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We all been there. Calling out is something that everyone has to go through at some point. There are some excuses that work and some that you shouldn't use. Share your thoughts on what works, the funniest, and what doesn't. Do you have a good excuse for not going to work?

What works...

"My pipes broke."

What you shouldn't use...

"I got arrested."

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This might not fit the cartoon, but it made me think of it.

Many, many yrs ago, I found the family pet who had been missing for a day.

He was dead, and I was devastated. I knew my husband couldn't come home from work just because our dog died, but I called him anyway. I was so sad.

When he showed up an hr later, I asked how he was able to leave. He told his boss that a close friend of the family had died and he needed to go home.

It was the truth, although "Fido" was more than our friend.

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I'm sure everyone loved it when I called off right before the shift started this summer. I wrecked my car on the interstate on the way there. Very badly. A tractor trailer decided yielding to oncoming traffic while switching lanes was just a suggestion. Hey, he mad at him LOL! Thank god I was wearing my seatbelt that day though, or I may not havegottej away with just a concussion and whiplash.

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I had to call in last semester because I got into a car wreck as well. I was on the highway going to work from school. I truck tried to swerve into my lane and I swerved to avoid them and ended up spinning out and totaling the car after hitting the median. When I called into work my boss acted like she was upset. I had on my seatbelt to and only had minor injuries but it is months later and my knee is still bruised from hitting the dash. My doctor says it is just going to take a long time to heal. I now have panic attacks when i am driving; I can literally feel my heart rate go up when people get to close or pull out in front of me.

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"I left my apartment on fire"

Worked once because the staffing person was speechless.

"I don't feel good.I'm having palpitation and sweaty"..Called in 2 hrs.before my night shift starts.It was a cold winter time,I must have covered myself with too much blankets and the heater was on.Or it could just be from "hot flashes"...:)

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I have diarrhea!!

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I have called in twice in two years. Once for profuse vomiting and the other because I was snowed in. However, a salt truck came through no joke 20 minutes later and I made it 3 minutes late. My friend once called in because she "didn't feel like working." Needless to say she left her position shortly after.

I have cough! very dry cough!

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jtmarcy12 said:
I have diarrhea!!

You have to say catastrophic or they wont believe you.

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I like to label it explosive diarrhea.

I called in 3 hours before my shift at a customer service facility. I informed the supervisor on the line that I was being admitted for observation as I was having frequent contractions and a backache and I was 6 months pregnant. He asked me "Do you think you can come in after they get done observing you?" and I answered "Sure, provided I don't have a premie in the NICU and I'm still healthy." I hung up and swore a lot, then went up to be admitted. Had a message on my answering machine when I got home 9 hours later - "Hey CountryMomma, this is "SupervisorX. You were absent today, and I know you called SupervisorY, but unless this is an emergent condition, we will have to apply three points to your standing, because you didn't call in early enough and it was just observation. Please call us back if you have any questions. See you tomorrow for your shift at 7."

I called HR and raised hell. Sent an email of my arm with the IV site still noticeable, and a tracing of my baby's FHR and my vitals (nurses let me keep a little papercopy for the baby book). Explained what "bedrest for three days" meant, and told them politely what I thought they could do with their three points.

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