Weird habits you've picked up since starting Nursing school - page 3

A few of mine: Checking the expiration date on EVERYTHING. Evaluating everyone I meet for IV placement. Laying out every utensil I need before cooking. Watching every person I see with a cane to... Read More

  1. by   FtMrsDocDom
    Checking my own lymph nodes, and pulses while driving or watching tv. Its as bad as twirling my hair or something!
  2. by   mafiamom
    Quote from Thedreamer
    I never leave the house without a pair of gloves in my back pocket, some 4x4s and some IV tape. It would just be MY luck that someone keels dead right next to me in Publix so I just go around prepared expecting these things to happen. To date: Kid standing next to me in the movies at the popcorn line decides thats a good time to have a full on tonic-clonic seizure on the hard tile floor as the service lady hands me my bunchacrunch (Got him orientated as best I could in his post icktle* state before the medics got there, AND made it to my movie just in time!). The lady sitting directly behind me in pollo tropical decides that it is a good time for her to choke on a chicken bone just as I sit down with my meal (apparently she was trying to put chicken, rice, beans, and a full plantain into her mouth at the same time. Fixed her up good, waited for the medics, washed my hands, and ate like nothing happend). And finally, as I am getting into my car, tux freshly purchased, is when bottle rocket boy decides hes going to "hold on to the rocket" after hes lit it. That was fun. I was late for that wedding.

    God we are a sick bunch
    remind me to keep my distance from you!!
  3. by   jemommyRN
    Several Several things.....

    Wash my hands, dry them and turn off the faucet ( & open the door) with the paper towel. I bought a box of gloves to wear at home whenever I am touching or cleaning something, I make my daughter wash her hands anytime I see her do ANYTHING. Talk about gross things during dinner, check strangers for good veins, "diagnose" people when I see or hear the S&S (I'm usually right!), and just basically OCDin all over the place.
  4. by   rianne1117
    A few of mine...
    1. Meticulous hand washing - I need to have a pack of paper soap in my purse wherever I go. I've supplied all family members with a bottle of hand sanitizer. Arrggh...
    2. Not sharing food that doesn't come with a serving spoon.
    3. Wiping down chairs before sitting down (aherm.... white clinical uniform anybody???)
    4. Holding my breath and turning away when somebody sneezes/ coughs.

  5. by   shippoRN
    [quote=Megsd;2203504]When I had a cold a few months ago I went to the pharmacy and bought some OTC meds, examined the label and looked up every active ingredient on the box in my drug book to see how it worked. I wound up finding out that the current active ingredient in sudafed (since they don't use pseudoephedrine anymore) has been shown in clinical trials to be no more effective than plaecbo. No wonder it didn't help me any!

    About the germs, I have pretty much given up at this point because in nursing school I have learned that pretty much everything I eat, drink (even water!), inhale or touch is probably going to kill me. And stress (from nursing school) causes so many diseases that nursing school will probably kill me too.[/quote]

  6. by   Kiwimid
    well I'm not a student nurse. I am a student midwife!! Washing the hands, tick, doing the whole paper towel toilet thing, tick, the food thing, tick. How about guessing gestation?? lol. I cant help myself......I see the big belly and i have to guess then chech with the owner of said belly. I love it when Im right. not forgetting the strange questions to total strangers, So , any pains? discharge? Varicous veins? hehehe. oh and then there is the weeks after we learnt cpr......every time i was around someone risky, i would walk really fast incase they decided to collapse at my feet. lol, i still worry about that one......
  7. by   Kiwimid
    oh and another quick one..... when i see a kid with a big head i cant help but ask if they came throught the sunroof!!! how long was the labour......blah blah blah........i'll get over it:roll
  8. by   TazziRN
    1. Check out strangers' arms in the store for veins

    2. Check everyone I see with a sling to make sure it's fitted properly.

    3. Wanting to rip off the mittens I see on newborns' hands and lecturing the moms about skin breathing.

    Regarding #2, when Little One was born, the first thing I checked out when I had her alone was her veins in her little hands!!! (She had them!) And when Hubs and I were dating he always got nervous whenever I held hands with him and stroked his skin, 'cause he never knew if I was checking out his veins or being romantic!
  9. by   RNDreamer
    My 2 closest friends are nurse...when we were teenagers, if we were walking down the block and someone who was walking towards us from the oppositie direction would sneeze, I would literally walk into the street and around the area that person sneezed in for fear that the germs would get on me...My friends thought I was so weird. When they were in nusring shool, on of them told me a story of her being in the doctor's office and being completely mortified when she saw a child sneezing without covering his mouth......yea..... I bet she no longer thought I was crazy
  10. by   Priddyeyez
    smoking.....i need to quit now 2 semesters in.
  11. by   nursewannabee
    I have started to think in terms of nursing diagnoses. For instance I will say: That person has activity intolerance related to blah, blah or impaired skin integrity. It is so crazy. I also ask a lot of question when people tell me thay have a headache. How long have you had it, do you get them frequently, what brings them on, does anything help to relieve the pain?
  12. by   VeRiTasERuM
    One of my new habit is that every time I am free and just sitting with my sister just watching TV, I'll be talking to her about something related to health. I'll either be explaining to her how her heart works, or her respiratory system works or if I am watching Gray's Anatomy, I'll be very objective and make sure she knows if they do anything that's not right.
    Now she doesn't watch Gray's Anatomy with me (sigh)!!!!!!!!!!
  13. by   BoonersmomRN
    I critique every medical show I watch ( doesnt matter what show) for mistakes. It drives my fiancee nuts because I'll be screaming " UGH! Thats not right! UGH who put that nasal cannula in upside down? UGH who do they have on staff to HELP them with this stuff? Because they should go back to school! hahaha