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I'm a married mom to three young boys, finally pinned as an RN and wondering which end of the tiger I grabbed. I'm a Pagan and I believe Western Medicine and CAM can walk the same healing path in healing peace!

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  1. CountryMomma

    Pet Peeves with Doctors

    When doctors/residents/interns help themselves to our potluck or staff fridge... it's our food alone unless we offer to share! Especially after I found out the physician's lounge is socked with snacks and water/coffee.
  2. CountryMomma

    Treating Respiratory Failure With Ativan/Lorazapam

    We often treat our anxious vent weaners with Ativan prior to PS reduction. Also treat our symptomatic COPD'ers with it during an exacerbation. Also used quite a bit when our Resp Distress pts are fighting bipap d/t decreased LOC. It sounds like you have not established healthy boundaries with this pt. Nows a good time. I think you might have a few biases at play here that is coloring your dramatic response.
  3. CountryMomma

    Who needs a bigger pat on the back?

    Medical interns. They are just dying for a nurse to call them Dr. And for someone to screw up so they can step in and sore how awesome they are. Apparently professional trolls need attention as well.
  4. CountryMomma

    Seriously?? Small rant.

    Nursing school was pretty steady for me. Not too hard, not too easy. I had the top grades, food loads of volunteer work, and mentored some freshmen in my program. I graduated from a small rural program, class size 9 people. I still reported the MA that gave my mother and I erroneous post-procedural advice regarding use of aspirin and ibuprofen for pain control (despite my mother's borderline kidney function). I don't like people who take all the glory and shirk all the responsibilities.
  5. CountryMomma

    Nurses don't know the lab

    I have recent experience with this. Got a call from Heme lab - rm XXX'S CBC and pt/inr was hemolyzed. We needed to draw a new sample. I happened to be working charge that day, and I didn't remember that patient being on my central line/ PICC list, so I pulled open the chart and verified that yes, in fact, this patient was a lab-draw. After sharing this with the lab person, there was a pause, and the person said, and I quote, "that can't be right. Our samples don't go bad." So. Yeah, they do. It is not just nurses and CNAs, as you say.
  6. CountryMomma

    Best one sentence handoff report

    "Arrived 7h ago, last blood sugar 831, refusing insulin gtt, AMA paperwork ready to go as soon as the primary team educates. Good luck to you and her."
  7. CountryMomma

    baby friendly questions

    Don't assume you know what multips want. Each mother has specific goals and opinions. If you had tried to take my nb to a nursery so "I could sleep" I'd bounce your scrubs-clad bottom out of my room. Baby friendly basics are just that - basic. Don't blame BFI and WHO when the hospitals are the ones going overboard.
  8. CountryMomma

    Nurses Humilated - Illinois

    I'm wondering what nurses with existing disabilities thought of this charade, especially if it was something that would be affected by the "exercises". I know my sciatica would be on fire after being in a bed on a bedpan - I can't lay flat in a bed on my back to start with. Also, with IBS, nobody better come between me and a bathroom. Shady stuff right there.
  9. CountryMomma

    Nurses Humilated - Illinois

    Did the nurses get to scream abusive invective at random staff, throw food and toiletries at staff, and demand irrational things while threatening poor reviews? No? Well then this "exercise" was poorly executed.
  10. CountryMomma

    Transgender Patients

    Come again? It's quite early in the AM but I can't quite figure out how this applies to the OP.
  11. CountryMomma


    I traveled 40 miles, uphill both ways, through 4 ft of snow, by mule... Lol. My commute was only 25min to lecture but up to 3.5 hrs for clinicals. I live in an extreme, yet rural state, so bad weather was more of an issue than traffic/parking. I drank a lot of coffee, listened to a lot of loud music, and offered to carpool. Good tires, an emergency kit, and good music were essential. I used the time to unwind.
  12. How to smoothly convince them (quickly) that my idea/ plan/ outlook is the best way to start. I guess you could say, how to be a better, more subtle, manipulator. For good of course.
  13. CountryMomma

    Do you feel safe reporting errors?

    I'll answer via text, as polls aren't available in the mobile app. No, I don't feel safe reporting near misses. No one asks me the circumstances around any near misses, it's just "unacceptable" and they offer remedial/ refresher classes.
  14. CountryMomma

    What annoys you most in your daily tasks?

    My case managers writing in their notes "floor nurse present/notified". Oh really - its the first I've heard of it but sure, just keep writing it. I love looking like an idiot when I'm the last to find out sweet Grammy had to be ready for her medical transfer to GreyPerms Living Center in two hours, and I find out when the dear daughter starts packing up Grammy's room.
  15. CountryMomma

    Stanford Rape

    I'm walking away. I can feel myself getting irrational/ emotional and wanting to verbally lash out. I highly doubt many people take kindly to having a man explain they weren't really raped, because it wasn't violent enough. I'm a survivor because I will not be a victim. I thought my whole triggered phase was past me - I was wrong.
  16. CountryMomma

    Stanford Rape

    Oh good, it's been so long since I had someone mansplain surviving rape and assault to me.

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