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imintrouble has 16 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in LTC Rehab Med/Surg.

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  1. imintrouble

    Lost job over HIPAA violation

    I routinely accessed the ER chart of a suspected admit, to set up the room and familiarize myself with the patient. We were threatened for this activity, but all the nurses did it, and nobody got fired. Management covered themselves with the threat...
  2. imintrouble

    Tell me I'm being too literal

    Funny you should post the above. We were threatened with our jobs for HIPAA violation if we told anybody how many or who the Covid patients were. It's obvious where the rooms are, when you look at the isolation signs. But it seemed pretty ove...
  3. imintrouble

    Tell me I'm being too literal

    Thanks for all the replies. I figured documentation of deficiencies was how I was going to handle the difference between policy and reality. The stupid thing is, hospitals and nursing homes all over the country are having to improvise with N9...
  4. There has to be a reason for such solidarity. I'm with you. There has to be something more.
  5. I'm not a military person, but the concepts of duty, honor, and integrity are ingrained in the military. I would guess the captain was torn between what was right for the navy, and what was right for the men he was responsible for. His job as a mi...
  6. imintrouble

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    We were given one N95, one yellow surgical mask, and a paper bag to keep them in. That's it. My allotment for the foreseeable future. I work in a LTC in a rural area with very few positive Coronavirus cases. We are mandated to wear masks the w...
  7. imintrouble

    Ohio Hospital Fires 23 After Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

    Weeks ago, when this story hit the news, my first thought was what about the nurses. I wondered what kind of pressure they were under to give a drug and dose they knew would kill. How could they do it? I never considered they didn't know what the...
  8. imintrouble

    To Suction or Not To Suction, End of Life & Hospice Patients

    I only suction the dying patient when the family insists. I try, try, try, to convince them it's pointless and uncomfortable, but sometimes it's all about how the family feels. Not the patient. I've always considered suctioning a form of torture....
  9. imintrouble

    Call light misuse and abuse

    We take turns answering those lights. They're so frequent, it's easy to keep tabs on whose turn it is to go. It's a simple kindness we do for each other.
  10. imintrouble

    Nursing school Q: 1 min/1 question?

    I'm old school. I see the whole question as simple. The boss/instructor gets to make the rules. You get to do whatever you have to do, to answer 45 questions in 45 minutes.
  11. imintrouble

    Come On People, How Stupid Are You??

    are unacceptable abbreviations where I work. We have to write/type out the words. However, it sounds like that wouldn't make a difference either. I often scratch my head over what makes people tick. I'd really like to know how those nurses would...
  12. imintrouble

    Told to fake vital signs

    Never make a complaint without expecting to get caught. Take it from somebody who's a slow learner. You will get caught. They will know it's you. The sorry truth of the matter is that once you make that call, you will suffer more than anybody e...
  13. imintrouble

    Told to fake vital signs

    That is so funny. Of course at 0230 everything's funny. I had an image of General Patton when I read it.
  14. imintrouble


    I start shaking even before the diluent gets to the vial. A variant of the shake the powder first method. It still takes a while, but getting the diluent to the bottom under the powder helps a little. Mostly I just recognize I have Zosyn to hang, ...
  15. imintrouble

    Some days.......

    It's a personality thing. I prefer straight talking. There IS a line between being honest and being brutal, but again, that's in the eyes of the beholder. Ruby Vee is my favorite AN poster for just that reason.