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imintrouble has 16 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in LTC Rehab Med/Surg.

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  1. imintrouble

    To Suction or Not To Suction, End of Life & Hospice Patients

    I only suction the dying patient when the family insists. I try, try, try, to convince them it's pointless and uncomfortable, but sometimes it's all about how the family feels. Not the patient. I've always considered suctioning a form of torture. Secretions build up, suction them out, secretions build up, suction them out. A cycle that simply prolongs the dying process. Not everybody thinks the way I do, so I keep my belief about torture under my hat. I feel the need to explain the torture thing. That's a personal observation. I'm not saying the nurse who suctions is evil and sadistic. Not saying that at all. I'm sure the nurse who thinks suctioning makes the patient more comfortable thinks I'm evil and sadistic. I've even had one or two tell me they thought I was wrong headed about this issue. Maybe when I'm dying, and I'm rattling enough to raise the roof, I'll know which one of is right.
  2. imintrouble

    Real shortage of nurses or bogus?

    There is no nurse shortage where I live. Wages have remained stagnant over the last 5 years. The usual indicators of shortage, such as hire on bonuses and want ads, just aren't here now. As others have pointed out, it's probably geographical.
  3. imintrouble

    Stealing meds?

    Telling you she's stealing meds, has made you an accomplice. Even hearing her say it has made you an accomplice. The way I see it is, silence is consent.
  4. imintrouble

    FBI: Hospice Owner Told Worker to 'Make Patient Go Bye-Bye

    How is it financially beneficial to kill off the people that are paying the bills? Sorry. I read the article and my question was answered.
  5. imintrouble

    HIV Positive Liver & Kidney Donor

    I'm going to post what I'm thinking, and hope nobody finds it offensive. It's going to sound cold blooded, and I don't know how to dress that up. Is it ethical to invest that level of health care resources, in a patient with an unknown future? Is it ethical to deny a patient dying, a way to live, because of financial resources?
  6. imintrouble

    No pain meds in ER??

    The tide is turning on pain control. From giving everybody who asks for an opiate, an opiate, to withholding serious pain meds to those who really need it. Just as the prior system aided the seeker, the new one hurts the patient who actually has intractable pain. There is no middle ground.
  7. imintrouble

    HIPAA violation question

    Where I work, nobody gets away with unauthorized snooping, and the penalty ranges from reprimand to firing. You're a student. What were you thinking? I've seen seasoned nurses fired for HIPPA violations. You're a student. Pray only the hospital sanctions you and not your nursing program.
  8. imintrouble

    If I had a million (or more) dollars...

    I'd retire. I no longer like what I do for a living. Then I'd take all that extra time and figure out what I like to do. A cabin somewhere would be a start.
  9. Sometimes I think I've made every mistake a nurse can make. The good news is I rarely make them twice. Yes, I've left a tourniquet on a patient. it was in the very early years.
  10. imintrouble

    What type of needle do you use when drawing up from glass ampoules

    Filter needle. We only have one kind.
  11. imintrouble

    Would You Address This? My Hospital Stay Was Horrible

    I've complained about bad hospital care. It's been a long time ago, and before I was a nurse. If you need to report it, you need to report it. But since I've become a nurse, I find it much more beneficial to complain about bad care in real time. You will see immediate results, and the impact on the nurse giving substandard care is greater. The time to complain about anything, is when it's happening. I know sick people don't feel like fighting a battle. I wouldn't either. It's just the best way to get things to change.
  12. imintrouble

    Why do minorities have more respect for nurses?

    I read the first page and honestly thought I just wasn't getting it. I thought it was a tongue in cheek thread, and I'm notorious for not getting the joke. Then I figured out that posters were serious. That making negative blanket statements about a segment of the population is ok, as long as it's the majority. Or making positive blanket statements are ok as long as it's the minority. I'm not sure which one is more insulting.
  13. imintrouble

    Is this real? Vein light

    I work in a small rural hospital where there is no US tech after 1900. They can be called in, but I've seen patients wait for several hours for an ultrasound ordered on admit. As far as the show....I liked it.
  14. imintrouble

    Is this real? Vein light

    I watched Code Black on TV last night. There was a similar issue about central line insertion with US. It boiled down to the resident learning the skill without technology, just in case the technology wasn't available. I think the same thing holds true with IVs. On the other hand, I wouldn't be opposed to using the light on certain patients.
  15. imintrouble

    How to File a Complaint against BON

    There's an option on the home page of my BON website to click on complaint.
  16. imintrouble

    Bullied? What the heck is this about?

    I'm at a loss. Behavior as described, is beyond anything in my experience. If you were 12 I'd say she was flirting. But I might be insulting 12 year olds.

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