Has anyone picked a specialty before nursing school and actually done it after?


So I'm currently a pre-nursing student and since I'm working on my pre-reqs, I like to think about where I'd like to end up after nursing school. Not like it matters, but I'm looking at Peds CVICU, NICU, or Peds Oncology. My mother keeps chiding me not to worry about where to work until I'm done with school. I kind of like to, because...well, it's inspiration to keep going when things get tough.

Anyways, what I wanted to know...are there nurses out there who picked a desired specialty before school and are in it and love it? Thanks very much! :heartbeat I'm aware I may find my niche in school, also. :D

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Yes I wanted ICU/CCU long before I went to school and eventually worked in ICU/CCU for 38 yrs loved every minute of it


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I always knew that I wanted to work in the ED and I went directly to the ED after nursing school.


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I wanted ob or peds before nursing school...before those 2 semesters I had changed my mind to ob for sure. Took those classes and it made me know even more ob is what I want to do. Well I just got my first job...it is not ob yet...but I know that is where I am headed after I get my experience. (most places require experience)


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I thought I wanted to do L&D or PP or Nursery. Well, after I graduated I got a job on MedSurg/Onc/Tele and was pretty happy with that but still thought I wanted to do something OB (I love babies!!). Thought I'd ruled out everything but mental health and any form of ICU. Well, I got kinda bored and thought I'd like to give the ICU a shot last year and it's been a year next month and it's been pretty cool! :D Good thing about nursing is that you can change your mind and try something new if you want (for me, mental health is NEVER happening!:crying2:) and that's pretty awsome.



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I haven't finished school yet but I've always wanted to work in paeds. I have an nurse assistant job at two children's facilities and it's just enhanced my desire to work in paeds. I can't wait until I'm able to take a placement at a tertiary children's hospital and get my hands really dirty!

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I was torn between Geri psych & home health care. I went straight into geri-psych got two yrs experience and just started in H.H.C I'm still doing geri psych PRN.

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Just a warning - there are many locales where new grads aren't able to find employment at all - let alone in their 'chosen specialty.'


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I thought I wanted to go into OB during school. Well when I was in OB rotations during school I hated it. I work in the ER now and my least favorite thing is still anything OB! But I have never been pregnant nor have I ever been around newborns much so I don't have any experience to go on. I am 2 years in and I still have no idea what I want to do!


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"...well, it's inspiration to keep going when things get tough."

Right on sister, if that gives you inspiration, then carry on and don't worry about what others think. Our hopes and dreams help shape our tomorrows. You might not start off in the area you want, but you can build experience while waiting for the chance to move there later on. Good luck with your education.

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nope. i started med surg because the er at my local hospital was not hiring new grads and neither was the one near by. however, wanting to land an ed job got me through nursing school, studying and passing the nclex, and it also got me through working one of the toughest med surg floors in my first hospital. now, i am an ed nurse and i am loving every moment!!! :D

i completely owe my success to not ever giving up my passion and prayers! thus, if you do not let your desire burn out no matter what happens between now and starting your first specialty job, you will be fine! tell yourself everyday “i’m a [insert specialty here] nurse”. it works!

btw, other people may look at you like you are insane if you keep arguing with them about wanting a particular specialty that is not hiring. so stop arguing with them... you do not need others to agree with you in order to be successful at accomplishing life goals. for instance, no one that graduated with me thought i was going to ever land an ed any time soon (there are very few in the area and i got rejected twice)... i did not argue with them, i just kept appplying. now i am in one, so who was right? gl!

-new grad ed nurse


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I had always hoped for OB/Nursery..and was fortunate to get a Nursery position, gight out of school-worked there for 23 yrs...

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