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  1. dscrn

    A Phone Call

    We tend to get so caught up with patient's rights...that we forget their right to have loved ones care about them. This was a wonderful story. Thanks for going the distance!
  2. dscrn

    Consult yelled at me for giving pen pain meds...

    Agree with specialists having somewhat "localized" vision. Years back, I was taking Inderol for migraine prophalaxis...sp...developed pneumonia with nasty asthmatic comp. Pulmonary said :no more beta blockers,,you just have to "get used to" the headaches...after a chat with my neuro, he decided maybe I should just try a ca channel blocker for the headaches...
  3. dscrn

    becoming a baby friendly hospital

    Are there really hsp that have parents bring in their own formula? What parts of the country? Haven;t heard about this,, What about mom's who are on WIC?
  4. dscrn

    interesting article

    When my niece was due, she told me that she would be delivering on Monday,,,because that's the day her doc delivered,,,,not certain what his section rate is, but bet it's sky high. This country really needs to allow for women to actually go into labor on their own...
  5. dscrn

    Abolishing the Pinning Ceremony

    ...back i n the day, in addition to capping, diploma schools also held striping ceremonies. (students officially advanced to the next level of school) I really see nothing wrong with any ceremony that gives recognition for a job well done...
  6. dscrn

    My dad was a 'throw-away'

    A very good reminder to all. My wishes for a full recovery for your Dad...what a man!
  7. dscrn

    baby friendly questions

    ...some Moms WANT to send baby out of room for a spell-what about their request? I still feel that too much guilt is being laid on..
  8. dscrn

    baby friendly questions

    Change is not easy...I think that the success of this program depends in large part to the sector of people that the hospital serves. And yet, there are still a fair amount of patients who expect to get some rest in the hospital who expect and need to get rest in the hospital...those who do not have family near by to assist, or who have many children at home to care for-and I feel that their needs should not be overlooked...When all is said and done, this trend all comes down to saving money for the hospital..
  9. dscrn

    baby friendly questions

    I am all for skin to skin, bonding, breastfeeding...I really feel that "doing away with nurseries" is a financial measure, pure and simple. Sorry but leaving a newborn at the nurse's station...for whoever" to keep an eye on baby" BAD IDEA. If something like a choking incident were to occur-is the unit secretary expected to intervene? I worked nursery for years, and trust me, there was always plenty to do. What happens to babies who are up for adoption-or on DYFS holds. Where do they go? Is ins charged a larger amount, because there is no nursery..and they must go to special care or NICU. Are all rooms private, and are family members aware, in advance of delivery, that they are expected to stay with mom, and assist her with baby? ONE final question...WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE PATIENT BILL OF RIGHTS??
  10. dscrn

    Nursing and Fibromyalgia

    My advise would to pursue your plan...with realistic goals. It is possible work part time...and I would suggest this. I would advise against 12 hr shifts, because they stress healthy individuals to the max. There ARE nursing jobs that don't require bedside nursing....GOOD LUCK! i WOULD certainly find an MD ho is experienced in FM. There are FM and CFIDS websites that may be of assistance. Also, many find "alternative" therapies helpful First and foremost, respect your body for hat it can...and cannot do.
  11. dscrn

    You know its a seeker when . . .

    agree with toradol...a shot of that and some IV fluids fast...can move the smaller stones along...
  12. dscrn

    "cheesy slough"

    wound vernix...like that..
  13. dscrn

    Who Here "Floats" to Other Units

    Yikes does not begin to describe it. Was floated from OB to Ortho-of course, I got the only pt with a trach,,and a fresh total hip almost at change of shift...still remember "protocol Aand protocol B drugs...still have NO idea of what the devil the orders were about...thank God for unit secretaries!
  14. dscrn

    Who Here "Floats" to Other Units

    Warm bodies suffice, til the you know what hits the fan,,,then it's "you should not have accepted the assignment if you were not comfortable...{
  15. Well...can't really do this without the gross factor...there are some deliveries where mom passes her bowels, along with baby,,if baby has a fair amt of hair...really think this baby needs a good shampoo..