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  1. imintrouble

    To Suction or Not To Suction, End of Life & Hospice Patients

    I only suction the dying patient when the family insists. I try, try, try, to convince them it's pointless and uncomfortable, but sometimes it's all about how the family feels. Not the patient. I've always considered suctioning a form of torture. Secretions build up, suction them out, secretions build up, suction them out. A cycle that simply prolongs the dying process. Not everybody thinks the way I do, so I keep my belief about torture under my hat. I feel the need to explain the torture thing. That's a personal observation. I'm not saying the nurse who suctions is evil and sadistic. Not saying that at all. I'm sure the nurse who thinks suctioning makes the patient more comfortable thinks I'm evil and sadistic. I've even had one or two tell me they thought I was wrong headed about this issue. Maybe when I'm dying, and I'm rattling enough to raise the roof, I'll know which one of is right.
  2. imintrouble

    Call light misuse and abuse

    We take turns answering those lights. They're so frequent, it's easy to keep tabs on whose turn it is to go. It's a simple kindness we do for each other.
  3. imintrouble

    Real shortage of nurses or bogus?

    There is no nurse shortage where I live. Wages have remained stagnant over the last 5 years. The usual indicators of shortage, such as hire on bonuses and want ads, just aren't here now. As others have pointed out, it's probably geographical.
  4. imintrouble

    Nursing school Q: 1 min/1 question?

    I'm old school. I see the whole question as simple. The boss/instructor gets to make the rules. You get to do whatever you have to do, to answer 45 questions in 45 minutes.
  5. imintrouble

    Come On People, How Stupid Are You??

    are unacceptable abbreviations where I work. We have to write/type out the words. However, it sounds like that wouldn't make a difference either. I often scratch my head over what makes people tick. I'd really like to know how those nurses would answer the "what were you thinking" question.
  6. imintrouble

    Told to fake vital signs

    Never make a complaint without expecting to get caught. Take it from somebody who's a slow learner. You will get caught. They will know it's you. The sorry truth of the matter is that once you make that call, you will suffer more than anybody else. Consider the worst thing that your employer can do to you, and then expect it to happen. Good luck.
  7. imintrouble

    Told to fake vital signs

    That is so funny. Of course at 0230 everything's funny. I had an image of General Patton when I read it.
  8. imintrouble


    I start shaking even before the diluent gets to the vial. A variant of the shake the powder first method. It still takes a while, but getting the diluent to the bottom under the powder helps a little. Mostly I just recognize I have Zosyn to hang, get it mixed early, and let it sit until I need it.
  9. imintrouble

    Stealing meds?

    Telling you she's stealing meds, has made you an accomplice. Even hearing her say it has made you an accomplice. The way I see it is, silence is consent.
  10. imintrouble

    Some days.......

    It's a personality thing. I prefer straight talking. There IS a line between being honest and being brutal, but again, that's in the eyes of the beholder. Ruby Vee is my favorite AN poster for just that reason.
  11. I'm a pretty self aware human being. Warts and all. It's not a facet of my personality I'm proud of, but I would have a hard time remaining friendly with the OP. It's completely unreasonable, but I wouldn't like the OP because management gave her more money than me. I'd go to work every single day fighting my basic inclination to resent the preferential treatment. As I'm an equal opportunity resenter, I'd also dislike management even more than I do. I completely understand the attitude of the OPs fellow nurses. Anybody ever hear the phrase "Don't kill the messenger"? Because of the above, and because I know myself, I never discuss wages. I never ask or give out that info. If some over eager co-worker starts to tell me what they make I tell them I don't want to know and the reason I don't want to know. Just another thought. It might be against federal law to fire for disclosing wages, but management can fire you for 100s of different reasons, or for no reason at all. They just have to lie about the reason you got canned.
  12. imintrouble

    Feeling micromanaged...

    You have my sympathy. There is, I believe, a direct correlation between morale on a unit, and the amount of autonomy exercised. I'm happiest when my employer demonstrates their faith in me, by letting me be the good nurse they know me to be. I'm not advocating letting the staff run amok, just allow for personal variations as long as it's within the rules, and is absolutely safe for the patient. One of the things I loved about nursing was you could have 10 nurses do the same procedure, and none of them would do it exactly the same. And they'd still all be right. I think you're describing the new way of nursing. Scripting and color coded scrubs. Variations are not acceptable.
  13. imintrouble

    What do you hate most about your job?

    I didn't read the whole thread, so skip me if I'm repeating somebody else's thought. I hate the feeling of being powerless. I'm under the thumb of Drs, administration, patients, and ancillary staff. I have enormous amounts of responsibility, but no real power to change the course of my patient's condition, or my own.
  14. imintrouble

    Someone in my charts....

    Our managers are pretty reasonable about the whole HIPAA thing. I'm allowed to access any chart on the unit I work, on the night I work. I might start an IV or foley on a patient for a nurse who's too busy to do it themselves. Or give a PRN to a patient whose nurse is on break. There are lots of reasons I need to access charts other than the patients I'm assigned. I sometimes access an ER chart before a pt arrives to the floor, if that patient is mine. Our facility is pretty laid back, but other area hospitals routinely fire nurses for HIPAA violations. I don't usually read chart notes for fun, and can't say I've seen other nurses do it either. If I did it wouldn't bother me. I might ask what's going on, but just for curiosity. Not out of any kind of moral outrage.