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S.N. Visit has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Home Health Care.

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  1. I just bought into a Home Health Care Franchise as non skilled at this time. All in all, I think you are looking to start with about $125,000 to get started through the first year. The banks, and SBA are being very tight at this time with lending, as there is no collateral in a home health agency. Just lots of blue sky.
  2. I have severe allergies as well and take 3 rx strength antihistamines daily (optical, nasal and by mouth). Benadryl and other OTC antihistamines are useless to my reactions, so I understand completely about having to take a ton of antihistamines. I am sympathetic to you, however it was your first day, I would have went to work unless I was going into anaphylaxis or mentally impaired from the antihistamines. To answer your question, I'd go to the supervisor but keep in mind that if she or he has never experienced a severe allergic reaction, he/she may also belittle your decision to call in sick. I'd bring a note from my allergist. Best of luck with your new job!
  3. S.N. Visit

    Missing Nursing Student

    I think Holly Bobo is still missing. Investigators found DNA/blood splatters and her lunch box, but I dont think they found her body yet. http://www.newschannel5.com/story/14664721/bobo-search-not-without-success
  4. I was taught in nursing school, after removing the EMLA cream, to use Povidone-Iodine first in a circular motion from inner to outer using 3 circles, then use alcohol prep to remove the Iodine in same manner. Recently I went to a con-ed class, and they told us to first use alcohol & scrub back and forth , zig zag and criss cross over the port. Then use the Povidone- Iodine in the same criss cross zig zag motion not removing the Iodine before inserting Huber needle. This has me wondering, how everyone else is doing their port access when chlorhexidine or chloraprep is not included in the kit?
  5. These are the kinds of questions you will have on the NCLEX. Don't over analyze..Try a Saunders book...
  6. Hands down.... Nursing school was more stressful for me, than working full time as a registered nurse.
  7. S.N. Visit

    To ADN nurses who later went back to get BSN..

    For me.......Yes, with the exception of clinicals.
  8. S.N. Visit

    To ADN nurses who later went back to get BSN..

    I am currently in school for dual BSN/MSN , work full time and have 3 kids and a hubby. Getting the ADN was far more difficult for studying / focusing and that was without being employed! All my community college credits transfered to Graceland University, Lamoni Iowa, so yes, I could complete BSN in a year however I am taking 1 class every 8 weeks and going straight to MSN.
  9. S.N. Visit

    Start as a case manager...huh?

    I've been a Case Manager for over one year now. I still go out into the field & visit all my patients at least q.o.w., but mostly weekly. I do wound Vac's , dressing changes, Sterile Central line dressing changes, Access Ports, blood draws, Change indwelling Cath's, give shots , total body assessments & supervise LPN's & CNA's. I believe I have kept my skills as a case manager, so it depends on the agency. I love no week-ends, holidays, nights or call :)
  10. Literature by Women.......
  11. S.N. Visit

    Do you still use your old nursing school textbooks??

    I've used my lab and drug handbooks on more than one occasion since I graduated in 07'.
  12. Home Health.....
  13. S.N. Visit

    Confused Mom

    This is not true. I am an ADN, RN, currently in the ADN-MSN program at Graceland University, Lamoni , Iowa. I was also accepted into other RN-MSN programs.
  14. S.N. Visit

    Finally a job at a hospital

    That's wonderful news!! Best of luck
  15. S.N. Visit

    What are the worst call in excuses you've heard?

    Now this wasn't a call in, but a refusal of a request to take an extra shift on my day off...I had just gotten a fresh spray tan and couldn't wash my hands for 24hrs...I was told by the Nsg secretary that was the most unique excuse she's ever heard......
  16. S.N. Visit

    I'm now a Graceland Yellow Jacket!

    I applied in March, and heard back on June 28th.....I start Aug 30th....