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  1. CharlieT

    No longer a nursing student

    I am no longer a nursing student, I took the nclex on Monday and did the quick results a few minutes ago. I PASSED!!!!!!!! (no longer an offical student, but will continue to learn) Party time ;-)
  2. An airplane I have put up with so much crap in nursing school that I deserve it.
  3. CharlieT

    Looking for student nurses, male and 50+

    45 here, will finish up with the spring semester. I have enjoyed my time in nursing school, but it has been a long and rocky road. I was ready to start making a difference in the world for people with my life instead of just making things.
  4. CharlieT

    Five more weeks left in last semester....

    I am so tired as well. I have been looking forward to pinning for years. Now that its less than six weeks away, it just seems like another thing to try to work into my hetic schedule.
  5. CharlieT

    Dear preceptor

    Dear preceptor, Thank you. You took me under your wing. You never made me feel stupid or incompetent. You explained what we were going to do and asked if I had any questions before we went into the patient's room. Every time. You were always there to catch me. You defended me when a PCT tried to put me in a bad position. You gave me patients to care for. You gave me one of your rooms to be responsible for. You asked for a list of my strengths and weak areas. You respected my privacy. You push be to my limits and them some. You didn't say anything in front of the patient when I started that IV and made a bloody mess. You have made me a better nurse and a better person. Even though we only met a couple of weeks ago, I consider you one of my best friends. I am one of the lucky ones to have you as a preceptor. I will likely have more to thank you for in the future, as I am still in my preceptorship. Regards, Charlie
  6. CharlieT

    Who actually ENJOYS clinical?

    I am now doing my preceptership in the ER. I love it! I am using my nursing skills and using things I have learned from all of my classes. Peds, psyc, fundamentals, ....., all of them.
  7. Yes, starting with the first day of clinical. Of course we are practicing under the license of our preceptor.
  8. CharlieT

    Should I Quit My Job?

    Save your dimes, talk to mom and dad, plan to quit. Wally is terrible to work for. Look for employment where it will build experience for your future. School is only for a limited time.
  9. CharlieT

    Medical Animation educational videos

    You can pull up the page, select the text in the address bar, then save it to your clipboard (ctl + c). then after you type your text in the reply box, just paste the link in the box (ctl + v).
  10. CharlieT

    Starting in August - scared and nervous!!

    I had some advise for you, but mossback seems to have beat me to it. ;-) Your concerns are very normal, sounds like you will make a great nurse.
  11. I did spend some money on a nice 'scope. Littman cardiology, a little over $200. No regrets.
  12. This is what works for me, to each his/her own. Shoes, I go with cheap white sneakers which I replace every semester. I tried expensive leather shoes that killed my feet, so they now gather dust in my closet. You may be required to have smooth tops, as in no strings, in case anything gets on them. Socks, I choose to spend some money here, nice, soft, thick, comfortable. watch, CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP, it has to have a second hand, I like a metal band not leather so that I can clean it well, save your $ for a nice watch to wear to class or go out in, not for the hospital, nobody, and I mean nobody is going to care about how fancy your watch is at the hospital (well,...they shouldn't anyway) Your drug book, now that's a useful item to refer to at clinical. I also added a watch that clips on to my 'scope after I forgot my watch one day.
  13. CharlieT

    Spanish Immersion Anyone?

    Last summer I went to Guatemala on a medical mission trip. I only picked up a few new words but used a great deal of the Spanish that I knew. Not always perfect grammer but as long as communication takes place its ok. I had a great time that words can't describe and can't wait to go back.
  14. CharlieT

    ACLS....is the exam hard?

    I did it back in 1991, it took about 20 minutes and was VERY intense. I am not sure what they are like now. Its where a simulated patient that has coded ( had a heart attack ). You go through the motions of what steps you would take, such as intubation, checking lung sounds, CPR, IV start, assesing the patient and EKG, giving cardiac meds, etc. Here is a link to a youtube video of 2 paramedic instructors doing a megacode demo to help prepare their students
  15. CharlieT

    Wish You Had Known Then What You Do Now?

    Just showing up for class won't cut it any more. You and your classmates, youtube, your book, google, etc, these are your real teachers now. You will now spend more hours in study than you can imagine. Try to have a good handle on the information BEFORE going to class, this will make the lecture much more understandable. Don't sweat the small stuff, just sit back and be entertained by those who do. Enjoy the ride, attitude is everything.
  16. CharlieT

    ACLS....is the exam hard?

    You will have to do a mega code at the end of the ACLS class.