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  1. Dalzac

    Have a Sense of Humor!

    I used to work in ICU and When my husband was finally called in for his Liver transplant my good friend that worked in ER found a really rotten old onion in the fridge and brought it to my hubby with a note that said " Here's something to go with your really old liver." We howled it was so funny to us but the nurse he had didn't think so and told us so. We found her more inappropriate than we were.
  2. Dalzac

    You know you're a nurse when...

    And the non-nurses get up and leave
  3. Dalzac

    New grads shouldn't work in ICU?

    I worked as a CCU tech and rode on a mobile Coronary care unit as an asst to the team leader which was an RN for 5 years in the meantime I went to LPN school and stayed in the same CCU I worked for another 3 yrs. I have heard I don't belong in any ICU or CCU or ER because I was an LPN. But listened to every thing the RN's taught me I took every CCU course that came around the bend. Even EKG's. I asked questions until I knew it hands down. I taught EKG classes. I heard all the time that LPN's don't belong in critical care unit and yet When I retired I was working in a large urban ER. After a while, when you show them you know it, they will leave you alone. Prove them wrong. I worked in Critical care units for 38 yrs
  4. Dalzac

    Any nurses that don't regret becoming a nurse?

    I am retired after 38 yrs and have the "Back Breaking" part going on. In fact going for surgery today on my back, so do everything you can to take care of your back, but I digress. I loved being a nurse I worked in ICU and CCU. I miss it so much I could just cry. I miss the multitasking. I miss, miss, miss the patients. I miss my co workers. If I had it to do over, I would and I would get as much education as I could. I loved being a nurse.
  5. Dalzac

    What to do after a rough shift?

    I used to go home and drink any kind of liquor I had around, but then I had to quit drinking (AA) and I then started watching cartoons when I came home from work. What a stress reliever! Esp. Looney Tunes I loved them. My grandkids would crack up watching me and they loved the fact that granma knew what were all the cool cartoons.
  6. Dalzac

    Did anyone tell you, you couldn't do it?

    My mother told me all thru LPN school I was too stupid. Then told me all thru LPN-RN I was too stupid then sat and watched CCU monitors with me one night and told me again I was too stupid to know what I was doing and did my employer know how stupid I was. She told me up until the day she died I was stupid and would always be stupid. I never understood why. But I NEVER EVER told my children even the one that was medically and mentally handicapped they were stupid.
  7. Dalzac

    Going back

    I wrote that letter a year and a half ago. All the insecurities are gone like the wind! I still love this job! The nurses on the floor I normally watch know me. They know I was a unit nurse and have told me they just don't worry about their patients any more. I just feel "Part of now." I would recommend to all nurses who don't want to retire but feel they have to do this. Even be a unit clerk. Work in staffing. Be a monitor tech. I have even been thinking about working full time I know if I lose my disability I can work full time there.
  8. Dalzac

    Cursing on the job

    I did used to swear like a sailor and did in fromt of my kids. This was a horrible thing because now they do the same thing in front of their kids. Twenty years ago the first time I saw my oldest grandchild get punished for it I quit immediately and "Egads" became the word of choice. I use it at work for the most part except when a pt codes then the "Oh s#$t" will come out. I have to admit when I would have to work in ER I would occassionally fall in to the darkside language.
  9. Dalzac

    Just let me be...

    I was a LPN for 38 yrs all in critical care units and ER's. I did my job, didn't complain about not being a RN. I respected the chain of command and who was in charge, i worked as a team member I was never ever lazy. I loved my job... every job. I am still close friends with the RN's I worked with They respected me as well. As for the nurses who have such low opinions for LPN's You apparently have never met a good one.
  10. Dalzac

    Just let me be...

    wow just wow What bitterness.
  11. Dalzac

    Nurses: Why do many of you do this?

    This has been one of the most interesting reads. How do I go out with my old nursing friends and not talk about things that have happened like the ancient LOL who told me whle I was trying to put a foley in there hadn't been anything up there since 1969? It will happen as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow. It isn't a HIPAA violation I can't even remember her name or when it even happened. It was just a story of experience that happened a long time ago that was funny as hell.
  12. Dalzac

    MICU nurse becomes Trauma Pt.

    I had a hsterectomy over 30 yrs ago and what could go wrong did go wrong. After 2 days they took my foley out and didn't check to se if I had peed I had told them many times I hadn't, my bladder flap tore and after about 3 days my belly started getting big and as an ICU nurse I told them I was bleeding They didn't believe me and ignored me until the doc checked all my labs by then I was confused and scared. The bad thing about being a nurse and confused is you still have your nursing knowledge, but you can't do anything about it. In the end I arrested and woke up in ICU on a vent. Knowing all along I was in bad bad shape and in a pitch black room, still confused and now restrained. Enough about that. Now I know to never, ever ignore anything your patient says, frequently check urine output after foley removal, if the bp is very low and heart rate is fast it better be the first thing you don't ignore. Tell your patient what is going on. Constantly reassure your patient they are going to be okay and leave a night light on and a call button close even if they are confused. All basic nursing 101 stuff. These simple little things are so very important and I never forgot them. I almost died because there was no compassion, patience, or tolerance in many of that facilities nurses
  13. Dalzac

    What would you tell to your younger self?

    Focus on school. Stay out of relationships. Stay away from drugs and alchohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and protect your back.
  14. Dalzac

    Anyone working BUT dosen't have to?

    I retired about 7 yrs ago. HATED IT! But my body was a broken after 38 yrs of nursing. I just hated staying home and between my hubby and my retirement we did okay, nothing great but comfy. I looked over my career and made points about the things I loved doing in nursing. My all time favorite was Coronary Care Unit. I loved all things heart. Esp arrhythmias. I liked watching heart monitors, in fact, I watched monitors going thru nursing school. I am also pretty disabled and have to use a cane. But watching monitors doesn't require patient or visitor contact. I am in a little dark room with 3 other people all cozy and warm, doing something I am very good at. I only work 9 shifts a month. 3 weekends a month Fridays saturdays and sundays.and always have a little vacation for 12 days a month. I love the people I work with and the hospital that gave me a chance even though I am older and disabled. I just cannot complain at all.
  15. Dalzac

    Anyone here who hate the holidays?

    I hate Christmas! my mother died on 12-23-85 and my Dad died on 12-28-2007 It is so hard to celebrate without them. I didn't get along with my stepmother on any holiday good or ba. She loved to embarrassed me at the dinner table with a couple dozen relatives mostly hers. About all my past sins. Now I spend it with my kids and my sisters I love thanksgiving espiecially with my kids