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  1. oguesswhat

    Where should I live? West Ashley or Summerville?

    Well I chose west ashley for a year and musc
  2. oguesswhat

    Where should I live? West Ashley or Summerville?

    No kids yet and either Trident or MUSC...and we only plan on living there for a year or so before buying a house.
  3. I am moving to 1 of those places in March. Any idea which is best? We looked at a ton of apartments today but we have to make a decision off of just that! Ha Thanks
  4. I did shadow a nurse in L&D at 2 diff hospitals and in a NICU
  5. Sorry I am a little frustrated. I have been working as a nurse a little over a year on a med/surg floor. I have worked as a charge nurse, and preceptor. I am one of the floors educators on IV pumps. I am BLS and ACLS certified. But I want to work in L&D, NICU or nursery. And every single job that I am applying to asks for 1-3 years experience in one of those type of jobs. I have just started my jobs search but it's already becoming a little frustrating because of it. Any ideas of what jobs to try for if I don't get hired in that area that will maybe eventually make someone want to hire me? I am thinking OR or still with the med/surg. Is there any particular floor that they will look kindly on even if it has nothing to do with L&D, NICU or nursery? Thanks for any help. (I am moving out of state that's why I will eventually have to start applying to other jobs besides those if no one hires me right off...but so far I have only applied to a couple of each...which is all that is available.)
  6. oguesswhat

    License Renewal?!

    MI does everyone in March...so I guess everywhere else does by birthdays except us ha.
  7. oguesswhat

    Job Shadowing

    Call the hospitals...nurses can't just let you visit them you have to sign some privacy papers ect. Try calling nurse recruiter or manager of floor.
  8. oguesswhat

    Do you have a system for making fair pt assignments?

    Basically we try to do it on proximity rather than anything else. Then most of the time you get most of your pts back the next day (if you work twice in a row) unless you got new admits (common) that are all over the floor (common) so you might not get all of them back...just the ones from your original section. Sometimes someone will suggest to break a certain area up...but generally it doesn't work that way at all. The only good thing is that sometimes...and only sometimes when you are extremely busy...the charge nurse may hold off on giving you a new admit for a couple of hours...until your set has calmed down some (such as you have blood you have to give right then and a couple other pts issues besides ha)
  9. oguesswhat

    "stale" new grad

    Do you have bachelors? Or associates degree? If you have associates maybe you will want to go back for bachelors to become a new grad again (as terrible as that sounds) Also start taking extra certifications (ACLS ect) I know someone who got in as agency cause she couldn't get anything...prn is better than nothing.
  10. oguesswhat

    Twin Study Deepens Multiple Sclerosis Mystery

    I'm not sure they actually live in different areas (Michigan and Florida) and have since they were quite young...the 1 was in the army or military since she was 20-ish. They actually had tried to sign up for the twin study (that one or a different one) cause 1 aunt got it a while before the other. Apparently they were called for it years later and by that time the 2nd aunt had it. (They are identical by the way just like the study)
  11. oguesswhat

    Twin Study Deepens Multiple Sclerosis Mystery

    I actually have twin aunts who both have MS
  12. oguesswhat

    Rn-bsn in sc or other areas

    Did you ever find any? I would like to know if so :)
  13. oguesswhat

    Charleston area RN to BSN

    Are there many RN to BSN programs in the Charleston area? I looked a few months back and the only one I found was at a Christian University. All others I noted were either 2nd degree BSN or normal BSN. I plan on moving in the next 6 months to a year and am trying to look into my options now. I also saw South University had an online version. But I am not sure how that works out (if you ever have to go to campus ever) Thanks
  14. oguesswhat


    I'd call them if I were you.
  15. oguesswhat

    What do your benefits cost?

    What! That's how much you pay just to get the plan? Not to actually use it? Mine costs $10 or $11 every 2 weeks. I only get medical and dental. I think vision was another $2. It is only for myself but still!. I get just the 1st level of medical so I have to use my hospital systems doctors. If I were to pay for the plan that I can go to another hospital system it would cost around $40 for medical and dental every 2 weeks I believe. $750 still sounds a lot to me though!
  16. oguesswhat

    If it's such a horrible job, why not quit?

    And there may be some who want to work in another field such as ob...but generally need med surg or some sort of nursing experience before most places want to hire them...and they will hate any other job anyways that isn't ob ha. But they work it anyways to get that experience.