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  1. boulergirl

    Do patients/families that are hostile, rude affect your morale?

    I recently got sucker-punched by one of my dementia residents, and guess what? The family tried to put the blame on me. They said I don't speak his language (I'm a "white American", what do I know, right?) Never mind that I cued him in Spanish as I always have. He hit me when I least expect it. Granted, maybe he "doesn't know what he's doing", but someone mentioned to me that he was abusive in the past. Anyway, I went to the ER for this...at least I didn't need stitches, didn't lose any teeth, and that resident is living in another facility.
  2. boulergirl

    The most embarrasing thing you've done at work!

    I have an embarrassing moment, but it's something one of our residents did. He has dementia, can't hear well, and he mumbles when he talks--nonsense usually comes out. Anyway, someone called our facility...and he answered the phone! Another time one of my co-workers got a call from her son, and this resident answers the phone again! He mumbled something odd and I think the other guy hung up. Later, he asked his mom, "What in the heck was that?!? Were you playing a trick on me?" :rotfl:
  3. boulergirl

    Holy cow - what are people thinking

    At a staff meeting recently our administrator mentioned the story of the woman who disappeared from a facility and the fact that the CNA was charged with negligence. This was meant to scare us into being more vigilant. My co-workers have been a little more nervous since then.
  4. My uncle died a few years ago of bone cancer. Unfortunately, he might be living today if he'd gotten a bone marrow transplant when he first needed it. Mom was a perfect match for the transplant, but they had a disagreement and he disowned her for TWO YEARS. By the time they reconciled, the transplant was too late. He also smoked, even the day of the tranplant, and from what I understand, he was treated with radiation as well and the level given him was a bit too high. His lungs slowly turned to leather until he passed away.
  5. boulergirl

    Off topic: How do you keep house?

    Keep house? What's that? :rotfl: No, seriously, I DO get some cleaning done (I now live with an 18-year-old whose parents stop by every weekend to make sure everything's under control, the house is clean, tenants are paying rent, etc.). Every now and then the floor sees a broom and the carpet sees a vacuum. I kept a sign in one apartment I lived in. It's a girl whose pigtails are standing up and it says "Housework makes you UGLY". Nuf said.
  6. boulergirl

    You can and will take it with you!

    Doesn't it just amaze you how much STUPID STUFF they can come up with in management in corporate offices??? :smackingf
  7. boulergirl

    Nurses are overpaid!

    So what happens if a GIRL does it? Oh gosh, maybe their minds were so small back then that they couldn't wrap their little brains around the possibility. (But at least girls don't lose eggs that way.) P.S., On Oprah's show I heard that masturbation is a great way to deal with cramps during your period. Hmm...I guess the uterus cramps more, causing the yucky stuff to come out faster, which makes your period go away faster. :doh:
  8. Um, Tweety, who's in charge here? That would be you, right? I thought techs were supposed to TAKE orders from the nurse, not GIVE them. Sounds like Miss Thang needs a little smack upside the head...but of course that's not professional. Ah, well. Time to bring out the secret weapon...the little write-up slip.
  9. boulergirl

    Does your Hospital do this?

    Our facility (ALF) served a traditional Christmas meal for lunch (turkey and such), and had brown-bag sandwich meals set up for dinner (sandwich, chips, cookie and a drink. Those kitchen ladies were sure in a hurry to get out of there too! They locked up the kitchen by 2 PM, and instructed us to put the bag lunches in each person's fridge so they could eat it at their leisure that evening. We had a LOT of residents going out to eat with family or returning from eating with family so this worked out pretty well.
  10. boulergirl

    Whose resposibility is it to ask a patient..

    If I was treated like that poor old man was, I'd be MORTIFIED!! I am very uncomfortable with dressing/undressing in front of other people and always have been. Maybe this makes me an overly modest person...so be it. But if a doctor exposed ME to a male student, I'd be making a LOT of noise about it.
  11. boulergirl

    shaving cream to clean dirty butts??

    The other night I got an idea. I heard someone mention that they don't like using Desitin Creamy on their child because it just slides off, unlike regular Desitin. What do ya think? Would Desitin Creamy be a good alternative?
  12. boulergirl

    I Double Dawg Dare You, Do It!

    We had a resident who was clearly artistic in nature, and she reminded me of my mom, who was an art major in college. One night I happened to bring up my mom's hobby in conversation (she rubber stamps and makes greeting cards) and this resident asked me if Mom could make her a birthday card for her grandchild. Because it was a one-time request, Mom made it for free. When my resident saw the card, she was amazed. She told me it was beautiful and much better than she imagined it would be. A short time later, she moved, and I just learned that she is in a wheelchair now. It makes me feel better to know that I was able to make a difference in her life when I had the chance.
  13. boulergirl

    Was I wrong to refuse to help?

    I thought of another thing. When I was reading about this former coworker the OP is dealing with, it reminded me of a coworker that I have to deal with on occasion. Normally, my coworkers and I know how to compromise and work with each other as adults, and get along fine. But ONE girl I work with is a pain in the rear. She has an abrasive personality, tells me rather than asks me to do things, and has tried, more than once, to manipulate me into doing her job. I have to put my foot down with her and tell her how it's gonna be...otherwise she walks all over me. I am so done with that.
  14. boulergirl

    Was I wrong to refuse to help?

    A couple of the posts here bothered me. I keep thinking, if the OP were a MALE nurse, would they be labeled as "catty" or "pretty nasty", just because they stood up for themselves and didn't take crap from a former co-worker? I could be mistaken, but it seems that (most) men don't get so caught up in all that drama. They let someone know when they're out of line and don't let it upset them if the other person gets their feelings hurt.
  15. boulergirl

    Greatest code brown stories!

    I have a couple of stories for ya: When I worked as a very young CNA in LTC, I was assigned to clean up a HUGE diarrhea mess left by one of the patients. The whole bed--blanket, sheets, etc.--were covered in poop. So was the lid of her lunch tray (don't know how that happened.) Ewwww :barf01: :barf01: More recently, we had a couple of residents who liked to collect their turds--one lady wrapped her poo balls nicely in toilet tissue and tucked them away in her dresser. The other one put them on display in piles on her headboard at night. Lovely smell. Two incidents I didn't witness, but heard about at work, involved a male resident who went to a female resident's room and proceeded to crap, standing up. Female resident comes to complain about him, the NA on duty was about to leave, so she told the housekeeper to please clean up the mess. So the housekeeper almost pukes when she sees the huge turd on the floor and almost chucked her breakfast while cleaning up the stuff.) Another time one of the residents had projectile diarrhea ALL OVER her room (and this lady is tiny). One of my coworkers told me the room looked like a crime scene and she freaked out. Thankfully the maintenance man was there to help her get it clean.
  16. boulergirl

    shaving cream to clean dirty butts??

    This might be a good idea for a couple of our residents. There's nothing worse than having to clean a super-hairy man's butt when it's full of pasty poo. So what does the shaving cream do? Does it help the poo separate from the hair easily? Is it safe to use on the testicle area as well? (I know this area can be sensitive, though. We had a resident whose family members had done peri-care on him using Lac-Hydrin, then wondered why his balls were red and raw. They had no idea the stuff had alpha-hydroxy in it, the same stuff Mom uses on her face as an exfoliant!)