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  1. Heparin Flush

    Hello, I thought they discontinued the routine use of heparin with peripheral IV flushes a loooonnnggg time ago but have ran across something given to me by a colleague (PowerPoint) recommending its use. Has something changed? Or ar...
  2. Students Cheating

    Guys this is something (unmotivated students, disruptive/pensive attitudes, cheating/just wanting the "answers" instead of valuing broad-based understanding, etc.) that I have REALLY struggled with in nursing education, both in the classroom and in t...
  3. Students Cheating

    Actually, you're right! It's not cheating if you were learning.
  4. The *EXPERT* Beginner

    I should apologize for making generalizations. Mainly, I was just venting. I haven't posted in the forums in years and didn't realize it'd become a place whereby making observations/venting frustrations would cause one to be accused of reveling in ...
  5. The *EXPERT* Beginner

    Is anybody else sick to death of new nurses acting like they are somehow experts all the sudden because they passed a state board exam? When I passed mine both times (LVN & RN), I felt like I knew enough to practice safely and now had a license ...
  6. Nursing Classroom Education: The big bang of powerpoint slavery

    I stopped reading after page 3, please forgive me if I repeat what others have previously posted. Great topic & great idea about using the report method to engage. I think having an "engagement" activity is probably as important as having the ...
  7. Question about DKA

    Check it out the attached documents; am happy to share. Easy to understand format. Diabetic ketoacidosi_teaching.doc dka pretest.doc DKA Test.doc
  8. I *do* recognize the need for nursing theory

    Your post reminds me of that bar scene in Good Will Hunting when the college student is spouting off his beliefs on the evolution of market economies in the southern I mean we could all quote some passage from one of our books that in...
  9. Anyone teach High School CNA/Health Careers classes?

    Hey, Cowgirl, sorry it's taken so long to get back with you, just got off an 8-day stretch @ work (pant, pant). Okay, here's a site that the administrator provided to me that's got a lot of good info: Also, here's another g...
  10. Anyone teach High School CNA/Health Careers classes?

    Hey CowgirlBSN, My local school district is considering offering a healthcare technology program & I'll be speaking with them about it next week. I'm sooooo excited! Not only for myself but also for the kids, you know? What a great service to ...
  11. Anyone teach High School CNA/Health Careers classes?

    sorry, duplicate post
  12. to get ready for this requirement? Have you formed study groups? When are you meeting? Is your facility offering paid prepratory programs? Inservices? What resources are you using???
  13. New Conditions of Coverage

    ((HUGS)) Lacie, sounds like you're in an impossible situation! Is there anyway you can get into acutes?
  14. New Conditions of Coverage

    No doubt, traumaRUs! It's kind of frustrating that in this day of paradigm shifts towards patient empowerment, there is absolutely no patient accountability within the realm of the ESRD network, in relation to the standards by which we are being jud...
  15. New Conditions of Coverage

    Wow, Renal Ruth, I'm surprised no one has replied, for my unit these changes have really been a challenge! We put out a little flyer that we gave the patients, explaining that the chairs & machines have a 10 min. dry time between patients & t...