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hope3456 is a ASN, RN and specializes in LTC, Psych, M/S.

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  1. hope3456

    Many Turn to Craigslist For Lifesaving Drugs

    It's a symptom of a bigger problem and yes, there is some risk, but this practice is probably helping more people than it hurts.
  2. hope3456


    I left Fort Collins 8 years ago for better job opportunities. In general Larimer county is a fairly choice place to live/work and it can be competitive - be prepared to expand your job search to surrounding locales (cheyenne, greeley, denver). And im not an expert on NICUs but i think the more severe cases are sent to Denver
  3. I live near a Reservation. i have checked into IHS jobs and they seem to want RNs that have L/D experience. I applied with them and never heard back (i dont have l/d experience). There is also indian preference for those positions. I personally dont like working in rural areas and cant wait to leave.
  4. If given the opportunity to gain the right experience they can be prepared for about anything. RNs and BSNs run into the same problem - it's not all about education.
  5. My employer could care less if I have a BSN. My manager does not have hers. I think it will depend a lot on your geographic location as to what employers requirements will be, as has been stated before in this thread. Educational "requirements" are also largely subject to change. If you are in a saturated area, such as you are describing, employers can be as picky as they want. In some cities even BSNs claim they have trouble finding even a nsg home job. But in some rural areas, you will find that ADNs have no problems securing acute care employment.
  6. hope3456

    Crisis CNA shortage in Wyoming

    State faces in certified nursing assistant shortage I find it interesting that this topic made the news. There have always been staffing problems in nursing homes and CNAs would much rather work in the hospital settings than in LTC.
  7. hope3456

    Wyoming Medical Center's 2015 GN residency program

    I believe the OP is referring to Wyoming Medical Center in Casper.
  8. hope3456

    Nude nurse goes nutty

    Curious to know if this was actually a licensed nurse or perhaps a home health aide...
  9. hope3456

    Moving to Another Area - New Grad

    Post your resume online. Recruiters often will direct you to the underserved critical access hospitals in rural areas.
  10. hope3456

    Nurses ‘Doctoring’ Without the Doctor in Rural America

    I live in a rural area...we have 2 obgyn docs that are quite obviously the " leftovers" that probably wouldn't make it anywhere they had competition. There is also a NP who does women's health visits. I just called to get an appt for my annual. The NP was booked a month out (I tried to get her first) but the Dr's schedule was wide open.
  11. IMO it does not matter what kind of nurse passes meds. I am in favor of med aides as well. Of course this depends on the situation, but what is of more importance is the staff to patient ratios.
  12. hope3456

    Nursing shortage???

    I live in a rural "shortage" area and am seeing evidence that is not necessary the case anymore. There are 2 RNs resigning this month from my unit and they were able to replace them immediately - as well as hire a float to cover vacations. However there is very much a need for CNAs and DSPs
  13. hope3456

    Software for RN Oversight

    Our facility is going to be getting a software system called therap. I've not used it yet but hear that it was specifically designed for ID/DD facilities.
  14. hope3456

    Direct Support Professional working with ID/DD individuals

    Are you not able to request PRN medication (for example, lorazepam)for the clients when they are having behaviors? How many clients are you caring for at one time?
  15. hope3456

    Front Range Community College

    I graduated from F RCC 10 years ago but have since left CO. I doubt FRCC is any better or worse than any other community college ADN program. I passed the NCLEx with no problem but felt I did not get the best clinical experiences. I think the problem is they admit so many students and then they struggle to find instructors and placement for clinical rotations. Also they compete with the other several programs in the region. But again, this is not unique to FRCC. Nursing school is difficult, stressful and time consuming and yes, a lot of people dropped out or did not pass. You have to be prepared to live and breathe nursing school for 2 years. A friend of mine who graduated from there about 4 years ago told me several of her classmates had to leave the area/state to find acute care employment opportunities and she was lucky to find a private duty job in Fort Collins. I would be interested to know if this still the case.
  16. hope3456

    Quit great job to stay home with baby?

    Kindle ironic that a company that is in the business of promoting maternal health cannot/will not do so for their own employee.