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CapeCodMermaid has 30 years experience as a RN and specializes in Gerontology, Med surg, Home Health.

CapeCodMermaid is an RN who specializes in Gerontology, Med surg, Home Health and is currently a DNS.

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  2. CapeCodMermaid

    Can we have a punching bag in the break room?

    I had one of those in my dorm room during nursing school. Great stress reliever
  3. CapeCodMermaid

    Help With New DON Position

    From what I’ve heard, the focus for survey this year is everything infection control and immunizations. Make yourself a schedule knowing it will change depending on what goes on. Monday weights and skins, Tuesday Falls, Wednesday psychotropics rev...
  4. WHY does she have access to the narc drawer??? Maybe SHE took the med and is blaming you.
  5. My first job as a nurse manager of a subacute unit--second day on the job. I had 4 admissions, 3 discharges, 3 people go out rescue-yes I was doing compressions (they all lived by the way) and at the end of the day, instead of a GOOD JOB I got a "Mrs...
  6. CapeCodMermaid

    Patient complaint - Did I mishandle this situation?

    I’ve been a nurse for almost 40 years. Unless the patient specifically asks to be woken up for medication, I wouldn’t wake them up for pain meds. I’ve also been a patient more times than I’d like. I have wicked insomnia. I always ask the nurses to le...
  7. CapeCodMermaid

    Memory care-Can you pass meds in the dining room?

    Is this a SNF? We would get cited for pre-pouring meds
  8. CapeCodMermaid

    Memory care-Can you pass meds in the dining room?

    Best way around this: get an MD order and care plan it. Sometimes you get one shot to give someone with dementia their meds.
  9. CapeCodMermaid

    Understaffed and overwhelmed

    The work load in LTC, especially for the CNAs won't change until something drastic happens. My facility has good staffing and luckily we've remained Covid free, but I've been in other facilities where the staffing was 2 aides for 40 residents on a de...
  10. CapeCodMermaid

    Memory care-Can you pass meds in the dining room?

    1. She is NOT an RN so she can't sign RN 2. No meds should be given in the dining room unless the directions indicate give with food or the resident requests ir
  11. CapeCodMermaid

    New to LTC - Charting Question

    Sure- when I get home from work I’ll attach it
  12. CapeCodMermaid

    RN Disciplined While Waiting On Covid 19 Result

    So the word is quarantine not quantine. Your word should be attorney or something like that. If you are following the directions given to you by occupational health, the hospital has an obligation to pay you.
  13. CapeCodMermaid

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): We Want to Hear from You

    No SNF I’ve ever worked in had had N95 masks. We have stopped allowing visitors, check residents’ temps twice a day and employee temps when they arrive at work. Only one confirmed case in my county as of yesterday.
  14. CapeCodMermaid

    Coronavirus mask shortage

    We order as many masks from our supplier as we can every week. I’ve got them locked in my office. We’re stocking up on yellow gowns and buying extra gloves too. A few years ago there was a shortage of masks during influenza season.
  15. CapeCodMermaid

    Plant-based (vegan) mandate for NY hospitals

    No thanks. I’ll take the steak