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  1. Procedure for NG feeding/meds

    On my last clinical I was in the ICU. Tubes were aspirated for residual sixth hourly (patient's are on 24hrly continuous feeds. If there was more than 60mL of residual (i.e. the syringe capacity) it went into a fresh kidney dish (sterile/straight out...
  2. Leveling art line to tragus for cpp???

    I've just done a placement in one of the biggest and most specialized, well regarding neuro ICUs in the country. They leveled their art transducer at the tragus. With regard to the EVD/ICP these were most often open to the drain (& therefore the ...
  3. i have no idea what im supposed to be doing

    Sometimes it depends on what sort of what you're on, the nurses that you're working with, the shift you're on and just.. the patient census that day. Also probably depends on the level of supervision you need, how far along in your course you are... ...
  4. Do you stop infusion "for a walk?"

    I would have thought that it's not a clear cut issue and would depend on a multitude of factors beginning at least with the patient's condition, what the drug is/why it's running in the first place. I wonder if it might be slightly too black and whit...
  5. Floor nurses that make clinicals a bad experience

    If I were a new student I would have been hesitant to do that by myself for fear of dislodging the catheter or breaking something/causing pain. Nurses often have little tricks of the trade for sorting out small but inconvenient issues like IV lines i...
  6. Do doctors deal with the same stuff?

    Yes, they certainly do. The things that come to mind for me are the unsafe hours, particularly for junior medical officers and the ten odd years of education to work up the ladder to independent practitioner that involve the difficulty and competitio...
  7. Floor nurses that make clinicals a bad experience

    To those who stated that it is not the RN's job to teach - in Australia it's actually part of the national competency framework for the registered nurse. From the Australian & Midwifery Council's Competency Standards, which are used across the he...
  8. Real Stories of the ER

    It's an Aussie show but 'RPA' is a real life, real time show portraying all sorts if cases that happen in the hospital. From major trauma to transplant surgery. It's a great show and really shows it how it is, nursing too.
  9. Fun things for kids in pediatric clinical?

    Sometimes things as simple as letting a child take mum's temperature or your temperature is a good way to let you take THEIR temperature!
  10. New to Paeds - HELP! :)

    Hi All, Thank you very much for your responses. They were really helpful going in to my first few days. I still have a lot to learn (counting a RR on a writhing, screaming child, a HR on a teeny baby... I never would have thought I'd have trouble doi...
  11. What semester did you learn each skill?

    Wow. The American programs are really different to ours here in Australia. - In first semester we did very basic manual handling, basic patient care (bed baths, showers, making an occupied bed, mouth care) and vital signs. - Second semester we did o...
  12. Do your vented patients not have an airway certified doctor with them for all transport? Perhaps they should be bagging in the absence of the portable vent, which really, seems silly not to have
  13. Hypotension question

    Use your clinical judgement. Do you think pushing a bolus of fluid on every single patient you come across who is hypotensive is a good idea? It's already been mentioned above several times but you need to look at more than simply the numbers. Look a...
  14. Are YOU terrified to be a patient (and your loved ones, too!)

    I'm on clinicals in the ICU at the moment and would never, ever want to be a patient after seeing how patients, in particular our sedated and vented and brain injured/lowered GCS/non responsive patients are treated. It's almost like our patients are ...
  15. G-tube leaking :(

    I'm sorry to hear about your little patient. I am really interested in the convo that's going regarding the paedi centres in the area though! If anyone else has anything at all to add to it I'm keen to read it. I'm an Aussie third/final year student ...