

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