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T.H.R.N. has 15 years experience and specializes in school nursing, home health,rehab, long-.

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  1. T.H.R.N.

    I have the time (to pee)

    I loved the defiant pee too:D!!! I can't think when I have to pee. That isn't exactly true. All I can think is, "I'm about to wet my pants. Find the bathroom. Find the bathroom. Find the BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  2. T.H.R.N.

    Happy nurses week! Failed BSN by .81 points

    My two cents is to retake the course and finish your original plan. You will get past this and move on:yes:.
  3. T.H.R.N.

    How To Do a House Call on a Quadracycle

    How cool is she??!!!!!!
  4. T.H.R.N.

    Happy School Nurses day

    My principal includes me in all of the teacher appreciation gifts. She placed something in our boxes every day this week and will the rest of the week. Admin. brought over ice cream treats for everyone a little while ago. I am very blessed. I hope everyone has a great nurses day! For my fellow nurse's that said no one knows it is School Nurse week. PM me a phone number and I will give a call and tell them they had better recognize.
  5. T.H.R.N.

    Happy School Nurse Day!!!!

    Thank you tnbutterfly:)
  6. T.H.R.N.

    Why I love being a nurse.

    What a wonderful story!
  7. T.H.R.N.


    I hate it for everyone that has to go late because of all the bad weather.
  8. T.H.R.N.


    20 and 1/2.
  9. T.H.R.N.

    Why do parents get mad when you send their kids home???

    Yes, yes, yes. A 1000 times. Everything everyone else posted. And the congregation said, "Amen!" Perfect attendance, field trips, and class parties, and picture day have been the cause of spreading more illness than I can possibly count. You know that is what everyone wants a class picture with your red honey crusted eyelashes to be forever captured in a photograph. "I'm sorry you already paid, I will make sure your money is returned you you." If I had been a woodland critter in Narnia she would have frozen me with her Ice Queen stare.
  10. T.H.R.N.

    Why do parents get mad when you send their kids home???

    I always want to say,"Oh, you should have told the doctor when you delivered that you wanted the child that was never going to cause you to spend money, miss work, or use up your precious time." SMH. Had one indignant dad livid that I interrupted his "bowling guys day out" to come pick up his 103 degrees of temp vomiting kinder kiddo at 11:00 am. It's called responsibility. What the what??????
  11. T.H.R.N.

    Advice..should I stilll take my final?

    Sorry you were in the hospital. Agree with the above posters. Finish strong and when you reapply it will be work that doesn't have to repeated or paid for second time.
  12. T.H.R.N.

    Assertive with your providers.

    Yay! Emergent.
  13. T.H.R.N.

    Assertive with your providers.

    Hello Stargazer, I'm sorry this had to happen. I, like you, have great responses that come fully formulated in the car on the way home. I believe what MrChicagoRN posted was spot on. Practice saying it in the mirror, to friends, and family. Just like an actor runs lines. Because this is how these situations usually come...when you are unexpecting and unprepared with an audience no less. I asked a great veteran nurse early on if that had ever happened or what she would say if it did. She replied, "I tell them my husband and my father don't talk to me like that and I am certainly not going to be spoken to like that by you. Now you can call back, or we can go into this empty room when you calm down and are ready to try this again." If you can imagine it delivered in an extremely proud voice by dignified lady that was 6'2".:)Never had to use it. However, the day isn't over yet.
  14. T.H.R.N.

    The Last Moments of an Army Nurse Killed in Afghanistan

    No words. Only feelings of sorrow and gratitude.
  15. You will have to keep us updated on your new job. I'm so relieved for you:up:
  16. So happy for you!!!!Good riddance MDS