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Nascar nurse has 37 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in LTC, Hospice, Case Management.

CNA to LPN to RN.

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  1. Nascar nurse

    Remote Nursing Job Advice

    Do a search on Indeed or any other job search platform & look for positions for any of the major insurance companies. There are many opportunities for preservice authorization &/or appeals. As an FYI, you’ll still find yourself mi...
  2. Nascar nurse

    Covid-19: The Guilt of the Work From Home Nurse

    I have also worked from home in case management for the past year & half. Prior to that, I’ve spent 30+ years in long term care or hospice. I also asked my employer for some time off to go help my community & was denied. I too felt the gui...
  3. Previous SNF/LTC Director of nursing and previous hospice nurse here: There’s 2 sides to this financial story that you all may not be familiar with. Example: Pt returns from acute care with orders for hospice (but could possibly meet SNF guidelines...
  4. Nascar nurse

    Can an ADON be an unlicensed Person?

    They could hire a monkey & give it the title of ADON. Anyone could reasonably be in charge of the clerical type work of many ADONS...hiring, attendance monitoring, finding coverage etc. Only a licensed nurse should be directing care practices. ...
  5. Yes, I’m questioning as this progresses how we’re ever going to isolate so many ppl for 14 days. It’s just not possible to shut down a nation for 2 weeks.
  6. Nascar nurse

    Lab Coat or No

    I like lab coats because my business clothes don’t give me enough pocket space! My favorite was a lab jacket vest. It does appear more casual/shows a willingness to get my hands dirty but still got pocket space. I’ve worn them to about every DON j...
  7. Nascar nurse

    Shift supervisor with zero orientation

    Get a copy of your job description and go from there. It's sad but this happens so frequently. Check in with your direct supervisor and make sure their expectations align with what the job description says.
  8. Nascar nurse


    You are not crazy at all. Years ago I had worked at a facility for nearly 20 years. Was a long time successful MDS coordinator and had advanced up to ADON for a couple years. While ADON, I applied twice for an open MDS regional spot and was turned...
  9. Nascar nurse

    Christmas Gifts For Residents

    My activities director does an awesome job of coordinating with all the local churches to get enough gifts donated for everyone. Small community and small facility, but awesome participation.
  10. Nascar nurse

    Nasal Irritation From Crushing Medications?

    I've never had a problem with crushed meds but back in the day when I passed multiple doses of Metamucil I finally got to the point I had to take Benadryl. Eventually had to pass it off to other nurses to give.
  11. Nascar nurse

    Issuing a sincere apology...

    Thank you - it takes a big person to own up and right a wrong. Best of luck to your future.
  12. There's your answer in your own words. You have no proof that she did this. There's nothing further you can do
  13. Makes me think of my time being in hospice. Went to a home of a patient & their family that I really liked despite the fact they were a little "off". I was running early that day when I knocked on the door. I could hear the panic thru the hou...
  14. I'm throwing in the towel. Waving the white flag at this DON career. I gave my resignation and told my staff today that the end of the year will be the end of my employment. My current facility has been the best of my entire career but I spend 2 h...
  15. Nascar nurse

    gentleness wanted for the elderly

    Contact the physician and request an order for routine Tylenol - schedule for an hour prior to am care.