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  1. I spoke with one named Hanna who was not very knowledgable at all.
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    Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired!- Medication Errors

    I think of her often. She self reported - otherwise probably no one would have known.
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    Nursing Degrees: FAQs Concerning MA-to-RN Mobility

    I have seen ads advertising MA programs (CollegeAmerica) that are claiming to be prereqs for a nursing career - trying to intertwine the two. It is also disturbing that these MA programs thru the "for profit trade schools" cost more than the ADN program at the local CC and MA's get paid like $12?? Yikes.
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    I Am Being Disciplined: What Now?

    For those of us in RTW states ...yes you can get fired over slight infractions or no infraction at all. It happened to me working in a LTC. Right after the annual state survey the DON was looking to pass blame, IMO, for their poor ratings. She started "writing people up" for any and every minor issue she could find. However the way she would do it was very sneaky and she would not give you a chance to give your side of the issue. Long story short I got fired. But so did that DON by the corporate office......anyway I had 6 write ups. I filed unemployment and the adjudicator called me and asked me about them. I had reasonable explanations for what happened and I have very detailed descriptions about the DON's incompetence. So she ruled in my favor. I didn't use it because I did find another job.
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    Getting Your Desired Position 101

    Those are great tips but the fact still remains that, in many locales, the local hospital is going to be in the market to hire (for example) 5 new graduate nurses and 100 recent graduates from the local universities or CC's apply.... what about the unlucky ones? What is the next best thing for them to do? Yes there are the LTC's but arguably those are not the best places to start out in and so many other jobs are not going to hire these new nurses UNTIL they get their one year acute care experience. It seems that if you go to work in a LTC that then you are even more undesireable to hospital managers than those right out of school. For many relocating is not an option either and it sounds like this "new grad" problem is happening all over the U.S. Seems like something should be done about this on a governmental level and I say this because there is a lot of evidence that the nursing workforce is growing older. All those 'semi-retired' nurses coming back taking the traditionally new grad positions can't work forever. I suspect they will all again retire at once and there will be the "shortage" again and a lot of nurses but not the proper experience - if any at all.
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    Illegal Interview Questions

    A RN told me that she was told in an interview 'we really don't want to hire anyone who is going to get pregnant.'. Ironically this was for an OB unit and the NM herself has 4 kids. Legal or not? Either way very unethical IMO. On another note I have been hearing about a lot of health care workers lately being 'asked to resign' or 'seek other employment and then give resignation.'Are there legal implications to this? Someone said never do this b/c you are better off to get fired so you can then file unemployment or sue for wrongful termination?
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    Illegal Interview Questions

    A RN told me she was told in an interview 'we don't want to hire anyone who is going to get pregnant.'Ironically it was for a OB position and this NM has 4 or 5 kids of her own. Legal or not? Thanks 4 posting commuter.
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    How To Get a Job As a New Grad Nurse

    Another idea - for those of you in saturated job markets - let your school know of the problems you are having in getting a job. Contact the administration especially. Perhaps they should not be graduating so many nurses when those before them aren't employed?
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    Nursing Academia: We Need New Blood!

    Upon further thought - I came back to this site to ask WHAT CONSTITUTES A NURSING STUDENT WHO 'DOESN'T BELONG IN NURSING?' How does one define such a student and how should they be 'weeded out?' Who should be the one to decide this? Who has the 'highest likelihood of success?' Failing students with out a good and consise reason is grounds for discrimination lawsuits. Yes I have met nurses who 'dont belong' IMHO, but I also have been labeled as such. I got acceptable grades in the classes but i will admit to having personality conflicts with the clinical instructors. As for the one I had the most conflict with ......i worked as a CNA on the weekends and a MDwas a post op after a bypass surgery - he worked at a neighboring hospital . I got to talking with him one night - told him i was in nursing school and where. He asked me if I had Iris as a teacher. OMG! He started mocking her, stating she 'bounces off walls,' and that she recently walked off the job after a dispute with another nurse - he didn't seem to like her. Maybe SHE was the one who 'didn't belong.' We both had a good laugh anyways.
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    Nursing and The Art of Arboricide

    This post made my day! Are all healthcare facilities not supposed to be switching to computerized charting here in the next couple years b/c of a federal law/healthcare reform? Anyone know anything more about this?
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    Pay difference Denver, CO Springs, Ft. Collins

    Wyo could be considered wealthy by some standards. There is no state income tax...i read once that residents of cheyenne were some of the lowest taxed citizens in the nation. from what i've seen healthcare is not funded as well as it is in other states nor is social services...most likely d/t the conservative state gov't. If you live in CO and work in Wyo you still have to pay state income taxes on that income.
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    Ironic:No Healthcare for Nsg Homes

    Work to many hours and make to much and you can loose your public assistance/ benefits. BINGO!! Back to the original post - due to health care reform these low wage workers are going to have to purchase the health insurance.....it is the employer (nursing home) not wanting to subsidize it....what a mess!
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    Ironic:No Healthcare for Nsg Homes

    good point junebug....however this article gave a poor example. nsg home employees in general are faced with much higher premiums for themselves and family - in my case $500+ dollars a month for 'bare bone' coverage.
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    Ironic:No Healthcare for Nsg Homes

    One more thought....for many of these 'low wage workers' i.e. CNA's, maybe they are better off not working and just qualifying for medicaid, and whatever other 'help' programs are out there - especially if they have small children - hence the 'staffing problems' in nursing homes???? I'm not the expert on this but have wondered to what extent this is true.
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    Ironic:No Healthcare for Nsg Homes

    I pay $106/mo for insurance thru my ltc employer - bare bone hmo plan. I agree the $25/mo is really cheap - wonder if that was a typo?? However, my employer only subsidizes the employee...costs over $500/mo to add your kids and $800+ for family coverage. Alot of the CNA's i work with qualify for medicaid....but only if they have a dependant child.
  16. I would like to hear from other nurses/health care workers....how high is the turnover where u work? Is high turnover rates pretty much the norm in the majority of medical/nursing facilities? I have heard that it hasnt been as high lately d/t the economy but the hospitals in my county still have several job postings - this is due to high turnover rates with nurses not being treated well and basically 'burning bridges' both voluntarily and involuntarily. Not b/c jobs are being added. It also seems that this is almost expected by the #'s of nurses working for staffing agencies. i dont have a problem switching jobs but it seems it is the same bs everywhere. i am just beginning to notice this b/c my daughter starts school this year and i want her to have stability - so does that put me at a severe disadvantage especially since i am living in a rural area? I am also meeting alot of 'nurses' who aren't workiing in healthcare at all. The lady who owns the coffee shop down the street told me 'she used to be a l&d nurse' and the teachers aide at my daughters preschool also told me the about the same thing. What do y' all think?? I personally have been in my LTC job 1.5yrs and there are 2 nurses who have been there longer than me.
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    high turnover rates in health care.

    I agree commuter...I am very wary of 'job postings' after being employed at that hospital for 1.5 years. Things wont change until safe staffing laws are implemented and administration is held accountable. It is a vicious cycle.
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    Rude Nurses

    It comes from the other end also.....I have recently had to deal with a really 'rude' and pushy nursing instructor and she must have instructed her students to act the same way.
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    Debate: 8-hour shifts vs. 12-hour shifts

    Alot of nurses are driven from the profession by the 12hr shifts (that often turn into 14hrs, ect). But i agree the 3 'report offs' per day are a problem also. 1)waste of time 2) things don't get passed on i.e. forgotten.
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    States with Real Nursing Shortages?

    wyoming is still claiming 'shortage' but has a housing situation similar to north dakota.
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    Lot's Of RN Jobs, Experience Not Required

    So are things looking up for new graduate RN's this year?
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    Aims CC or Front Range CC for LPN to RN bridge

    I doubt there would be a waitlist at either school to get into the RN part b/c like the pp said alot of students drop out the 1st year thereby there are vacancies in the 2nd year. You just have to have the prereqs completed.
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    New graduate moving to colorado please help!

    It would be interesting to know where and what kind of employment was found. I pointed out these 2 FRCC grads did have employment though it may not be exactly what they wanted....a job is a job. just a wild guess but probably about 100+ more new grad RN's are about to hit the market just in northern CO front range??(not including denver) good luck to them.
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    I am interested in relocating to western NE. I looked at scottsbluff hospital's website and it looks like they have alot of job postings. Can anyone tell me how it is to work at this hospital? I am also curious about chadron - i know they just built a new hospital but they don't post their openings on their website. Thanks!!