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  1. Keepstanding

    Chicken Pox Protocol

    Could any of you School Nurses share what your protocol is for students with SUSPECTED chicken pox ? Do you exclude the student with the questionable pox/papule/rash and do you ask the parent to get them checked because they MAY be contagious?? Thanks
  2. Keepstanding


    well, one teacher wished me happy school nurses day yesterday. all 125 other's didn't mention it.............feeling a little underappreciated today
  3. Keepstanding

    Happy School Nurse's Day!

    happy nurse's day right back at ya !! celebrate !! woohoo !!
  4. Keepstanding

    It's Official!!

    You are what ??? You never said........Please fill us in !!
  5. Keepstanding

    If you could meet an AN member who would it be?

    does anyone remember marielpn ??
  6. Keepstanding

    Am I hard of hearing?

    huh ??? what did ya say ??? speak up ??? ...........lol praiser :heartbeat
  7. Keepstanding

    What Teacher's Really Want ??

    did ya ever get the feeling that all teacher's really want is for you to send their students home ?? i do. every day. i could make them all happy if i complied with their wishes. i thought we were suppose to insure that kids stay in school ?? or was i mistaken about that ? praiser
  8. Keepstanding

    This always makes me CrAzY...

    Some day's you're the windshield........some day's you're the bug !! Lately I am the big , fat, green bug !! Hope things improve for you !! Praiser
  9. Keepstanding

    I got a surprise this morning....

    Congratulations ! Everything will be great ! So happy for you !! Praiser
  10. Keepstanding

    Who's ready for Spring Break??? (this is a vent)

    hell yes i'm ready for spring break !!
  11. Keepstanding

    Random Question: med keys?

    Hi Purple ! I keep my med cart keys with me. The office has the extra keys to my cart and the clinic. I do not trust hiding them here somewhere.
  12. Keepstanding

    On what planet does it make sense...

    just when you think you've heard it all...........there's more !
  13. Keepstanding

    Logging students in ??

    Thanks Chiefswife ! Can you tell me where you purchased the cards from.? (stationary store, etc???) Thanks so much for your help ! Praiser :heartbeat
  14. Keepstanding

    Logging students in ??

    i am wanting to go to a new system next year for logging students in to the clinic. we do not use an electronic system. i just log them into a spiral bound notebook. with over 1200 kids it's getting frustrating !! i would like to go to single cards for each student and keep them in a small file box. is there anyone out there who uses this kind of system ?? i would love to know where to purchase these cards. thanks everyone !! praiser :redbeathe
  15. Keepstanding


    allowing tired/sleepy kids to sleep in the clinic is a bad thing to start. they will be exposed to lot's of illness's while they are there taking a nap. they will leave there with more than just sleepiness ! praiser :redbeathe