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MikeyBSN has 7 years experience and specializes in ED.

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  1. Housing Accommodations

    Hi everyone: I am conducting some research on housing for travel nurses. Can you provide me with some information? Do travel agencies give you a stipend for housing? Do they ever have pre-selected housing available for you? Any information you can gi...
  2. Are you a "Sister?"

    In many areas of nursing, I hear nurses call each other "sister". As a man in nursing, they call me and other male nurses "brother." I work in the U.S. but I know it's actually more common in other countries. From what I have read, the "sister" desig...
  3. WA Hospitals for ED

    Hello All, can you tell me what hospitals are good in non-Seattle Washington area for a nurse with about 7 years of experience? Specifically, I am looking at the ares of Vancouver, Olympia, and Tri-Cities, though I would consider any other ares you t...
  4. Hi Travelers, I have worked with many travel nurses and they provide good insight on my current hospital as compared to others in other areas and states. For the ED travelers, can you give me any insight on which hospitals, cities, or states have the...
  5. I read that sharing salary information is good for workers and professional sectors in general. There are other salary surveys out there, but I wanted to know what the Allnurses members make based on their location and experience. This is for direct ...
  6. Dermatology NP Advice

    I actually looked into doing dermatology at one point. IF I did an NP Program I would do dermatology, even though most of my experience and passion is ED and Peds. I like the idea of dermatology though because your patients - for the most part - woul...
  7. Opening up a psych office

    In which state are you looking to open?
  8. MSN Practicum Question

    I am considering obtaining an MSN focused in nursing education with the goal of teaching nursing courses. I would like to use an online method with flexible hours since my current schedule is very busy. The concern I have is that the online schools r...
  9. Newborn pictures posted on social media?

    Yes, this is a clear HIPAA violation. Why? 1) the date and time of the birth is in the medical record, which makes it PHI. Plus, 2) the picture of the baby is a clear identifier. My son could be easily identified from his baby pictures alone. You emp...
  10. HIV+/hepC+ fingerstick

    Hi there, you should know that the seroconversion rate for nurses suck with needles from an HIV + patient is very low - and that was before post-exposure prophylaxis. If the patient was on anti-retorviral therapy then that decreases your chances of s...
  11. Dizzy during circumcision

    It sounds like you are not cut out for that kind of nursing. A circumcision is a fairly routine and common procedure; I'm not sure why a nurse would have a problem with it. Maybe you should try something that does not involve physical illness (bloods...
  12. Let's talk: Nursing Shortage?

    There is no "nursing shortage"; my guess is that this is some myth that some educational institution told you before plunging you into tens of thousands of dollars of debt.
  13. Documentation Course

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering who would be interested in a CE topic on documentation. I remember being told how important documentation is, but never having a specific class. I was thinking of getting a class together based on research and legal ...
  14. This isn't true.
  15. Generally, no. Physicians in a hospital are often independent contractors; unlike nurses who are often employed by the hospital. The hospital administration is your "boss". That doesn't mean a physician cannot make a complaint against you, but you...