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Gerontology, Med surg, Home Health
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CapeCodMermaid has 30 years experience as a RN and specializes in Gerontology, Med surg, Home Health.

CapeCodMermaid is an RN who specializes in Gerontology, Med surg, Home Health and is currently a DNS.

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  1. CapeCodMermaid

    Long term care medical director is a jerk!

    I've run into a few docs like that-and NPs too. I just tell them I'm following policy, protecting my license, and suggest they protect theirs. Then I ask them to repeat what they said so I can accurately get the quote for my nurse's note.
  2. CapeCodMermaid

    New to LTC - Charting Question

    Sure- when I get home from work I’ll attach it
  3. CapeCodMermaid

    Plant-based (vegan) mandate for NY hospitals

    No thanks. I’ll take the steak
  4. CapeCodMermaid

    Infection Preventionist

    If it were my only job it wouldn’t be bad but I’m the DNS, SDC, IP, and almost everything else
  5. CapeCodMermaid

    Do you scrub the hub of a PICC between each medication?

    Who said the INS is of questionable reliability? Many policies at many facilities are based on their recommendations
  6. CapeCodMermaid

    Do you scrub the hub of a PICC between each medication?

    Scrub the hub every time. It takes only 15 seconds and could help prevent an infection.
  7. CapeCodMermaid

    DON on cart

    Interesting that the PP is an admin. I think the DNS should be the LAST person to take the cart
  8. CapeCodMermaid


    So that’s NOT the trend around here having DNSs supervise and take a cart overnight. if I were near the beginning or even middle of my career, I do something else. But I will only be working 5 or so more years. Too late to change streams
  9. CapeCodMermaid


    I make time to enjoy myself at work. I don’t feel the need to supervise every minute of every day.
  10. CapeCodMermaid


    I've been a DNS for the last 18 years. My friends ask me why I continue to work in LTC when we're consistently short staffed and looked badly upon by hospital nurses. Here is why: We have a local guy come in once a week to play the piano for the residents. He knows them all by name and knows their favorite songs. I was in the room when he started playing L. Cohen's Hallelulah.. for one of the significantly demented residents. She very rarely says anything that makes sense. I always help out with the sing a long. She mumbled through the verse until the Hallelulah chorus. She went for the low note...I hit the high ones. She took my hand, looked right at me and said "I can't do THAT!" That, colleagues, is the reason I stay.
  11. CapeCodMermaid

    Non-diapering nursing home patients

  12. CapeCodMermaid

    Non-diapering nursing home patients

    I’m sorry about your experience in the SNF-horrible to say the least. We do the best we can. We have 5 CNAs for 41 residents so our staffing is better than the region’s average, but even with that, not everyone can be toileted exactly when they want to be. It’s not just SNFs. Last time I was in the hospital (as a patient) the nurses told me I couldn’t get up without help. OK but after 40mg of IV push ladies.... my call light was on for more than 25 minutes. I got up and took myself to the bathroom. 15 more minutes later a nurse finally showed up and yelled at me for getting out of bed alone.
  13. CapeCodMermaid

    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    I would come in from work through the basement and put my scrubs in the washing machine before I went up to the house. I didn’t want to expose my kids to God knows what.
  14. CapeCodMermaid


    Lol. I ALWAYS put a time limit on my POC stuff. I have 10 more days of ridiculous audits left with the POC we submitted
  15. CapeCodMermaid


    Thanks. I don’t know why she did anything she did🤡
  16. CapeCodMermaid


    My predecessor reported everything to the DPH. Fall with a bruise- report. Fall with a tiny cut- report. Now they expect me to report all this. I’m sure the regs says report falls with major/significant injury. Am I missing something? I’ve been a DNS for years.