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Keepstanding has 10 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. Keepstanding

    Wearing hoods inside your building.

    Curious..... Are your students allowed to wear hoods in the building ?
  2. Keepstanding

    Increase in bad student behavior.

    Do you see an increase in angry, disruptive and explosive behavior ? I am seeing it across all ages/grades at my schools. Angry outbursts, throwing chairs, turning over tables and trashing classrooms. I am appalled at this behavior. What’s worse is Administration won’t expel the offenders. What are you school nurses seeing in your schools ?
  3. Keepstanding

    What do teachers think about school nurses?

    THIS ! Amen and Amen !!
  4. Keepstanding

    Why ? Just Why ?

    Defend: To Resist attack. Protect. Safeguard. Justify. Vindicate. Explain. Why are school nurses in a constant state of Defending what and why we do something ? We are charged with this position where we are the lone medical “expert” in the building, yet everyone thinks they know all things medical. Administration over rule your nursing judgement, teachers try to dictate what and how you will do something and some parents think you are their own personal nurse and expect you to do whatever they want you to do for their child. Is it just me or what ??
  5. Keepstanding

    Chicken Pox Protocol

    Could any of you School Nurses share what your protocol is for students with SUSPECTED chicken pox ? Do you exclude the student with the questionable pox/papule/rash and do you ask the parent to get them checked because they MAY be contagious?? Thanks 🙄
  6. Keepstanding

    When Teachers Try to Throw You Under the Bus

    I've seen this over and over and over again !! We are medical and they are educational. We are outnumbered and our opinions matter very little. I gave up a long time ago. You will never please them. They will "throw you under the bus" almost always. I just go in each day and do my best for the students. To be honest, I don't trust teachers or administrators. Sad... I know....but I've been forced to adopt this attitude over many years of school nursing.
  7. Keepstanding

    Not today!!

    FABULOUS JOB !! So proud of you !! YOU ROCK !
  8. Keepstanding

    911 call

    I would say you did your job with EXCELLENCE !!! Never feel bad about protecting a child who has incurred a head injury. Always err on the side of safety. Well done my new nurse friend !!
  9. Keepstanding


    You Rock !!
  10. Keepstanding

    Enablement Overload

    SCHOOL NURSE STRONG !! I have no doubt that each and every one of my school nurse friends love and go far beyond their job description for "our" students. We are a strong group and we support each other. So try as you will.......we will not be unshaken !!
  11. Keepstanding

    Enablement Overload

    We (society) are raising a lot of " soon to be adults " who have NO coping skills. Yes, even a five year old can have coping skills !! How will they stand the pressure of a coach telling them they need to toughen up ? Or a Teacher admonishing them to study for their upcoming test ? How will they survive the work force ( which is very competitive) ? Do we really want wimpy Marines defending our country ? I'm not saying ALL kids are snowflakes, but the vast majority are these days. I fear the shape of our world in several decades. I don't know about the rest of you, but when I get a student in my clinic who is legitimately sick......I LOVE helping them until parents arrive. ( not that I want any child sick ) , but 9 out of 10 of my clinic visits are for trivial things. Things that (age appropriate) kids who have healthy coping skills can easily handle......if they were taught by parents who give a crap. Sorry...not Sorry.. Truth...
  12. Keepstanding


    OldDude......your words brought tears of joy when I read it ! Beautiful !! Simply Beautiful í ½í¸!
  13. Keepstanding

    Teachers ??

    Greetings! Wishing you all a Fabulous new school year ! Question: How do you get along with the teachers in your school ? Do you feel respected ? Do you feel like a valued staff member ? Thanks !
  14. Keepstanding

    Using School Computer

    Hello Fellow School Nurses ! Just curious if you use your school computer for reading and posting things on AN during working hours ? If so, has anyone called you down on this ? What was the outcome ?
  15. Keepstanding

    Sometimes, you get something right

    Well Done my Friend !You make us all very proud !
  16. Keepstanding

    Changing kids clothes and cleaning them

    Don't do it !! Call the parent if they are incapable of properly cleaning themselves. I've had parents yell at me for giving their child clean spare clothing that I keep for those times when I can't reach a parent. Snowflake didn't like what I gave them to wear. In this day of lies, accusations and fake news....I choose to stay out of the fray.