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  1. Nascar nurse

    Losing my religion

    I 100% agree with everything you've said but I'll get my popcorn ready because someone is sure to come along & preach why you are misinformed.
  2. Nascar nurse

    Hearts and Entertainment

    Yeah!!!!!!! Happiness from Viva. (Balloons and hugs). Glad you got your groove back.
  3. Nascar nurse

    You Can't Go Home Again

    Oh you've given me goose bumps - the story could have been mine. I started in a run down old building just as you describe with the constant attempts to modernize. I was a mere 19 year old LPN. The first couple of years we gained a group of about 6 of us - all young - all green as grass. There were a couple of older nurses and one "mean ole" medical records lady who were the crusty old bats of the facility. Somewhere along the way those crusty old bats slowly molded the six of us into crusty old bats as well and this team managed to stay together for nearly FIFTEEN years. The crusty old bats retired and that group of young LPN's turned into mostly management RN's and even one administrator. Within a span of 5 years every one of us have left for bigger and better opportunities. I drive by that old facility and will always remember it as home. It was truely the house that built me into what I am today....or rather it was those crusty old bats that did it. We are still a family. Always wishing we could get together more often but generally only making it to weddings and funerals. The day of that "mean ole" medical records lady's funeral sat a huge bouquet of white carnations with 6 red roses. After 15 years together, she had become the Mom to that young group of nurses. Home is really in the heart - not in old walls.
  4. Nascar nurse

    Who the Heck Am I Now??

    RN/Writer is a writer and I am not....she put it in better words than I could have ever come up with but it is everything I wished to say. Is it bad to leave it as a big strong DITTO!
  5. Nascar nurse

    Bad Decision -- Huge Amount of Debt, Need Advice

    35K is only about $16/hr. Are you sure this is all the starting pay is? How about overtime hours or even a part time second job?
  6. Nascar nurse

    Something is wrong with me. Guess I shouldn't be a nurse

    Awe, this made me grin. I wanted to be a nurse since I was 5 or 6. They made me take one of these stupid tests in high school. The results...I would be an awful nurse. Cried for couple days before Dad stepped in and told me to knock it off..it was only a stupid piece of paper. "Only thing gonna stop you from being a great nurse is YOU". After 25 years as a "great nurse" I believe it was good advice for me & I think probably good advice for you too! You are being unfair to yourself. You haven't even given yourself an opportunity to develop organization or time management skills...You've just decided you can't do it. It takes time...LOTS OF TIME (maybe even a year or two). So "Knock it off. The only thing gonna stop you from being a great nurse is YOU" Good luck
  7. Nascar nurse

    Please help Failed Nursing Classes

    Oops, I responded above before reading the entire thread. I understand you are not an English major and I am far from a grammar police but you really need to understand that your glaring lack of basic spelling and grammar is probably playing a significant part in your lack of progress of your goals. This forum can be extremely critical of anyone who doesn't fit their ideal of perfectionism but in the end, it doesn't matter what THEY think. But, on the other hand, don't you think it's probable that your instructors are judging you the exact same way...and their opinion DOES matter. If you present yourself in writing as having a "lower" class of education, don't you think it's possible that your work will be scrutinized even closer...that they may look for the proof they assume they will find that you are not as capable as someone else. Sorry my friend, it's a very competitive world out there. Just trying to help you see how it may all tie together. Just my $0.2 and something for you to think on. Peace!
  8. Nascar nurse

    Please help Failed Nursing Classes

    Was thinking the same thing. I will leave it alone as you were as tactful as possible.
  9. Nascar nurse

    LTC Emergencies - Not prepared!

    My opinion...The first rule regarding codes in LTC is to do your best to not let it go there. If they are a full code I try to ship them out at the first sign of circling the drain. I have been known to call 911 FIRST, then call family, MD and notify supervisior. I know some of you would get in big trouble for this, but it has saved a life more than once. You just have to be right - no calling 911 first for something silly like constipation (LOL, but have seen it done). In the event of a code in LTC it tends to be all hands on deck as soon as someone calls the code. The nurse usually starts directing traffic - assign someone to go get backboard, O2, suction, etc. Assign someone to call 911 and prepare to direct the responders to the exact point you need them. Assign another nurse if available to start transfer papers. Assign someone to start CPR. Many of these tasks can be done by staff other than a nurse. In LTC there is rarely more to be done that BLS and hope the heck responders don't get caught by a train! Hope this helps.
  10. Nascar nurse

    Advice Needed

    Always glad to give you an opinion CCM. But you know..opinions are like buttholes, everyone has got one. Send me an IM if you think I can help.
  11. Nascar nurse

    Dr Oz and Aspirin

    Give ASA ASAP. 80% allergic??? never heard this.
  12. Coumadin - a nasty little toxic medication that can surely kill someone if used incorrectly and if not monitored properly. 44 years old, a history of 2 prior DVT/PE's and a diagnosis of Factor V. The end result, I will now be on one of the most deadly/toxic medications for the rest of my life & I am ever so grateful that this medication is available to me. The alternative stinks. I've been lucky that those first two PE's didn't kill me. Now maybe I can avoid the third.
  13. Nascar nurse

    Where are the candy stripers?

    I was a candy striper about 30 years ago..haven't seen one since
  14. Nascar nurse

    Appalled at LTC standards of nursing care

    This is absolute abuse and should NEVER be tolerated. This needs to be reported. I can assure you that this is not normal in every facility. If I knew this had happened in my facility people would be immediately suspended pending investigation with termination once investigation complete.
  15. Nascar nurse

    DON interview

    Thanks a bunch. All great advice!