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  1. StNeotser

    Do you ever wish you were a doctor?

    No I haven't wished I were a doctor. Nobody has ever asked me that. Though sometimes I have looked at physical therapy assistants and physical therapists with some envy. Only because patients and other members of staff blame everything on nursing ...
  2. StNeotser

    Only Crusty Old Bats will remember..

    LOVE this thread. We have no pyxis on our ten bed unit and I could still take narc keys home and still have to count narcotics.
  3. StNeotser

    Only Crusty Old Bats will remember..

    I think she means that they were admitted the night before instead of the day of.
  4. StNeotser

    Doctors without Borders refusing free Pfizer vaccines

    Thanks. I didn't think of that one. I'll be interested in seeing the outcome of the stand MSF is taking.
  5. Doctors Without Borders Refuses Vaccines from Pfizer - The Atlantic I'm not sure where I stand on this one. I feel they should have accepted the vaccines, yet I understand why MSF are taking this position. What are your thoughts?
  6. No, I never do. A 12 hour shift means at least around 14 hours out of the house due to commute and giving shift report. This is when everything went smoothly. Often it doesn't. Either I have leftovers, frozen Lean Cuisine meals or something my oth...
  7. StNeotser

    A Day in Memory Care/ Dementia

    I don't work memory care but I visit sometimes with hospice. One man at the locked door to the unit told me he was visiting his wife and he didn't know how to get out. I was slightly suspicious and looked around the room, then his wife came up and...
  8. StNeotser

    Hard Truth of Nursing

    Mr Bill, I switched to hospice home health after feeling as you do. My pay came way down but I'm so much happier. See if there is something different you can do with that BSN. You don't have to work in a hospital at all.
  9. StNeotser


    My experience with working at a perpetually short staffed floor or facility is the short staffing perpetuates the staff turnover. Working short a little can be done, but months at a time takes a toll on anyone. The workplace needs to be adequately...
  10. StNeotser

    Hobbies off duty as a Nurse?

    I like hiking, gardening, and go to the gym on most days I am off. In the winter when there is no gardening to do, I do cross stitch and drink. :)
  11. StNeotser

    Forced to get flu shot or wear a mask

    I think it's been mandatory for me for at least three years. I don't have a reaction and I don't care. I just get the shot and show'em the proof. I cannot go around for four months wearing a mask.
  12. StNeotser

    AN is the nice part of the internet

    Years ago I used to frequent a stop smoking forum. It was around 1999/2000 so back before anything was moderated much. People would cuss you out on that forum. Nicotine deprived people are crabby the first few weeks I suppose.
  13. StNeotser

    From one RN to another - how to thank a hospice nurse?

    I agree with Nutella, find out everyone's name that you want to thank and then write a letter to the CEO mentioning them all by name. That does it for me more than a plate of brownies.
  14. StNeotser

    showering: before or after work

    IF I'm doing telephone triage then only before. If I did home visits or worked on the floor then before and after, and yes it's time consuming when doing back to back twelves but I feel grubby showering, going to sleep and then just going to work st...
  15. StNeotser

    What's Rude?

    Oh I don't think so. I have probably said the "no problem" thing too. That's why I find these threads so interesting is that there are behaviors we have that may annoy others. Whether people are justified in their annoyance is another thing.