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Our administrator came out with a new form today that all CNA's are to pass out to their residents at the beginning of each shift. It reads: Your servers today will be: nurse______________... Read More

  1. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Customer service is VERY important in LTC especially around here where the competition for patients is very stiff. A few years ago we were all handed cards with the new corporate terminology.
    They're not patients they are residents or customers.
    They don't admit or discharge...they check in or out (is this the Marriot or what)
    They are not train wrecks they are clinically complex.
    And the all time favorite: we don't call them diapers, we call them Protective Undergarments..yep...that's right PU.
  2. by   sesterces
    Nursing School Vs Law School. Hi Ive been reading alot of posts on here and alot of nurses seem to be burnt out, mistreaded by their employers, etc. I'm a 27 year old male and have worked in law offices and restaurants as a waiter, bartender. and I've always liked the restaurants better because you interact with people and are not sitting on your ass all day. I'm concerned about going to Nursing school and then being burned out at 50 with a bad back and regretting not going to Law school. But I know I hate working in offices. Anyone have any advice. I know nursingw ould be a much more difficult job, and nursing school would probably be harder for me as I am really bad at science. I can't make up my mind but need to soon. I think I would enjoy working in a hospital I know alot of nurses and they seem to like it, even though its very hard work. I like work to be busy Crowded restaurants are fun to work in, even though i know its completely different with lives on the line. Also I was a vet assistant in HS and worked under the Dr. who at times could be an ass, so I don't want to be yelled out at doctors all day that think they are all that because I couldnt handle that.
  3. by   RN and Mommy
    too funny!!!!
  4. by   StNeotser
    When I worked in LTC I was called waitress in the dining room, once even by a family member who wanted to know if there were leftovers. This is demeaning and it should say "Your healthcare team" or something like that. You are not a "server" Servers are for Chillis and The Olive Garden.
  5. by   Kelly_the_Great
    So, in order to facilitate therapuetic communications, should you use broad opening statements like, "How may I service you?" when you answer the phone, etc.
  6. by   Nascar nurse
    :chuckle . Thanks to all of you - you have made me laugh at this whole insanity. The form got changed today to read:
    Your caregivers will be:

    Guess I can live w/ this. I still like the tip jar idea for the enemas, etc - LOL. To one of the other posters - I'm really not burned out (at least I try to believe I'm not). It really doesn't even bother me when a resident refers to me as a waitress or such(Most of them are confused or have been around so long that nurses were really just a handmaiden), but it just burns my a$$ when the administrator is demeaning to the nursing staff (and this is par for the course w/ this particular administrator) and then demands "professionalism".

    I think the general public (and this includes family members) needs to figure out if they want a professional nurse or a waitress, because it has gone way overboard to expect both at all costs. I wouldn't dream of asking a waitress to give an enema, start an IV, etc when she's done pouring coffee.
  7. by   Nascar nurse
    Quote from Kelly_the_Great
    So, in order to facilitate therapuetic communications, should you use broad opening statements like, "How may I service you?" when you answer the phone, etc.

    :roll LOL - now we''ve jumped to a whole different profession.. nurse to waitress to ??? Wonder if their little group has such a supportive website. :spin:
  8. by   Chaya
    Um, nope. I do NOT think so!
  9. by   flashpoint
    I once took care of a sweet, elderly Russian man...his English wasn't very good so he referred to all of us as his "servers." He even praised me to the nursing supervisor..."That little one who serviced me today is very, very good," he said...and I never lived it down.

    If anyone else referred to me as a "server" or claimed that I "serviced" them, I would punch them in the nose...
  10. by   smk1
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    Flare lol. I need to watch "Office Space" again.
    Marie, the Office Space special edition DVD is coming out soon and I can't wait. Ummm YEahhhhhh....
  11. by   sloveladyg
    Quote from Sabrina's Mommy
    Are you a nurse or a waitress?
    I think it is insulting and demeaning and puts you in the same realm as a waitress (not that there is anything wrong with being a waitress!) The administrators of long term care facilities, for the most part, seem to be jealous of the nursing department. They know that they are not as educated, and that the nurses, CNAs, etc, really "run" the nursing home!!!
  12. by   nurbac
    I am stunned that nursing administration would concur with such a card. We have dry erase boards in our patient rooms where the RN and care tech write their names so that the patient has a way to easily remember their staff members. This institution may have had such an idea in mind, but its execution is in very poor taste and as a professional nurse I would have to refuse to participate.
  13. by   ecugirl
    Wouln't it be more professional and appropriate to say "Your primary healthcare workers today will be" ? If they've got to say something, at least, that's what we all are and its not sooo degrading.