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Dalzac LPN, LVN, RN

CCU,ICU,ER retired
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Dalzac is a LPN, LVN, RN and specializes in CCU,ICU,ER retired.

retired after 38 yrs

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  1. Dalzac

    Have a Sense of Humor!

    I used to work in ICU and When my husband was finally called in for his Liver transplant my good friend that worked in ER found a really rotten old onion in the fridge and brought it to my hubby with a note that said " Here's something to go with your really old liver." We howled it was so funny to us but the nurse he had didn't think so and told us so. We found her more inappropriate than we were.
  2. Dalzac

    You know you're a nurse when...

    And the non-nurses get up and leave
  3. Dalzac

    New grads shouldn't work in ICU?

    I worked as a CCU tech and rode on a mobile Coronary care unit as an asst to the team leader which was an RN for 5 years in the meantime I went to LPN school and stayed in the same CCU I worked for another 3 yrs. I have heard I don't belong in any ICU or CCU or ER because I was an LPN. But listened to every thing the RN's taught me I took every CCU course that came around the bend. Even EKG's. I asked questions until I knew it hands down. I taught EKG classes. I heard all the time that LPN's don't belong in critical care unit and yet When I retired I was working in a large urban ER. After a while, when you show them you know it, they will leave you alone. Prove them wrong. I worked in Critical care units for 38 yrs
  4. Dalzac

    What to do after a rough shift?

    I used to go home and drink any kind of liquor I had around, but then I had to quit drinking (AA) and I then started watching cartoons when I came home from work. What a stress reliever! Esp. Looney Tunes I loved them. My grandkids would crack up watching me and they loved the fact that granma knew what were all the cool cartoons.
  5. Dalzac

    Did anyone tell you, you couldn't do it?

    My mother told me all thru LPN school I was too stupid. Then told me all thru LPN-RN I was too stupid then sat and watched CCU monitors with me one night and told me again I was too stupid to know what I was doing and did my employer know how stupid I was. She told me up until the day she died I was stupid and would always be stupid. I never understood why. But I NEVER EVER told my children even the one that was medically and mentally handicapped they were stupid.
  6. Dalzac

    I miss the unit.

    I retired from critical care several yrs ago and HATED retirement. I have severe rhematoid arthritis(the reason I had to retire) Actually was doing okay with my retirement benefits. But I just hated being home all the time and I did miss the occassional adrenalin rush. About a yr ago I got a job watching heart monitors and I even let my license lapse. I just wanted to check in and tel you guys I just love this job! I only work weekends and take one weekend a month off. I still get a tiny little adrenaline rush now and again and I have made a great rappoir (sic) with the nurses on the floors. I have to say though every now and again I think I could go back to the ICU and be a young blood. My family AND my new work family just laugh and laugh! but I have to say this is the most perfect job for an old retiree from ICU.
  7. Dalzac

    Anybody LIKE working holidays?

    They only holiday I want off is Thanksgiving. I will work the rest of them. The kids are grown and do their own deals at Christmas, I don't drink or party so new years Eve is fine to work and so is NY Day. ad we get Visa cards to work them
  8. Dalzac

    Accident Scenes: Do You Always Offer Assistance?

    I once witnessed a small truck with 10 people in it roll abour 3 times on an interstate in the desert 50 miles from anywhere. We were the folks behind them. I was, at the time a trained nurse for ER and ICUS I stopped immediatey. There were injuries from scratches to flail chest to nasty head wounds.The guy with the flail chest got me first,he had a head wound as well. I felt as a trained nurse I HAD to stop. It took 20-30 min just for the CHP just to get there and another 15 min for choppers and ambulances to get there. Most of the guys that were in the wreck disappeared into the desert. In the end only 6 went to ER's. I just don't get why a nurse would not stop. As a professional We have the skills to stop if there are no EMS there. ABC's is all it takes,plus helping wth bleeding. Basic care anywhere. I have lost a child and I know the horrific pain it causes. God bless you.
  9. When I would come home after a really nasty night I would watch cartoons the sillier the better. When I first got married my hubby would ask why someone with such a high IQ would watch cartoons. You don't have to think with cartoons. it is all slapstick and fart jokes. It is the best thing in the world to shut off the brain. And my grandkids think it is killer that Granma knows which cartoon is the best.
  10. Dalzac

    How much personal info do you share with pts?

    When I worked ICU I always got the overdoses I guess because I am a recovering addict and understand those patients better than most. When they become coherant I will ask them if they think drug rehab might help them and then refer our social workers to interveiw if they are open about it. IF they ask I will tell them about recovery and where they can go to meetings. and IF they ask how I know about this I will tell them. I have never had any backlash about this in 25 yrs. Plus, I have seen many patients I had in a meeting. But i never told any where I live or any other personal info. Even though telling anyone I am in recovery is very personal, I would rather see them take a stab at recovery and live a better life. Then if they stick around and become a friend They get as much info as they need.
  11. When I first started hospital work Imy kids were pre-school and I worked 3-11 and had a good baby sitter. I wasn't a fan of evenings I thought it messed up your whole day couldn't do anything before or after my shift. When they were in school I worked days I hated it just hated working day I never had enough time to complete any of my patients care. Then I went to 11-7 I just loved it. No sleep diprivation nothing I slept while the kids went to school Since they were old enough to take care of themselves.......Wrong. I had to go to days again because my house was party central!!!LOL But after that I went back to nights and stayed there for 20 something years. I have worked all shifts and nights will always be my preferred shift. I can't sleep at night but I can sleep in the bright sunny days. My body is attuned to nights even after retiring in 2005.
  12. Dalzac

    How do you manage to get to work in snow storms ?

    My husband and our snowstorms only last a day or so but the ice storms are the pits but still even then it is the hubby. Sorry I live in Oklahoma
  13. Dalzac

    Retired, now what?

    I have been doing the monitor tech thing now for 9 months. I just love it! Sometimes I miss hands on care, but I just can't physically do it. They have gotten sick of me saying how much I love coming in to work. But in my first evaluation I was told I have made a difference in morale and got a nice fat raise
  14. Dalzac

    Alcoholism VS Addiction:What does everyone think?

    I go to NA and to me I can better relate to the NA program 12 steps.I also served on the BON peer assistance program. We tell our nurses either program must be attended, which ever is more comfortable to them NA covers all addictions including alchohol. AA primarily covers alchohol. Those same 12 steps covers anything from food to sex. it is more of a social context between NA to AA
  15. What a great topic. I have been a nurse for 38 years and have never understood trying to orient a dementia patient. I have always gone with them instead. That saves so much time and effort. I once went with my Great Aunt to visit my Granny. We walked in and she began telling us about her wonderful day at Galvestion Beach and the picnic she had. My Aunt stopped her and told her she was in a nursing home that my grandfather was dead. She began to just sob. I just sat next to her and ask her to tell me about every little detail and how my grandfather treated her on that day because I never got to meet him. My Aunt wanted to leave and I just told her to leave me there. I slept on a cot and we talked for hours. The cafeteria even made breakfast for me. That was the last time I spent so much time with her. She died a few months later. Now I am sitting here boo hooing over it. That night she eventually cleared up and came back to reality, but she was happier than I had seen her for years. She told my dad over and over what a wonderful time we had. He said he heard that story every single day until she died. Never underestimate the power of going to their reality.
  16. Dalzac

    An all time low for a new night shifter

    I have woked night since I was a baby more or less. I retired in 2005 and have not been able to go back to days. I do everything at night ccleaning, shopping, and making dinner for tomorrow. I even tape tv shows to watch when I am awake. I took a aprt time job watching monitors just to pass time. I do feel for people that can't work nights because I can't work days I tried and I was miserable. Getting up at 5am wrecked me. I couldn't wake up until noon. The last nursing job I had every one that worked night wanted to be there at that time We all would go play pool and have breakfast after work

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