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  1. Am I too old to become a nurse?

    Well, I'm considering nursing school as an option myself and I'm 42. Part of me thinks this path is insane, given all the obstacles I would have to overcome. But I did get accepted into nursing school 20+ years ago. Maybe I can do it again! OP, it ...
  2. Introducing #SilentNoMore

    In early 2006 I was sucker-punched by a resident in assisted living. He had recently moved into our facility from another country and spoke no English. He had dementia and a past history of violent behavior. Our managers figured the Spanish-spea...
  3. Whose resposibility is it to ask a patient..

    If I was treated like that poor old man was, I'd be MORTIFIED!! I am very uncomfortable with dressing/undressing in front of other people and always have been. Maybe this makes me an overly modest be it. But if a doctor exposed ME to a ...
  4. shaving cream to clean dirty butts??

    The other night I got an idea. I heard someone mention that they don't like using Desitin Creamy on their child because it just slides off, unlike regular Desitin. What do ya think? Would Desitin Creamy be a good alternative?
  5. I Double Dawg Dare You, Do It!

    We had a resident who was clearly artistic in nature, and she reminded me of my mom, who was an art major in college. One night I happened to bring up my mom's hobby in conversation (she rubber stamps and makes greeting cards) and this resident asked...
  6. Was I wrong to refuse to help?

    I thought of another thing. When I was reading about this former coworker the OP is dealing with, it reminded me of a coworker that I have to deal with on occasion. Normally, my coworkers and I know how to compromise and work with each other as adult...
  7. Was I wrong to refuse to help?

    A couple of the posts here bothered me. I keep thinking, if the OP were a MALE nurse, would they be labeled as "catty" or "pretty nasty", just because they stood up for themselves and didn't take crap from a former co-worker? I could be mistaken, but...
  8. Greatest code brown stories!

    I have a couple of stories for ya: When I worked as a very young CNA in LTC, I was assigned to clean up a HUGE diarrhea mess left by one of the patients. The whole bed--blanket, sheets, etc.--were covered in poop. So was the lid of her lunch tray (do...
  9. shaving cream to clean dirty butts??

    This might be a good idea for a couple of our residents. There's nothing worse than having to clean a super-hairy man's butt when it's full of pasty poo. So what does the shaving cream do? Does it help the poo separate from the hair easily? Is it saf...
  10. **Organ Donation**

    I'm an organ donor, but my mom is no longer in favor of it. Not sure why--I think she read somewhere that you have to be alive when they harvest your organs. So family can override the donor status. Oh, goodie. I wouldn't be surprised if Mom objec...
  11. Cna or Activity Director Advice?

    Another thing: I've noticed that our mgmt. is trying to use the activities directors to check up on us from time to time to see if we're doing our jobs (i.e., checking all briefs on the Alzheimer unit to make sure we've written our initials/time/date...
  12. Cna or Activity Director Advice?

    I can give you my observations. We have two Activity Directors where I work: One has experience working in daycare, and currently does activities with residents in the Alzheimer's unit. The other, who is in charge of the department, has a journalism...
  13. CATS AND SCHIZOPHRENIA/ this is so stupid

    What about the risk of getting schizo if your neighbor burns their cat? I was sleeping one evening, and I kid you not, I woke up to the smell of BURNING CAT. Apparently their dogs got hold of their cat and killed it, so the neighbors put their kitty...
  14. Person who has a seizure

    I had a debate with my coworkers about this. They firmly believe that you should put something in their mouth and their argument is that the tongue could fall to the back of the mouth, blocking the airway, and then they could die. I tried to explain ...
  15. Wow... Some people are just sick.

    This is why I never hand over all my keys when I take it to the car shop, either.